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Software-update: FlashFXP 4.3.0 build 1933

FlashFXP logo (75 pix)OpenSight Software heeft versie 4.3.0 van FlashFXP uitgebracht. Deze ftp-client kan niet alleen bestanden van en naar een ftp-server verplaatsen, maar ook direct bestanden tussen twee servers uitwisselen, zonder dat de data eerst langs de client hoeft te gaan. Lang niet alle ftp-programma's ondersteunen dit zogeheten file exchange-protocol. De software is in 17 talen te gebruiken en een licentie gaat voor 30 dollar van de hand. Downloads zijn beschikbaar voor Windows, U3 en een 'gewone' usb-drive. In deze release zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

New and Improved features
  • Updated SFTP engine to the latest version.
  • Improved screen reader support. If you find some issues please let us know so that we can get them resolved. We've tested with Windows-Eyes and NVDA. All controls should now provide proper descriptions when tabbed, mouse over, or selected.
  • Many improvements to the task scheduler. (when modifying or creating a task the syntax and parameters used by FlashFXP have changed, These changes are not backwards compatible with previous releases.)
  • Improved FTP uploading where the connection would sometimes be dropped at the end of the transfer.
  • Many code optimizations and performance (speed) improvements.
  • Added [Site Manager] multiple select to the site list. This should make it easier to manage sites, specifically when wanting to delete or move a selection of sites at a time.
  • Improved [Preserve File Date/Upload] feature, this operation is now executed as a separate operation after the file transfer completes, this is done so that if the command fails it doesn't confuse the user into thinking the transfer failed. More information is available on our website at
  • Changed [Task Schedule] property repeat until configuration to allow "until" to be optional, when unchecked the task will run indefinitely. Previously there was no clear way to set this.
  • Added [Translation] input validation for the Personal ID number field.
  • Improved [Queue/Operation] en-queue delete logic to check to see if the same file/folder is queued for transfer and re-order the delete operation if determined that the file would be deleted prior to transfer. Most users would want to delete the file after the transfer not before. This check is on the source file location.
  • Added [file list] icon shortcut overlays to symbolic links to files, when the file is detected as a symbolic link, not all servers will indicate when a file is actually a symbolic link.
  • Improved [tree navigation] performance by eliminating a bottleneck that resulted in a 50% speed increase during certain operations.
  • Added the ability to drop external folders/shortcuts on the local browser address bar to quickly jump to the folder of the dropped item.
  • Improved performance (6x speed increase) when transferring many small files over low latency connections.
  • Added the ability to use the keyboard shortcut shift+End during a rename (f2) to select the whole filename.
  • Changed the way data channel sockets/objects are created and managed to improve efficiency and performance.
  • Improved the way site to site transfers are aborted. This new method has been tested with pure-ftpd, gene6 ftp, proftpd, glftpd, ioftpd, vsftpd, drftpd, and serv-u.
  • Added a file replace dialog when attempting to move a file into a location that already contains a file with the same name allowing the user to select the desired action, overwrite, skip, rename, cancel.
  • Improved the user experience (reduced flicker) when minimizing and restoring the main window to/from the maximized state.
  • Improved content layout and position when using large fonts or font scaling.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed [Task Schedule] property 'Expire on' setting, the setting wasn't being set correctly when FlashFXP was run on Windows Vista or newer.
  • Fixed [server/transfer/abort] access violation when the server returned a multi-line reply during an abort operation.
  • Fixed [interface/prompts] FlashFXP would sometimes disappear from the task list (alt+tab) when certain child windows were active.
  • Fixed [browser/file list] issue that prevented renaming under Wine.
  • Fixed [LiveUpdate] crash when canceling a "check for upgrade".
  • Fixed [Site Manager] crash when performing a site list search when the selected site is modified and not yet saved. (error occurred while displaying the save changes prompt)
  • Fixed [FTP/PROXY/MODE Z] download/listing issue when using a SOCKS Proxy on a FTP server with MODE Z enabled.
  • Fixed [Application] crash (Invalid Pointer Operation) triggered under some conditions when using a screen reader with FlashFXP.
  • Fixed [Application] text drawing gitches while in screen reader mode.
