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Bron: CNewz

Seagate heeft een nieuwe serie Barracuda ATA66 harddrives aangekondigd. De Barracuda ATA II beschikt net zoals andere high-end ATA66 schijven over 2MB cache en een 7200rpm toerental. Volgens Seagate heeft de drive een toegangstijd van 8,2ms en halen de platters een maximale throughput van 45,4MByte per seconde. Volume produktie van de Barracuda ATA II staat gepland voor volgende maand:

Seagate Technology, Inc. (NYSE: SEG - news) today unveiled the Barracuda ATA II, the newest addition to the most popular line of PC disc drives in the world. Protected by Seagate's 3D Defense System, Barracuda ATA II is the world's most rugged 7,200-rpm hard disc drive and can withstand 300 Gs non-operating shock. With up to 30.6 Gbytes of capacity, the Barracuda ATA II is Seagate's third-generation 7,200-rpm ATA disc drive targeted at the value performance and commercial desktop systems. It features the fastest seek time and data transfer rates in its class, an improved platform with new electronics, a four-fold increase in cache, and fifty percent higher capacity per disc, for up to 15 percent better performance over all previous ATA hard drives.

The new drive expands upon the award-winning legacy of Seagate's acclaimed Barracuda ATA drive family. Worldwide, industry press said the Barracuda ATA ``overwhelmed other drives in product performance in the WinBench 99 tests'' (PC Korea), offers ``fast access speed (and) low cost per megabyte'' (Computer Shopper), ``absolutely provides the most bang for your buck'' (3D Alpha), and ``certainly is one heck of a drive'' ( Maximum PC Magazine was ``faced with another record-breaking score,'' as the Barracuda ATA went on to win the ``ReviewBoard Select Award'' (ReviewBoard Magazine), ``3D Alpha Reviewer's Choice Award'' (3D Alpha), ``Editor's Choice'' (Nikkei WinPC, Japan), ``Best SOHO Hard Drive'' (PC User, Australia), ``Fastest Hard Drive in Category'' (PC Welt, Germany), ``Editor's Choice'' (PC Office, Taiwan), and many more awards.

With its superior performance and high capacity, Barracuda ATA II offers unprecedented price/performance to new applications supported by ATA RAID systems, as small business owners look to ever-speedier ATA drives to perform jobs traditionally handled by SCSI technology. ATA RAID lets users tie many disc drives together into a single, virtual storage unit with super-fast performance and ultra-high capacity; users can also mirror the data between two drives for instantaneous and continuous data backup.

``Because Barracuda ATA II performs up to 15 percent faster, it will literally move information faster and help PC users work faster and more effectively to get the job done,'' said Henry Fabian, Seagate director of product marketing for the Personal Storage Group. ``With leading performance in a PC workstation drive and the comprehensive 3D Defense System for the world's toughest disc drive, the Barracuda ATA II truly lets users access, manipulate and protect their information the way they want it.''

Seagate once again brings the world's most rugged disc drive to our customers. All Seagate disc drives feature the 3D Defense System, the industry's best and most comprehensive drive, data and diagnostic protection package. With G-Force Protection (GFP), Barracuda ATA II withstands the most nonoperating shock of any 7,200-rpm drive. Seagate's proprietary SeaShield protects the drive's sensitive PCB, and the exclusive SeaShell packaging protects drives through the entire integration process from over 1,000 Gs of shock. Seagate's unique Safe Sparing feature, plus the S.M.A.R.T. system and Error Correction Code, defend user data against corruption. When a PC system experiences trouble, SeaTools graphical diagnostic software positively identifies whether a disc drive is functioning properly, and if so, points the user to alternate solutions. This saves the customer from needing to remove the drive, thereby reducing the risk of lost data, and helps speed the diagnosis of system problems. SeaTools has been shown to reduce the incorrect diagnosis of disc drives by as much as 30 percent, reducing handling costs and increasing efficiency for Seagate's OEM, distributor and reseller customers.

Barracuda ATA II is Seagate's highest-capacity ATA-interface drive ever. The drive is available in popular capacities of 30.6, 20.4, 15.3 and 10.2-Gbytes. The drive's 8.2 msec average seek time is faster than any other drive in this class. Data flies off the drive's platters at up to 45.5 Mbytes per second, beating all competitors, and the drive can output cached data at the industry's fastest rate of up to 66.6 Mbytes/second via the Ultra ATA/66 interface. The expanded 2-Mbyte cache -- a four-fold increase over earlier products -- gives users quicker access to the specific information they need. Barracuda ATA II also features better acoustics than any other 7,200-rpm drive, ensuring a quiet user experience.

Barracuda ATA II offers leveraged technology for quick qualifications with PC makers. Customer evaluation units are shipping now, and volume production is scheduled for next month.

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Reacties (7)

Hmmm, ik wilde net een Maxtor 6800 plus kopen maar dit ziet er wel erg leuk uit. De huidige Barracuda schijven van seagate zijn zeker niet slecht. Ik ben benieuwd.
De harde schijven worden steeds beter, en dit is zeker een goede. Lage toegangstijden (Maar 8,2 ms) op 7200 rpm. Verder is die 45,4 MB/s lezen ook erg handig als je zware proggramma draait en zal het schelen in de laadtijd
Jammer dat Seagate weer es met een verwarrende naam komt.
de "II" zal wel slaan op Baracuda 2e versie.
Want volgens mij is Udma-4(of 5) de u-66 std. of is 't met de ATA-aanduiding weer anders ??
ieg. moet je d'r rekening mee houden, dat met een aantal moederboarden een tool van Seagate nodig is, om de U-66 aan te zetten.

Die snelheden zijn in theorie zo hoog maar in praktijk kom je op +- 20/25 mb per seconde.. je moet gewoon een Maxtor 6800+ kopen want die zijn gewoon heel goed.. lekker snel ook.. heb hem getest op 22mb/s nou en dat vind ik best wel lekker toch :)?
Jammer dat funprice de 6800+ 20 gieg niet verkoopt... Anders had ik em nu al...
Uhrr ik heb nu een Seagate Baracuda ( 1 ??) erin is 7200rpm en ata66/udma66 haalt ook een echte doorvoer van 23 meg/sec tov de 12 a 13 meg/sec wat mijn 7200rpm udma33 IBM dtta-371010 haalt..
maar weet niet hoeveel cache die seagate heeft ( is er een util voor ? ) maar hij is verdomde snel!

Greetz Roger
Hmm ik wil eigenlijk de maxtor 6800plus. Die heeft 2 meg cache. De seagate is geloof ik bijna even snel maar heeft maar 0,5 meg cache... Dat vind ik wel jammer.
Weet iemand of dat veel uitmaakt 0,5 of 2 meg cache in performance. Ja zal altijd wel sneller zijn met 2 meg maar is er echt een merkbaar verschil?

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