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Software-update: PyPE 2.7.1

Door , 1 reactie, bron: Sourceforge

16-10-2006 • 14:56

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Bron: Sourceforge

PyPE is de afkorting van Python Programmers Editor waarmee je, zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, stukken broncode kan bewerken. Het is geschreven in de platform onafhankelijke taal Python en maakt gebruik van wxPython voor de user interface. Het programma heeft een handige syntax highlighter aan boord waarmee de broncode een stuk overzichtelijker getoond kan worden. Wie benieuwd is geworden naar het uiterlijk van dit programma kan op deze pagina een aantal screenshots bekijken. De ontwikkelaar heeft versie 2.7.1 de deur uit gedaan met de volgende aanpassingen:

Version 2.7.1:
  • (fixed) bug related to wxPython 2.7 conversion.
Version PyPE 2.7:
  • (fixed) possible race condition in the 'kill macro thread' code.
  • (fixed) trigger expansion 'input' handling for characters with code points greater than 127 (basically all non-US-english characters).
  • (fixed) problem when trying to close a shell on Unicode PyPE with unicode characters.
  • (changed) starting up PyPE no longer creates the directory tree initially. It will now be created the first time you click on the 'Browse...' tab after PyPE has started up. This change removes the initial delay when starting PyPE up, and removes the floppy drive seek on platforms with floppy drives.
  • (added) better Python interpreter discovery and selection. Checks the registry on Windows, and checks the environment PATH on all platforms. Will follow symlinks, etc., and allows for the user to browse for a Python not on their path.
  • (changed) sample 'Run Current File' macro to include stubs for other types of files, and to use the Python interpreter chosen for the Python Shell.
  • (added) sending SIGINT to shells on non-Windows platforms.
  • (fixed) hitting the escape key now closes the autocomplete and calltip windows. Previously the autocomplete window was very difficult to get rid of.
  • (added) method autocomplete for self.? methods on the current class, enabled by default when autocomplete is enabled.
  • (added) documentation about the sample macros shipped with PyPE.
  • (added) documentation about what to expect when starting to use PyPE when coming from another editor/ide.
  • (added) optional (on by default) colored icons next to function, method, and class names in the source trees, based on how 'private' they are according to Python naming semantics.
  • (changed) Swapping the position of the editor via "Options -> Editor on top" or "Options -> Editor on left" no longer require a restart.
  • (fixed) linux GTK platforms no longer have strange bottom/right toolbar resizing artifacts (the 'resize' cursor won't show unless you are actually on the sash), as long as you have at least one document open.
  • (fixed) linux GTK platforms now have a working scrolled 'search' tab.
  • (fixed) bug where resizing PyPE to be too short would cause PyPE to crash on some platforms.
  • (fixed) exception when closing shells on slower platforms.
  • (added) saving of the sash position in the find in files tab between PyPE restarts.
  • (fixed) Browse... tab's Pathmark -> Add Pathmark . You can create new pathmarks again! I don't know when this was broken.
  • (fixed) searching with the Search tab will now stop while searching within a file if you hit "Stop Search". Previously it would finish a file before actually stopping.
  • (fixed) explicit or implicit muliline searches with the Search tab will now have the GUI refresh while searching a file. Previously it would hang PyPE when processing each file.
  • (fixed) unecessary "would you like to save?" dialog when closing down a newly created empty document.
  • (fixed) potential error when switching between PyPE and other applications when a document includes characters not encodable by the currently specified encoding.
  • (changed) made PyPE use the wx namespace everywhere.
  • (added) support for wxPython 2.7 prerelease.
  • (added) support for recent Scintilla 'round box' indicator for shell output.
  • (fixed) Transforms->Wrap try/except/finally.
  • (added) ability to ignore subdirectories with a leading period when searching "Directories" in the Search tab.
Versienummer 2.7.1
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS
Website Sourceforge
Download http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=85104
Licentietype GPL


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