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Software-update: Kerio MailServer 6.4.2

Kerio Technologies heeft een nieuwe versie van zijn MailServer uitgegeven en het versienummer is deze keer 6.4.2. Dit programma maakt gebruik van POP3, IMAP4 en WAP om mail te ontvangen en te versturen. Daarnaast worden virussen en spamberichten tegengewerkt door de ingebouwde virus- en spamfilters. De gegevens van de gebruikers kunnen in Kerio worden ingevoerd maar ook uit Microsoft Active Directory of Apple Open Directory worden gehaald. Met de Kerio Outlook Connector is het mogelijk om Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP en 2003 op de werkstations te gebruiken. De lijst met veranderingen ziet er als volgt uit:

Version 6.4.2:

Kerio MailServer:
  • Added support for Mac OS X Leopard.
  • Fixed handling of invalid SPF records.
  • Fixed possible stability issue on certain concurrent WebDAV requests.
  • User mailbox could be inaccessible after moving e-mails on mobile device and another client simultaneously.
Kerio WebMail:
  • Added support for Safari 3 on Mac OS X Leopard.
Kerio Administration Console:
  • Logs were not viewable on Mac OS X Leopard when the font smoothing is enabled.
Kerio Outlook Connector:
  • Fixed duplication of Kerio Outlook Connector icons in Outlook toolbar.
Kerio iSync Connector for Mac:
  • Scheduled synchronization was not working properly on Mac OS X Leopard.
Kerio Open Directory Extension:
  • Added support for Mac OS X Leopard Server.
Known issues:
  • Kerio WebMail: Reply and Forward actions do not work when viewing e-mail in separate window on Safari 3.

Version 6.4.1 Patch 1:

Kerio MailServer:
  • Public folders could not be shared for anonymous access via iCal.
Kerio Outlook Connector:
  • Fixed possible crash during Outlook startup.
  • Recurring events with exception were not displayed in Microsoft Outlook 2007.
  • Recurring events were not correctly synchronized on iPhone.

Version 6.4.1:

Kerio MailServer:
  • Forced SSLv3/TLSv1 connections do not use low encryption ciphers.
  • Fixed possible crash if an annotation database for certain folder became corrupted.
  • Fixed possible crash in PHP language interpreter.
  • Fixed potential security problem in attachment filter.
  • Multi-line note in contact was converted to a single line during Entourage 2004 synchronization.
  • Entourage and Kerio iSync Connector synchronizations might cause a long delay of DirectPush responses in mobile synchronization.
  • Certain copy or move operations in Entourage synchronization could cause user mailbox lockout.
  • User password change did not take effect on current WebDAV sessions.
  • Fixed installation on Windows Vista with disabled UAC.
  • Fixed downloading of e-mail attachments on during mobile synchronization certain Nokia phones.
  • Changes in calendar events were not synchronized to Palm Treo.
  • Mobile devices did not ask for new password after password change on server.
Kerio WebMail:
  • The character "letter S with caron" was lost in sender and recipient name.
  • Text didn't fit Settings menu in Substance skin in Internet Explorer 7.
  • Sorting of addressbook in phonebook view by full name was wrong for contacts with only company filed.
  • Check Names could be activated even if not necessary.
  • Freebusy information was not downloaded from remote location for contacts with freebusy URL definition.
  • Fixed several small bugs.
Kerio Administration Console:
  • Corrected French translation in DNS blacklist list.
  • Corrected translation of Welcome screen.
Kerio Outlook Connector:
  • Some e-mail folders were invisible after upgrade from previous version.
  • Contacts in address book could be displayed as empty or as "Corrupted item" after upgrade from previous version.
  • Certain meeting invitations might not be displayed properly in Outlook.
Kerio iSync Connector:
  • Disabled Apple Sync Engine was not detected by Kerio iSync Connector.
  • Fixed synchronization error about unsupported calendar items.
  • Time zone information could be converted to GMT during synchronization to server.
  • Fixed several small synchronization issues.

