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Software-update: jIRCii beta 7

jIRCii is een crossplatform Internet Relay Chat-client geschreven in Java. Naast chatten is het mogelijk om bestanden te sturen en te ontvangen, naar SSL-servers te verbinden en om Perl-achtige scripts te gebruiken om de functionaliteit verder uit te breiden. Het changelog deelt de volgende wijzigingen mee:

  • added a kickass little toolbar, there is also an option to disable it under Options->UI Options at first I didn't like it but now its kind of grown on me.
  • bug fix: multiple lines of text, when pasted will all be sent to the server...
  • added a /list -gui option which pops up a channel /list dialog with sorting and searching abilities
  • added a new popup menu hook "list" for the channel /list window. $0 = channel $1 = users $2 = topic
  • added a new popup menu hook "switchbar" for the jIRCii window switchbar, $0 = the window name
  • fixed a bug with 'on input' event and halt.once halt got used with an on input event jIRCii would not process any more input (the halt got stuck)... this one pissed me off when I was trying to write an xdcc script.
  • clicking edit in the server editor will now select and scroll to the same server in the server editor dialog.
  • removed the scriptjirc and sleeplang html files from the jIRCii distribution, I like the pdf better.The html versions of these files will continue to be available on the jIRCii website.
  • fixed a null pointer exception when auto connecting and auto joining channels resulted in stuff happening before all the datastructures were propagated...
  • made regular expressions for nickname parsing more liberal, so jIRCii shouldn't have problems parsing nicknames on servers using different charsets (i.e. Korean nicknames)
  • added an error message for attempting to reload a script that isn't currently loaded
  • fixed scripting documentation, I documented the wrong parameters for sendReply() and sendRequest(); they both require three parameters... not two.
  • made multiserver session information querying commands take an index as a parameter, so you can query information about other sessions from a script in one multiserver session.. this affects getSessionColor() and getSessionText()
  • added a %localData hash variable to help out scripters.Local variables are basically function parameters, stuff made local with the local() function, event variables etc.%localData is a read-only hashmap with all of the keys and values for all of the local data
  • After having my arm twisted, I've added an on exit event.
  • if a variable is empty in the config file (not just non-existent) jIRCii will now use the default value, this should allow anyone to connect even people who fail to set a nickname, realname, email etc...
  • rearranged some of the ui options in the interface section of jIRCii's options.
  • unbroke font previewing under Mac OS X.
Versienummer beta 7
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, macOS
Website jIRCii
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)



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Bron: jIRCii


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leuk het enige nut is dat je overal met de zelfde tool kan chatten.

weer 1 van de vele programma's die doet wat de rest ook doet ..

is het goed ? kweenie geen mening

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