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Software-update: PyPE 2.8

PyPE is de afkorting van Python Programmers Editor waarmee je, zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, stukken broncode kan bewerken. Het is geschreven in de platform onafhankelijke taal Python en maakt gebruik van wxPython voor de user interface. Het programma heeft een handige syntax highlighter aan boord waarmee de broncode een stuk overzichtelijker getoond kan worden. Wie benieuwd is geworden naar het uiterlijk van dit programma kan op deze pagina een aantal screenshots bekijken. De ontwikkelaar heeft versie 2.8 de deur uit gedaan met de volgende aanpassingen:

Version 2.8:
  • (changed) reorganized some of the options menu to make more sense and to fit on 800x600 resolution screens. If you have any hotkeys defined, you may need to define them again.
  • (fixed) situation where some timer-based events would occur more often than they should due to a bug in wxPython 2.6 wx.Timer instances.
  • (added) tracking of how long the user has used PyPE (not just the program being open, but of it actually being interacted with). You can discover how long you have used PyPE in Help -> About.
  • (fixed) macro recording where recording a macro that included a paste without smartpaste enabled would include two paste actions in the resulting macro.
  • (added) --standalone command line option to allow for saving PyPE's persistent state information in the same path as PyPE, allowing for the "portable" distribution of PyPE to be carried around on a flash drive, for example.
  • (fixed) autocomplete inside class bodies and outside methods.
  • (fixed) autocomplete and calltips when using tabs.
  • (fixed) problem where PyPE would not remember how wide or tall the tools were if they were hidden when PyPE closed.
  • (fixed) when swapping the position of the tools and editor (Editor on Top, and Editor on Left toggling), PyPE will now preserve editor and tool size.
  • (fixed) opening a document in OSX could sometimes cause an exception even if the file was opened properly.
  • (added) "Save Copy As" functionality to the File menu.
  • (added) tabs to spaces and spaces to tabs conversion to the Transforms menu.
  • (added) the reading and using of the Vim options cul, nocul, et, noet, sw, sts, ts, and their aliases (including 'inv' prefix or '!' suffix for toggles and both '=' and ':' assignment operators for values) for files that are first opened.
  • (changed) made the 'subsequence' search for the Filter tool much faster.
  • (added) support for displaying labels created with "Transforms -> Insert Comment" in the "Name", "Line", and "Filter" tools. This works similarly to such entries in SPE (see help for more information).
  • (added) relevant label documentation.
  • (changed) PyPE now remembers which entries were expanded, folded, selected, and the first visible item (if it persists) after the Name or Line tools have been refreshed (via Document -> Refresh).
  • (changed) added support for mixed-case encoding directives.
  • (changed) renamed 'Options -> Shell' to 'Options -> Shell Output'.
  • (fixed) issue with macros and shells.
  • (added) optional "real time" syntax check with error highlight and tool refresh. See "Options -> Realtime Options" and the help for more information.
  • (fixed) todo sorting.
  • (fixed) unnecessary debug printout when all documents have been closed.
  • (fixed) all shells are now polled with a single wx.Timer instance. In previous versions of PyPE, interpreters used wx.FutureCall instances to poll themselves, which may have caused a memory leak on some platforms.
  • (fixed) the replace bar's "Replace All" button used to use wx.FutureCall to handle re-calling itself so that PyPE could remain responsive while replacing was going on. wx.FutureCall use has been replaced by one timer instance per find/replace bar. This may fix a memory leak on platforms that used the replace all button for a large number of replacements.
  • (fixed) the Search tab will now expand folded code as necessary to make any double-clicked-on result fully visible.
  • (fixed) run document macro (on linux) by removing it and replacing it with a 'File -> Run Current File' menu item. Only supports files with extensions of .py, .pyw, .htm, .html, .shtm and .shtml .
  • (fixed) run selected text macro (on linux) by removing it and replacing it with a 'File -> Run Selected Code' menu item.
  • (added) support for viewing line ending characters.
  • (fixed) 'view whitespace' preference now saved.
  • (fixed) bug with reordering documents in a (small distribution) prerelease.
  • (changed) made spell checker "smarter" to know that when you have a region of text selected, you want to check the spelling of that region, but if you don't have anything selected, you want to check the spelling of the whole document.
  • (fixed) default cursor position if you have used the Options -> Save Settings when Document -> Save Position was enabled.
  • (fixed) the log panel now has scrollbars and scrolls to the end as it receives information to log.
  • (fixed) bug where the first document opened during startup would have its syntax checked regardless of whether it was a Python file or not.
Versienummer 2.8
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS
Website Sourceforge
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


15-12-2006 • 17:27

3 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Sourceforge


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Wijzig sortering
Kan iemand mij misschien vertellen waarom ik dit programma zou moeten gebruiken in plaats van bijvoorbeeld Eclipse met de pydev plugin?
Kan iemand mij misschien vertellen waarom ik moet vertellen wat jij moet gebruiken?

PyPE: is gewoon plain simpel, categorie right tool for the right job
Ik bedoelde natuurlijk niet zo zeer dat anderen mij moeten vertellen wat ik moet gebruiken, maar ik was meer benieuwd naar mensen die wat konden vertellen over de voor- en nadelen van dit pakket, eventueel in vergelijking met Eclipse/pydev :)

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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