Version 6.4.0:

Kerio MailServer:
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Added support for new devices in ActiveSync: Nokia E, Sony Ericsson M600, P990 and DataViz RoadSync client.
  • Added support for synchronization of Windows Calendar on Vista (calendar subscribing/publishing).
  • Support for intermediate SSL certificates
  • DNS blacklist has been closed. ORDB blacklist is removed from configuration on upgrade.
  • Updated SpamHaus DNS blacklist configuration.
  • Contact birthday and anniversary can be set before 1970.
  • Improved Kerio MailServer Engine monitor.
  • Improved email delivery to SMTP servers which cannot establish SSL connection.
  • Increased performance and speed of WebAdmin user management.
  • Enhanced support for multiple CPUs in antivirus checking.
  • Added ability to disable SSLv2 and force SSLv3/TLSv1 only in secure connections (see the KB article).
  • Added support for new Linux versions (see the System Requirements on Kerio website).
  • Added support for decoding x-uuencoded attachments.
  • LOGIN authentication method supports initial-response parameter for faster authentication.
  • Support for subscription of Kerio MailServer calendars from Outlook 2007 via iCal.
  • Improved uninstallation process on Mac OS X. Added option to remove configuration files and/or message store during uninstallation.
  • KMS had to be restarted after certain Sophos antivirus updates.
  • Attachment file name in attachment filter report was not decoded.
  • Messages downloaded from POP3 server were forwarded with wrong sender address.
  • Certain recurring event might not be displayed properly around daylight saving time change.
  • Emails from could be rejected due to invalid format.
  • It was not possible to delete and create same folder in a short period of time in Entourage 2004.
  • Fixed forwarding of DSN reports in email forwarding.
  • Some recurring events with exceptions could be lost in Entourage 2004.
  • Fixed ability to change calendar properties in Entourage 2004.
  • Property X-FILE-AS was not updated during Entourage 2004 synchronization.
  • Certain TNEF messages (winmail.dat) could be delivered with a delay.
  • Emails forwarded to the archive via remote address could have incorrect line terminators in email headers.
  • Spell checking certain words in WebMail could cause high CPU usage.
  • Watchkms utility could produce error messages in the watchdog or console log on Mac OS X.
  • MailServer sometimes failed to start after upgrade from KMS 5.7.x.
  • Attendee could not accept update of meeting request on PDA.
  • Updating events with attendees on PDA could cause duplicated items in calendar.
  • Calendar events created on Palm Treo 650 might cause high CPU usage.
  • Sender address containing some unusual characters might be rejected in SMTP session.
  • ActiveSync: DirectPush could report changes in email folder several times which caused frequent device synchronizations.
  • ActiveSync: Contact note could be lost during synchronization after editing the contact on mobile device.
  • ActiveSync: Fixed big message downloading on Palm Treo 680.
  • ActiveSync: Event invitation synchronized to device was always marked as tentative.
  • ActiveSync: Accepting meeting update could produce event duplication in calendar.
  • ActiveSync: Synchronization of Windows Mobile 2003SE device could end with error 401.
  • ActiveSync: Forwarding email to invalid email address was not reported to the error log properly.
  • Fixed missing space character in emails with long subject sent to mailing list.
  • Email was not parsed correctly if body part boundaries contain special characters.
  • Digitally signed email sent to mailing list had invalid signature when viewing in NNTP.
  • Kerio MailServer uninstallation on Mac OS X did not remove message store created in non-default location.
  • Fixed many small bugs
Kerio Administration Console:
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Added server certificate validation in remote administration.
  • Mail monitor is integrated into the System Preferences on Mac OS X.
  • Added help file in PDF format on Linux.
  • Fixed size of pie charts in statistics.
  • Fixed importing from CSV file in Administration Console on Linux.
  • Fixed possible crash in user administration.
  • Fixed possible crash in log view.
  • Some folder names in Mobile Device Status window were not translated.
  • Fixed: Default value in log rotation setting was too low and might cause performance problems.
  • Fixed many small bugs
Kerio WebMail:
  • Support for Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista
  • Redesigned Settings drop-down menu.
  • Separated Out-of-office to extra dialog and increased its size.
  • Added Apple keys (Command for shortcuts and selections, Alt for drag'n'drop copy, Backspace for deleting).
  • Mail content is preserved if session expired during writing.
  • Contact birthday and anniversary can be set before 1970.
  • Date in contact, event and task dialogs can be edited manually.
  • Attachments can be removed from forwarded and draft mail.
  • Attachments can be added by drag'n'drop on Attach button using Firefox extension dragdropupload 1.5.22
  • "Check names" improved, now work also with distribution lists.
  • "today" link in calendar is inactive if today is displayed.
  • Dropped support for Mozilla and Firefox 1.0 in full WebMail.
  • WebMail could load slowly in Internet Explorer 6 in some configurations.
  • Mail with incorrect format (wrong charset) was not displayed.
  • It was impossible to move "Out of office" filter rule.
  • Displaying certain undelivered mails caused PHP Fatal error in error log.
  • "Check names" didn't respect Settings -> Mail composing -> Search for...
  • Blank browser page was opened when saving attachment.
  • Attendees could change a meeting, pretending to be the organizer.
  • Quick search in contact folder had too many results.
  • Event with duration 24 hours was not always displayed as all-day event.
  • Contact search offered searching in already deleted contact folder.
  • Displaying a mail might cause "External Protocol Request" in Firefox 1.5.
  • All-day meeting invitation showed wrong date in negative timezone.
  • Contact from Apple Address Book could be shown incorrectly.
  • Size and position of Sticky Note was lost after saving.
  • Displaying many contacts at once could freeze the browser.
  • Corrected French translation of "remove" mail attachment.
  • Calendar print could print other month than was visible for user.
  • Free/busy table showed wrong day titles for all day events.
  • Copy and paste mail content to new mail window might cause an error in IE7.
  • Calendar week view was corrupted in special cases in Firefox.
  • Date was shown in message list for today mails in some situations.
  • Calendar monthly view might be broken in some months and timezones.
  • Sorting contacts search dialog by display name sorted it by first name.
  • Toolbar buttons were wrongly placed in Safari.
  • It was impossible to share a folder to a group in different domain.
  • Encrypted VDS mails might be corrupted (extra CRLF at end of text files).
  • WebMail asked for password on re-entering even when the session has been still valid.
  • Dates in all-day events could be wrong if created between 11 – 12 PM.
  • UTF-16 encoded HTML attachment from Outlook 2007 was not displayed.
  • Fixed many small bugs.
Kerio Web Administration:
  • Support for Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Vista
  • Significant performance improvement for 1000+ user view
  • Support for Mozilla and Firefox 1.0- is dropped.
  • Fixed impossible to delete 200 users by multi-delete
  • Fixed many small bugs and design glitches.
Kerio Outlook Connector:
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Support for Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Support for ActiveSync 4.2 and 4.5
  • Categories could not be removed from sticky notes and distribution lists.
  • Email address with special characters was not saved in contact.
  • Downloading email from POP3 in Kerio Outlook Connector profile might produce an error message.
  • Fixed many small bugs
Kerio Synchronization Plug-in:
  • Support for Windows Vista
  • Support for Microsoft Outlook 2007
  • Fixed random duplication of some calendar events.
Versienummer 6.4.2
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website Kerio Technologies
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


