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Software-update: PyPE 2.6.5

PyPE is de afkorting van Python Programmers Editor waarmee je, zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, stukken broncode kan bewerken. Het is geschreven in de platform onafhankelijke taal Python en maakt gebruik van wxPython voor de user interface. Het programma heeft een handige syntax highlighter aan boord waarmee de broncode een stuk overzichtelijker getoond kan worden. Wie benieuwd is geworden naar het uiterlijk van dit programma kan op deze pagina een aantal screenshots bekijken. De ontwikkelaar heeft versie 2.6.5 de deur uit gedaan met de volgende aanpassingen:

Version 2.6.5:
  • (added) command line option for setting the base font size of the text in the editor window.
  • (added) documentation for 2.6.3 features: lines.targetlines[i] for the manipulation of the stc's target attribute, as well as the hotkeydisplay and hotkeyaccept variables defined for macros (and how to get usable values).
  • (fixed) error on startup when the path to a user profile contains a character in the ascii 128-255 range. Bug report thanks to Ianare Sevi.
  • (fixed) closing shells causing a "do you want to save?" dialog.
  • (fixed) lack of shell number/type in the documents list and tabs.
  • (added) method to easily set clipboard data for macros, etc., (use _pype.SetClipboardText(text), will return if it was successful or not).
  • (added) method to strip/reindent shared leading whitespace from a string, use self._StripPrefix(string, newindent=0, include_firstline=1) .
  • (added) new macro sample for 'Run selected text in Python Shell'
  • (fixed) maximization + close removing PyPE's size/position information. Thank you to Jonathan Henry for the report and patch.
  • (fixed) line number margin not being wide enough when documents have many lines. Thank you to Jonathan Henry for the report and patch.
  • (fixed) AttributeError when opening files if you are using a slightly older version of wxPython.
  • (fixed) PyPE and Command Shells not producing prompts and/or not working on Mac and Linux. Thank you to Ernesto Costa for the bug report.
  • (fixed) PyPE will no longer indiscriminantly add additional lines to your files when manupulating the last line (now will only add an additional line if your last line ends with a line ending character.
  • (fixed) 'Run selected text in Python Shell' macro.
  • (added) new macro sample for "Run current file", currently supports .py files.
  • (fixed) lack of shell name when using either of the sample "Run" macros.
  • (fixed) when closing a shell on non-Windows platforms, it should now properly kill the process tree from that shell.
  • (added) search in commented lines support for non-Python languages.
  • (added) option to search in uncommented portions of lines for all languages.
  • (fixed) todo discovery for C/C++ files.
  • (added) "Strict Todo" option, which requires todos to be prefixed with //>, %>, #>, or ##> for C/C++, TeX/LaTeX, and Python respectively. Ignored for xml and html, because requiring it for them would be silly.
  • (fixed) %L handling for triggers.
  • (fixed) Options->One Tab now properly displays the current editor state.
  • (fixed) Smart Paste when there is a selection. Will now properly indent the first line; previously the first line would get incorrect indendation.
  • (fixed) a condition where macros in Python 2.3 wouldn't die after 5 seconds under some situations (the macro named "Timeout Failure in Python 2.3" is now named "Timeout Non-Failure #3 in Python 2.3").
  • (added) support for html/xml discovery in the first two lines of the source file. Does not assume utf-8 as per spec: due to backwards compatability concerns. Users desiring utf-8 decoding support should make sure that their xml/html files include a utf-8 encoding directive or BOM at the beginning of their file.
  • (changed) slightly the behavior of encoding discovery during load/save of a source file. In most cases, this will not change how a file is loaded or saved, but it is much easier to understand, and succeeds in more cases than it used to. See the help/readme for more information on PyPE's current behavior and how it differs from the old behavior.
  • (added) dragging and dropping of both files and text onto the editor control simultaneously, thanks to Anthony Wiese. Dropping text onto the editor now has the same behavior as pasting with the cursor at that particular position.
  • (updated) the documentation with information about strict todos, and finished an incomplete sentence about C/C++ parsing.
  • (added) message to non-Windows/Linux platforms that the shell may not provide a prompt, even if it is otherwise working.
  • (added) support for utf-32 variants on platforms where they are supported.
Versienummer 2.6.5
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS
Website Sourceforge
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


17-09-2006 • 12:14

1 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: Goofy

Bron: Sourceforge


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