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Software-update: PyPE 2.4

PyPE is de afkorting van Python Programmers Editor waarmee je, zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, stukken broncode kan bewerken. Het is geschreven in de platform onafhankelijke taal Python en maakt gebruik van wxPython voor de user interface. Het programma heeft een handige syntax highlighter aan boord waarmee de broncode een stuk overzichtelijker getoond kan worden. Wie benieuwd is geworden naar het uiterlijk van dit programma kan op deze pagina een aantal screenshots bekijken. De ontwikkelaar heeft versie 2.4 de deur uit gedaan met de volgende aanpassingen:

Version 2.4:
  • (fixed) Help text for Transforms->Dedent Region.
  • (fixed) Radio items in the menus by simulating them with check items. For some reason, trying to check radio items wasn't working...Ah well.
  • (fixed) When a Python or Command shell recieves data from the running shell, it will now place the recieved data just before the previously being edited command (if any). It was always supposed to work this way, but I messed it up during my effort to change the color of all recieved data.
  • (fixed) shells for the 2.6.3 release of wxPython.
  • (fixed) shell behavior when sending large blocks of data to the client if the user is running wxPython 2.6.3 or later through the use of client_stdin.LastWrite(), which wasn't previously wrapped (Thanks Robin Dunn!)
  • (fixed) editor control stealing cut/copy/paste/etc. keyboard events from the combo boxes in the search tab, as well as the find/replace bars when Options->Use Findbar History is turned on. Your cut/copy/paste should work correctly now.
  • (fixed) when you modify a line that can be expanded (later lines are hidden due to code folding), the fold will be expanded one level. Fix thanks to Paul McNett in the wxPython-users mailing list.
  • (fixed) PyPE now uses absolute paths to read the contents of icons for that represent file types. This was causing problems whenever PyPE wasn't run from the same path as it was installed.
  • (fixed) some users of various linux systems were having problems loading documents. This seems to have been caused by either the above icon path issue, or merely the existance of these icons in either of the two open document lists (along the top, or in the "Documents" tab on the (by default) right side of the editor). I have added Options -> Use Icons to toggle their use. You must use this option before opening any documents for it to work correctly. As Florian Ludwig said, "ugly but working!"
  • (fixed) The todo list was not updating if one was using the threaded option for parsing. This was an unintentional side-effect from switching to the parser running in a thread and has been corrected.
  • (fixed) auto-sizing of the last column in the Todo tab.
  • (fixed) auto-sizing of the last column of the results in the Search tab, when viewing results as a table.
  • (changed) readme.txt format to be valid reStructured Text, added html generated from reST source, and replaced the text help/readme dialog with a new Html browser window. This window will only show the content of the help file, using for all external links.ernal links.
  • (changed) started using -b 2 and compression for py2exe Windows distributions.
  • (added) command-line option for the source version which allows for choosing whether to use ansi or unicode versions of wxPython. See the section labeled "Using PyPE with ansi or unicode wxPython" in the help/readme.
  • (fixed) Transforms->Wrap Selected Text now wraps all of the text in the lines selected, fixing a problem in previous versions where the first line, if partially selected, would have all non-selected text duplicated at the beginning of the line; thus ruining the desired wrap effect, while also changing the content of the text.
Versienummer 2.4
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Sourceforge
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


26-04-2006 • 12:57

0 Linkedin

Bron: Sourceforge


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