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Bron: Alt-N Technologies, submitter: mrtnptrs

MDaemon logo (60 pix) Alt-N Technologies heeft versie 12.5.2 van MDaemon uitgebracht. MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform, met ingebouwde antivirus- en antispammogelijkheden. Daarnaast kunnen onder andere agenda's, en adres- en taaklijsten worden gedeeld, en kunnen afzenders door middel van DomainKeys of Sender ID worden gevalideerd. Een overzicht van alle mogelijkheden is op deze pagina te vinden. In versie 12.5 is onder andere ondersteuning voor tablets toegevoegd en is de ondersteuning voor BlackBerry verbeterd. Het changelog voor versie 12.5.2 ziet er als volgt uit:

Changes and new features
  • MINGER.SEM can now be created which stops and then starts the Minger server.
  • BES options UI has several new controls where you can specify the maximum size of attachments that can be downloaded to the BlackBerry device, the maximum size of individual attachments that can be uploaded in an email from the BlackBerry device, and the maximum size of all attachments combined together that can be uploaded in an email from the BlackBerry device.
  • Added warning text in account editor about the Notes/Comments data being viewable by others and also renamed the field to Description to match mapping with Active Directory field.
  • MDaemon will remove an old Accounts.csv at startup and at midnight each night.
  • MDaemon UI will strip out lines with " * " (space asterisk space) from SpamAssassin white and blacklist files to prevent a problem whereby that single asterisk character matches to any and everything - defeating the purpose. If for some reason you want to whitelist or blacklist everything use "*@*" instead.
  • Added 9pt to list of font size in WorldClient's compose window
  • Added the ability to login/logout directly from ComAgent's right-click tray menu
  • Account export to .csv now requires providing a global administrator users logon and password. Also, the logon used to start the export operation is now logged to the SYSTEM log.
  • Added "Administrator Notes" tab to account editor where you can enter notes or whatever you wish about an account. This information is not sync'ed to the public contacts or mapped to any field in Active Directory.
  • Account editor "Signature" tab no longer requires creating the account first.
  • Moved WorldClient's "Search Deleted Messages" option from the UI to Domains.ini SearchDeletedMessages=Yes.
  • Account restriction feature not adjusting for BATV encoded addresses
  • Some text missing on WebAdmin's Miscellaneous Options dialog
  • Button sizing issues in some localized versions of WebAdmin
  • WorldClient's LookOut theme showing the loading indicator indefinitely in Internet Explorer 8
  • HTTP success response header for ActiveSync SendMail command is not formatted correctly, which may cause the response to not be delivered to the device
  • Not being able to subscribe/unsubscribe to lists without "allow changes via email" switch set
  • List subscribe/unsubscribe emails to MDaemon account may not be parsed correctly
  • The WorldClient LookOut theme's auto-responder not setting the start year properly when a user returns to the auto-responder view
  • The WorldClient LookOut theme's message list sometimes inserting new messages that arrive at the bottom of the list rather than the top
  • Possible ActiveSync crash when syncing deletes from the client
  • Some Android ActiveSync clients not able to sync the Inbox folder
  • Birthday and anniversary dates synced using ActiveSync may be off by one day
  • ActiveSync may send an incorrect attachment for HTML messages
  • All day events created on device appear as a two day event in WorldClient when using ActiveSync
  • SMTP server sending incorrect error code in response to too many RCPT commands
  • WebAdmin's public folder list does not include sub folders
  • ActiveSync possibly leaving .lck files behind until the web server is restarted
  • Creating a new contact in WorldClient may set the birthday and anniversary automatically to 1/1/1601
  • WorldClient's LookOut theme rendering half hour events as hour events in IE8
  • WorldClient's LookOut theme not switching to the inline preview in IE8
  • The WorldClient LookOut theme's day view not being able to advance past the day daylight saving time begins
  • PTR host names with no A record not treated as PTR mismatch and dropping connection when configured to do so
  • SMTP error when attempting to use the STARTTLS Required List
  • The WorldClient LookOut theme selecting multiple calendar events on the month view without the CTRL key being pressed
  • The WorldClient LookOut theme not handing dragging and dropping of events in the month view properly, creating empty events
  • Domain alias list in WebAdmin does not include aliases in the format of =
  • Unable to change save account "Mail Services" settings from WebAdmin

MDaemon 12 screenshot
MDaemon 12 screenshot, klik op de afbeelding voor een grotere versie.

Besturingssystemen:Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website:Alt-N Technologies
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