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Software-update: America's Army

Het Amerikaans leger ontwikkelt sinds 2002 het spel America's Army om jongeren enthousiast te krijgen voor een militaire loopbaan. Met dit spel kruip je in de huid van een Amerikaanse soldaat die verschillende missies moet doorlopen. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars hebben America's Army: Special Forces "Overmatch" de deur uitgedaan en deze versie lost een behoorlijk aantal fouten in de vorige editie op. Zo is onder andere het bansysteem samen met de player admins onder handen genomen en verdwijnen er voortaan niet meer spontaan berichten van de console. Het spel kan onder andere via deze pagina met Bittorrent binnengehaald worden. De aankondiging van versie ziet er als volgt uit:

What's New

This patch was created to address a few minor issues prior to the next release of America’s Army.

We have enabled Global Forceclassing (FC) on honor bearing servers. Individual FC can still be used but not on honor servers. Using a Global FC on everyone levels the playing field for all. When using Global FC, honor is accrued at less than normal rates due to the fact that old maps were created with specific weapon loadouts in mind. Forceclassed Servers will show up in MBS with an (FC) preceding their name for easy dentification.

Spaces in user account names are no longer permitted. If you have an old account with a space it has been replaced with an underscore character (_) or in the case of conflicts a number. You should have received an email to your address of record indicating the change. All of your other account information was retained.

Ban system again supports banning by IP, MAC, or Name/PBGUID (for PB servers banning by NAME will result in a PBGUID ban instead of a name ban). Ban system now supports console commands to list ban lists in sets of 20 (or so) to allow "scrolling" through the list to locate banned players. The Admin Command Post only supports showing the first 100 ban entries but now has a wider list to show all the ban details. The Banning system was rewritten and includes the preliminary ability to download a ban list from a web server on game server startup. It is not recommended to use this for large ban lists. It is anticipated this ban list management system will be expanded in future versions of America's Army.

Player Admin support has been rewritten to require player administrators to have passwords. The new AASM provides support for creating the appropriate format PlayerAdmin entries. For those wishing to manually edit their INI file the PlayerAdmin setting is now in the format "PlayerAdmin=," (e.g. "PlayerAdmin=Bob,mysecretpassword"). Player Admins wanting to join the server must join the server using either the MBS browser and right-clicking on the server name (with it selected) and choosing "Join As Player Admin" or by joining via the console using this format "open ?PAPassword=" (e.g. "open"). You must have logged into your account in order to use this functionality on any official or authorized server.

What's Fixed

NOTE: This list only includes bugs present in v2.8.3 that have been fixed. Certain security/exploit fixes have been purposely excluded from this list.

Mission Specific:
  • SF Snakeplain: Were unable to use Javelin in the second 18Z slot until weapon is dropped
  • SF Snakeplain: A crash related to the Javelin destroying an enemy vehicle has been fixed.
  • SF Floodgate: Player pawns were spawning in with the wrong team
  • SF Floodgate: Player pawn was able to get into unintended area
Admin Commands:
  • Banning a player who has spaces in their name did not work properly
Mission Editor:
  • The "Save As" menu function was not available.
General Issues:
  • Round timer was very small in spectate mode and blocked by text
  • Console was deleting messages randomly
  • Weapon FOV was incorrect after weapon swap
  • Fixed an issue where switching to a grenade while zoomed could result in an unresponsive weapon.
Linux Server:
  • Fixed an issue in the linux server related to the chat log pathing.
Exploits Fixed:
  • Player was able to remove most recoil from a weapon by going scoped and sprinting at the same time.
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website America's Army
Licentietype Freeware

Door Japke Rosink


28-03-2008 • 12:32

2 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: Jelle Mees

Bron: America's Army

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Heb je in dit spel ook maar 1 leven? En mag je waterboarden?
Ja 1 leven. Als je dood bent ronde wachten en wtf is waterboarden?

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