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Software-update: MDaemon 9.08

MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform met ingebouwde antivirus en antispam mogelijkheden. De verschillende features die aanwezig zijn in deze mailserver zijn op deze pagina na te lezen en bevatten onder andere het delen van contactlists, tasklists of agenda's en het valideren van afzenders door middel van DomainKeys of Sender ID. Alt-N Technologies heeft versie 9.0.8 uitgebracht met de volgende veranderingen sinds de vorige vermelding in onze meuktracker:

MDaemon 9.08:
  • [3250] fix to Comagent may crash if an HTTP connection error occurs
  • [5095] fix to remote queue timing out delivery attempts when certain SMTP errors occur
  • [5124] fix to MD3Conv errantly displaying an upgrade dialog
  • [5013] fix to SyncML VCARD parser may not read the type of an address of phone number
  • [5146] fix to Internal web server unable to read content length of SyncML messages from Nexthaus clients
  • [5158] fix to possible cfengine.exe lockup when creating temp/work directories
  • [5172] fix to WC compose caching deleted CC field
  • [5182] fix to USER_IN_BLACKLIST_TO score being overwritten in
  • Updated DKIM verifier to recognize version 0.5 signatures
  • fix to memory leaks in DomainKeys signing and verification
  • [5202] fix to possible cfengine.exe queue lockup
  • fix to memory leaks in MDaemon DLLs
MDaemon 9.07:
  • Updated to WebAdmin 3.2.6
  • [4986] When using Active Directory monitoring and specifying an "alias" value for accounts in ActiveDS.dat MDaemon will append '@<domain>' to the expanded value but only if the value doesn't already have a '@' char in it. For example, Alias=%givenName%_%sn% (the default) wouldn't normally yield a '@' character whereas Alias=%mail% probably would. In the first case, '@<domain>' will be appended. In the second, it won't.
  • [4927] Updated MDSpamD to use SA 3.15 - this fixes several problems.
  • [4933] MD will police APP folder for RAS dll and delete it if there (to prevent a possible exploit).
  • [4794] removed greylist file cleanup during MDaemon startup
  • [4947] fix to SyncML logs are not overwritten
  • [4804] fix to mdspamd looking for site config paths
  • [4802] fix to mdspamd to not create the spamd-XXXX-init folders needlessly
  • [4835] fix to CFEngine/MDSpamD process shutting down when Ghost starts up
  • [4834] fix to ghost unable to create SEM files to signal MDaemon for things
  • [4797] fix to not marked as spam when score exactly equals threshold
  • [4867] fix to errant handling of certain catalog requests
  • [4863] fix to crash/corruption when Network Resource Access UI saves data
  • [4941] fix to MDSpamD being restarted needlessly by the UI
  • [4949] fix to Spam Filter UI restarting MDSpamD even when clicking Cancel
  • [4740] fix to some .cf files getting blanked out when using foreign MDSpamD
  • [4989] fix to DomainKeys verification of Gmail messages fails
  • [4945] fix to bad Content-Type header generated from RAW messages having attachments to multiple recipients
  • [4755] fix to Japanese MDaemon signature possibly corrupting message text
  • [4715] fix to WorldClient's Simple theme returning an error when iCal invitations are accepted or declined
  • [5050] fix to session window right-click "Print/Copy" doesn't work right
  • [4987] fix to greylist whitelist and advanded edit dialogs disabled improperly
  • fix to cfengine waiting too long to process a message once mdspamd.exe is restarted
MDaemon 9.06:
  • Added additional text strings to resources for translating
  • Help|About no longer shows the registration dialogs
  • Help| longer shows the splash graphic page
  • Updated plugin system - see \docs\api\plugins.txt for new entries you can use with your plugins (see InlineFuncUsesPluginLog and PluginDoesAllLogging). Also, note new functions InlineFuncName2 and InlineFuncName3.
  • Improved logging for free/busy requests made from within WorldClient.
  • Added to SpamAssassin which contains numerous new rules.
  • Changed the week view in the LookOut theme to flow in columns instead of rows
  • Updated some of the translation strings for the HTML compose module for various languages
  • Added more AJAX functionality to the LookOut theme's message list view
  • Updated DKIM implementation to the 0.4 specification.
  • [4725] forwarding will create a line in the Routing log for tracking
  • [4548] Added White list button to dynamic screening dialog
  • [4464] Added calendar days of week to resources for translating
  • [4580] POP USER value may contain only a single @ char
  • [4411] Allow Japanese emails to be encoded with "iso-2022-jp"
  • [4581] Do not require East Asian OS files to be installed for WC to decode iso-2022-jp
  • [4669] Several internal changes required in preparation for MDAV 3.0 including a new option to process the holding queue after an AV signature update. This option is on the holding queue GUI and enabled by default but it requires MDAV 3.0 which will be released later this year.
  • [4511] fix to Free/Busy password is not working
  • [4517] fix to WC Standard theme message list not displaying in IE if quotas are enabled
  • [4515] fix to ComAgent synchronization fails when WC contacts are empty
  • [4491] fix to IMAP server truncating filenames at ;
  • fix to SyncML "one way synchronization from client" returns an error unless the device has synchronized with the folder in the past