  • Fixed [Application] double buffer drawing with DWM composition enabled.
  • Fixed list-view column text, it was rendered upside down and reversed on some systems.
  • Added a 60 second data socket connection timeout, this is the maximum time FlashFXP wait for a data connection to connect.
  • Fixed an issue where the Windows 7 taskbar progress would incorrectly start at 90%.
  • Fixed an issue where the user was unable to transfer any files after canceling a transfer, the cancel flag was not reset in some situations.
  • Fixed [server file search/result list] issue where symbolic links weren't shown with the shortcut overlay icon.
  • Fixed [server file search/delete operation] issue where symbolic links were treated as folders when in fact they should of been treated as files.
  • Fixed [queue list] item selection issue when the queue list is focused using the tab key on the keyboard. The selected items might appear selected but attempting to perform an operation such as delete would fail.
  • Fixed [server/operation] issue when trying to move a file or folder, the operation could fail without any indication as to why it failed.
  • Fixed [server file search] crash if you close FlashFXP while the server file search is dialog open.
  • Fixed [status window] drawing issue where in some situations the last 2-3 lines of text might be delayed and not shown until the FlashFXP window was activated or the status window was scrolled.
  • Fixed a couple focus/selection issues when using tab and ctrl+tab.
  • Fixed a application crash triggered during the SSL/TLS connection handshake.
  • Several minor fixes in the remote sever search feature.
  • Several minor fixes in the remote file edits feature.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented FlashFXP from shutting down correctly under some conditions and leaving the FlashFXP process running.
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes result in erroneous transfer failed message on connection lost when there was no transfer in progress.
  • Fixed an issue triggered after completing a remote server search or closing the remote server search dialog where the current remote directory listing might not display the correct content for the current directory.
  • The default value for TCP/IP Keep Alives has changed from 2 minutes to 120 minutes.
  • Fixed several issues when performing a remote move folder operation.
  • Under some conditions the connect and disconnect buttons were not enabled when they should have been. Fixed.
  • Changed the way the local browser handles windows shortcuts when "use accurate shell icons" is unchecked.
  • Fixed a many UI elements that weren't properly scaled/positioned when using large fonts.
  • Sometimes FlashFXP would display double confirmation prompts when FlashFXP is closed. Fixed.
  • Fixed several problems related related to the liveupdate feature, specifically when launching the newly downloaded update.
  • Fixed a situation where the local browser could appear blank and or not update correctly after a non-critical failure while navigating.
  • Fixed [upload] file read error during file upload.
  • Fixed [window/state] when restoring FlashFXP from the system tray if the previous window state was maximized then under some conditions the window state might not be restored.
  • Fixed [thread/timer] a race condition in timer/helper thread. This race condition caused things in FlashFXP to malfunction. Such as the local browser wouldn't update automatically to show new/modified files in the current folder.
  • Fixed [socket/bind] error when using FlashFXP with a transparent proxy such as Proxifier, where opening the data connection would fail with a Data Socket Error: Can't assign requested address.
  • Fixed [DNS] When resolving the server hostname some DNS servers are returning two identical IP records, if the connection fails this can result in an immediate retry attempt and an endless loop ignoring any defined retry delay.
  • Fixed [server file search dialog] the "look in" field couldn't be selected via the tab key.
  • Fixed [Proxy/Socks5] compatibility issue when connecting to some Socks5 servers using the hostname of the FTP/SFTP server. Connecting with a IP address was unaffected.
  • Fixed MLST issue with PS3 FTP server (multiman).
  • Fixed [socket/receive buffer] contained stale data on the control connection, in some situations the receive buffer wasn't cleared prior to a re-connection attempt following a connection failure. This issue was detected when using a Socks5 proxy but it's likely that other situations also triggered this issue.
  • Right clicking in the tree navigation wasn't changing the active side selection bar (below the browser panes) when the current browser wasn't focused/selected. Fixed.
  • Fixed access violation error that would sometimes occur when renaming a folder.