28-11-2007 • 17:21

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Bron: Kerio Technologies

Reacties (9)

Wijzig sortering
makkelijke en goede mailserver.
samen met me mda altijd en overal bereikbaar voor mail.
thuis outlook, werk webmail en onderweg de MDA _/-\o_

Kerio Technologies heeft een nieuwe versie van zijn MailServer uitgegeven en het versienummer is deze keer 6.4.2. Dit programma maakt gebruik van POP3, IMAP4 en WAP om mail te ontvangen en te versturen
WAP ondersteunen ze alleen al een tijdje niet meer ;)
Het blijft mailserver nummer 1 voor mij. Lekker makkelijk in de configuratie en super stabiel.
Beste mail server oplossing out-of-the-box wat ik ken :)
Ze zouden de synchronisatie met offline en online e-mailprofielen rechttrekken in deze versie (IMAP/MAPI). Iets wat in het verleden goed gewerkt heeft. Handig voor een bedrijf met veel mobiele mensen.
Offline mode werkt pas vanaf versie 6.5 (dat nu al een 8e beta heeft): KOFF = Kerio Offline Connector. Werkt erg goed; kan ik eindelijk onze laptops van POP3 halen.
Prima mailserver & relatief erg goedkoop.
Ik vind het toch apart dat ze bij het lanceren van een update meteen al vermelden dat er dingen niet werken.
Known issues:

* Kerio WebMail: Reply and Forward actions do not work when viewing e-mail in separate window on Safari 3.
Dan zal dat wel erg lastig te fixen zijn en willen ze de update NU de deur uit.
dat gebeurt zo vaak met software, is kerio echt geen uitzondering in.

stel nou dat er maar een relatief klein aantal mensen last van heeft, waarom een release vertragen?
Vista/Outlook 07 support was al gefixed in 6.4.0. De poster heeft per ongeluk de gehele 6.4.x changelog geplaatst :)

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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