  • fix to SyncML does not decode URL encoded characters in database paths
  • fix to WC not always updating an account's Last Access time at login
  • fix to SMTP server MAIL command not accepting addresses with spaces or double quotes in them
  • [4602] fix to WorldClient may crash after expiring a session
  • [4651] fix to OC enable/disable GUI switch not depending on IMAP checkbox
  • [4652] fix to Chinese version including incorrect users manual
  • [4653] fix to MD reading an incomplete gateway list into memory (needs confirmation because problem is nearly impossible to reproduce on demand)
  • [4539] fix to LDAP cache not working right when multiple servers involved
  • [4650] fix to DNS lookup tool not returning MX records
  • [4412] fix to Chinese strings not being translated correctly
  • [4566] fix to Chinese week day characters not displayed properly
  • [4568] fix to SyncML server does not specify a name for contacts created by MDaemon
  • [4499] fix to content filter not doing character set conversion when searching for text or writing footers/signatures
  • [4580] fix to POP server crash
  • [4584] fix to SyncML slow/full sync may create duplicate items
  • [4583] fix to SyncML unhandled exception occurs in CCalendarSync:: Replace when synchronizing calendar
  • [4589] fix to linked "Shared Folder" GUI bug in non-English versions
  • [4592] fix to some CF rules not working for UUEncoded messages
  • [4597] fix to some auto-generated RAW files not being DK/DKIM signed
  • [4600] fix to WorldClient may crash when creating new sub folder
  • [4610] fix to errant GUI label in Dynamic Screen white list
  • [4657] fix to ldap_search_s causing refusal of RCPT data
  • [4664] fix to unable to edit a meeting in WorldClient for which a location has been set
  • [4665] fix to sequenced plugin problems if msg file goes missing
  • [4666] fix to plugin menu entries missing accels and default icon
  • [4667] fix to Message-ID parsing problems making it look odd in logs
  • [4668] fix to each line of the description field of an iCal invitation generated by WC may end with the letter 'r'
  • [4629] fix to Japanese meeting responders being corrupted
  • [4674] fix to orphaned process problem - MD will kill all existing cfengine and mdspamd processes it finds upon startup
  • [4680] fix to HELO/IP lookup not gathering and comparing all A records
  • [4659] better GUI wording for 'Force headers' option in Misc Options
  • [4499] fix to CF move/copy to public folder not working for encoded folder names
  • [4334] fix to auto-generated message subjects not being encoded
  • fix to LookOut not displaying all of the window in IE 7beta b
  • fix to WC not updating all HTML email links to open in new windows
  • [4692] % char will be stripped from auto extracted file names
  • [4693] fix to "config: could not find site rules directory"
  • [4595] partial fix to route slip messages always being NDR'ed even on a temp failure
  • [4687] fix to %SetSubject% not working on first line of welcome file
  • [4696] SMTP reply text is no longer eligible for localization and will always ship in English (even in non-English versions of MDaemon). This is because RFC2822 calls for 7-bit only text and we keep getting 8-bit translations.
  • [4695] fix to CA sending file to group conversation causes MD/WC to hang
  • [4698] fix to .RTE files orphaned when account restricted to local mail
  • [4594] fix to hashcash stamps using email address as resource
  • [4623] fix to spam/ham learn and whitelist addresses not always working with wildcarded aliases
  • [4574] fix to $LISTNAME$ macro returning complete list address rather than just the name of the list
  • [4578] fix to RBL white list dialog greyed out in Standard version
  • [4718] have CF police AV scan failures in a better fashion
  • [4719] fix to errant log message when PTR lookup returns domain unknown
  • [4574] fix to $LISTDOMAIN$ macro not working in list hdr/ftr files
  • [4713] fix to missing service removal confirmation message
  • [4720] need a RESTARTCF.SEM that terminates and restarts CFEngine.exe
  • [4721] fix to clickable links (like for AV/OC downloads) not working
  • [4726] partial fix to use of rfc2822.from and rfc2821.mail values without consistency in logs
  • [4743] fix to incorrect error code returned to MDaemon by CFEngine when MDSpamD is unreachable. This was preventing the use of the holding queue in some circumstances and defeating the option to refuse messages on error during SMTP scan
  • [4748] fix to when using WorldClient's free busy server from Outlook, events may be shifted by several hours
Versienummer 9.08
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website Alt-N Technologies
Bestandsgrootte 37,68MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


19-10-2006 • 09:47

4 Linkedin

Bron: Alt-N Technologies


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Mmmm.... beste changelogs!

Deden de vorige versies het überhaupt wel? :Z
Of ze hebben een goed issue systeem en ze zijn open naar de buitenwereld toe over wat er aangepast is.
De vorige versie doet het prima! Maar eens kijken of er verbeteringen inzitten die voor mij van toepassing zijn. Zo op het eerste gezicht zijn het kleine foutjes.
yep. wij hebben ze allemaal gedraaid. volgende week komt 9.5 uit. die heeft pas een echte changelog.

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