Versienummer 4.3.0 build 1933
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
Website OpenSight Software
Bestandsgrootte 4,39MB
Licentietype Shareware

Reacties (16)

Wijzig sortering
Wie gebruikt dit nog? (behalve SaiBork hierboven :P)
FileZilla kan toch alles wat deze client ook kan? Ik bedoel FTP is tegenwoordig toch wel uitgekristalliseerd? Het zit em vooral in features als meerdere files tegelijk uploaden/downloaden, live editeren van files, en kunnen inloggen met een PPK (wat FileZilla dus weer net niet kan). Naast FTP is SSH natuurlijk ook een goeie toevoeging, maar dat doet FileZilla dus ook al (maar zonder PPK inlog :()

Enige dat FlashFXP kan, is server-to-server transfers, maar dat is eigenlijk een hack op het FTP-protocol, en het kan niet secure (dus via SSL of SSH).
Ik gebruik flashfxp nog altijd. heb zelfs legale licentie ;-)
als je een gratis fxp client wilt kun je altijd eens kijken naar FTP Rush.
De reden waarom flashFXP zo groot is geworden is door de mogelijkheid van scripts.
Dit werd veel gebruikt om dingen te automatiseren zoals users toe te voegen, ips toe te voegen an accounts etc.
Server-To-Server kan wel secure via TLS
Wie gebruikt dit nog?
Enige dat FlashFXP kan, is server-to-server transfers, maar dat is eigenlijk een hack op het FTP-protocol, en het kan niet secure (dus via SSL of SSH).
Je geeft zelf het antwoord ...
Goede client, gebruik het al een hele tijd. Helaas tegenwoordig vaker WinSCP aangezien FlashFXP nog steeds niet meerdere files tegelijk aan kan.
Hoe bedoel je? je kan toch een zooi tegelijk verplaatsen en dan bouwd ie zn que op?
En geinig, wist niet dat ze een U3 versie hadden, en props dat ze die zowieso bijhouden (U3 is namelijk weer opgehouden met bestaan, om een mij onbekende reden)

[Reactie gewijzigd door 434365 op 14 februari 2013 12:44]

Een queue, is een rij en gaat de bestanden dus 1 voor 1 af.

Ik wil meerdere bestanden tegelijk downloaden, niet 1 voor 1. Sommige servers zijn traag per connectie, maar total bandwidth kan hoger uitlopen. Dan is het dus handig als ik meerdere bestanden tegelijk kan downloaden in plaats van wachten tot 1 bestand langzaam klaar is en dan pas de volgende.

Ook meerdere bestanden tegelijkertijd is handig met veel kleine files.
Dan start je toch gewoon een nieuw FlashFXP venster op en begin je die download?
Haha juist.

Maar, @SaiBork; Oke, ik ben gewend aan de que hehe, was me niet eens bekend dat FTP meerdere bestanden tegelijk kan (want ja, overal doet ie t altijd 1 voor 1, als ik een 'plukje' bestanden wil overzetten bak ik er een tar of zelfs zip van)
Ik gebruik al jaren CuteFTP. Ideaal daaraan is dat je gewoon in het programma zelf alles kunt editten en saven, zonder dat daar steeds een editorapp voor opstart. Daarnaast kun je beter fouten herstellen. Ik gebruik FlashFXP alleen voor het snel chmodden van mappen eerlijk gezegd. Verder werkt het wel prima en snel.
CuteFTP (Windows)$59.99

Dan mag er wel verschil wezen ja :)
Voor de goede orde, dit kan in FlashFXP ook al jaren, ff in de instellingen duiken en je kan alles binnen FXP bewerken. De meeste gebruikers (ik ook) vinden het juist lekkerder als die bestanden in de bijbehorende programma's worden geopend, vandaar dat dat standaard ook gebeurt.
In de screenshot kan ik jullie ip zien weet niet of dit de bedoeling is?
Dat is geen geheim hoor. Iedereen kan het ip-adres van opvragen.
Mooi! file exchange, zat ik al op te wachten :)

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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