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Software-update: jIRCii beta 42

Het programma jIRCii is een volledig op Java gebaseerde IRC-client, geschikt voor een Windows-, een Linux- of een Mac OS X-omgeving. Ondersteuning voor DCC, CTCP, IRC over SSL en multiple server connections is aanwezig. Daarnaast kan je met Sleep, een Perl-achtige taal, alles naar smaak aanpassen. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we jullie door naar deze faq. De ontwikkelaar heeft de tweeŽnveertigste bŤtaversie vrijgegeven met de volgende veranderingen:

Beta 42:
  • Fixed a MacOS X 10.5 (leopard) issue with font metrics. This is a work around to force jIRCii to use the Quartz renderer in lieu of the Sun renderer. I don't know why the Sun one is broken. Sun: what is up?
  • Upgraded to Sleep 2.1-b20. Lots of changes.
  • updated CTCP SOURCE reply and internal help documentation to reflect current information and URLs
  • added a WALLOPS and SEND_WALLOPS sets; updated the default.irc script to include these. also fixed /wallops; per request of drakx
  • improved the menubar refresh for server switches by a small factor; ideally I'd like to eliminate this issue but it will take some code restructuring to do this. this is mostly an issue on MacOS X where menubar changes take effect immediately (unlike other platforms *ahem*)
  • on disconnect the statusbar now immediately shows nick as <Unknown>
  • bound Meta+H and Meta+O to open the help and option dialogs
  • reconnect now uses the last nickname you held; not your default nick
  • fixed a bug with jIRCii's processing of config numerical data--this was causing DCC receives to not work and other weird issues for users who failed to visit the appropriate options dialog.
Beta 41:
  • Small last minute update to unbreak a potential issue with script debugging. This really only affects scripters. My apologies.
  • Added a jircii.xpm icon image for Linux users to the extra/ directory submitted by mneptok, so thank him if you get a chance.
  • Updated to Sleep 2.1-b14 (is it even released yet?). Lots of changes. See the full changelog here. Highlights include:
    • Addition of try/catch blocks and a throw command
    • Watch variables to assist with debugging
    • an include function for including external files into a script
    • a profiler for seeing where your scripts spend all their time
    • assignment ops i.e. +=, *=, /= etc.
    • performance enhancements and several bug fixes!!
  • Fixed a bug where a popup trigger on MacOS X could also trigger a mouse clicked event (causing inadvertant creation of query windows even when you don't want them).
  • Fixed a bug that caused psuedo transparency image to be recalculated with every window resize. Resizing with psuedo transparency should feel a little faster now.
  • Disabled apple.awt.showGrowBox property in Info.plist, this stops the drawing of the OS X grow box in the lower right corner (functionallity it is still there, this just prevents the box itself from obscuring the client)
  • jIRCii Weblaunch/command line options to specify irc URL now allows ircs:// URLs for connecting to an SSL server. Port information is allowed as well.
Beta 40:
  • Improved find dialog slightly, if there's any previous search text in the textfield, that text is now selected when the find dialog is opened
  • Support for Unreal IRCD extended whois ('connecting from' & 'using modes')
  • Fixed a bug with the channel list window
  • Fixed a bug joining an empty channel not reflecting personal +o status
  • Fixed a bug with +/% modes getting confused precedence on UnReal IRCDs
  • Clicking on a channel with an @/+ prefix now properly opens the channel
  • Fixed USERHOST parsing bug on Freenode, thanks to borked IRCD on their part
  • On perform commands are now always evaluated as if they were typed from the status window.
  • Fixed: Nicknames do not show non-idle status after an action
  • Added a naming conventions for scripts to allow a charset to be specified when loading the script. The convention is: <script_name>.<charset>.irc
  • Fix for this - Double click is now the default to open links and channels. dclick.links config option controls this behavior
  • cclick event, fired when user clicks on empty channel window area. $item is set to window name, $clicks is set to number of clicks
  • $clicks variable added for all click events
  • Ctrl+X now cuts text instead of cycleQuery() which is now Ctrl+Z.
  • Fixed pasting of multiple lines deleting current input field text
  • Implemented automatic word wrapping of long messages if packet doesn't fit 512 bytes RFC length.
  • Fixed modes in nicklist and status bar (all possible channel modes should be correctly supported now, including &, ~, .)
  • Fixed &getModeFor returning 2 characters in some cases. According to docs it should always return the highest channel mode user has as a single character
  • Added @ &getModeChars function, returns channel mode chars supported by the server (@,%,+,&,~,.)
  • Fixed modes parsing for modes not currently handled by jIRCii internal data structures (this caused problems like incorrect modes for users in the nicklist)
  • Whois codes support (671 - Unreal secure connection, 310 - Unreal available for help, 703 - ircd-RU translation scheme)
  • formatTime3 function, takes time in seconds, returns something like: "13 days, 23 hours, 8 minutes, 54 seconds". Default script is changed to use this function for idle times
  • Default "/whois $1" in menus is changed to "/whois $1 $1" to show idle time for all users (not only users that are on the same server)
  • Upgraded scripting engine to Sleep 2.1-b6 lots and lots of changes
  • Added a /debug command for setting the trace, warn flags for a script i.e.: /debug xdcc.irc +trace or /debug xdcc.irc -trace
    scripts can programatically set debug flags, see the sleep docs for more info
  • fixed a bug with on input event breaking setInputText, text is immediately cleared from edit box prior to fireing events. Typed text is available as $1- within on input though
jIRCii beta 42
Versienummer beta 42
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website jIRCii Resource Center
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

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