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Software-update: MDaemon 8.0.3

MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform met ingebouwde antivirus en antispam mogelijkheden, daarnaast is er ondersteuning aanwezig voor plug-ins waarmee beheer op afstand, web toegang en speciale monitoring functies mogelijk worden. Andere features die aanwezig zijn in deze mailserver zijn bijvoorbeeld delen van contactlists, tasklist en agenda's en het valideren van afzenders door middel van DomainKeys. Sinds kort staat versie 8.0.3 klaar met de volgende veranderingen:

  • Some important Spam Filter default settings were changed. Please read the section IMPROVED SPAM FILTER below for details.
  • The following entries will be automatically added to your SPF whitelist file (SPFXcpt.dat) and DomainKeys verification whitelist file (DKVerifyXcpt.dat):
  • An entry in your SpamAssassin file was changed. If you had 'dns_available yes' in your file this line was removed. Removing this line causes SpamAssassin to first check if DNS is available before attempting to use rules which depend upon it. This is a smarter option but does create additional overhead since testing for DNS connectivity may not be necessary for all sites. If you would like to change this setting or disable DNS based rules entirely you can do so via new controls within the Spam Filter GUI.
  • Added support for IMAP4 UIDPLUS (RFC 2359).
  • Added "change message processing priority" action to the content filter.
  • Some verbiage was changed on the SMTP Authenication tab. The option to require SMTP AUTH when the postmaster alias is used was extended to also protect the abuse and webmaster addresses.
  • MDaemon now sets the first and last name fields for public contacts in addition to the full name. It recognizes "FirstName LastName" and "LastName, FirstName" formats. If you want MDaemon to only set the full name, edit MDaemon.ini and set:
    SetContactFirstAndLastNames=No (default Yes)
  • When MDaemon automatically adds contacts to a users address book file it will populate the real name field with the email address rather than leave the real name field blank (this looks better in OL and WC).
  • A new switch was added to the Automatic IP Screening feature within the Tarpit settings. You can now configure sessions to automatically close after being added to the IP screen. This switch is enabled by default.
  • MDaemon's DomainKeys signing capability has now been extended to mailing list messages. A new switch in the DomainKeys signing GUI will allow you to have MDaemon sign outgoing list mail. The signing of list mail requires content filter processing on each list message after 'cracking'. This can cause a performance hit on sites with large/popular mailing lists. You do not need to specify your lists in the DKSign.dat file as authorized for DK signing. If you enable this new option MDaemon will assume that it should sign all mail to all your lists.
  • MDaemon no longer performs MX record lookups on the host that is being signaled to dequeue waiting mail (Setup|Primary Domain|Dequeue). It just doesn't seem to make sense to lookup MX records in this instance.
  • Slight verbiage change to the gateway ETRN tab to make it clear when MX and A records might be used.
  • Added some additional DomainKeys logging and removed the long p= and b= values from being logged (this served no purpose really).
  • Verbiage change to the DNS-BL 'Flag messages from blacklisted sites but go ahead and accept them' option. This checkbox has had a logic reversal and now reads 'Block email from servers which have been blacklisted'. Some appropriate warning text has also been added. The value of the old setting has been preserved.
  • The DNS-BL option 'Add blacklisted sites to the IP Screen' was removed from the GUI. This option is still available but now requires manual editing of the MDaemon.ini to set it. This option should rarely (if ever) be enabled as it amounts to a PERMANENT caching of negative DNS-BL results - something definitely not recommended.
  • It is now possible to set zero as the score for white/black list matches within the Spam Filter.
  • You can now specify a tarpit delay scaling factor from within the tarpit setting GUI. This is a multiplier that grows the base delay over time. So, when a session first gets tarpitted it will experience a (for example) 10 second delay. If the scaling factor is 1.5 the next delay will be 15 seconds, the next 22.5 seconds, and so on. The default scaling factor is 1 which basically means no scaling.
  • If you are inserting HashCash tokens into outbound mail or signing messages with DomainKeys then autoresponders MUST go through the Content Filter (since it is what does this work). So, take note that your autoresponders will now be subject to Content Filter processing if either of these features are enabled.
  • Three new options were added to the Spam Filter to allow you to specify whether DNS is available when processing messages. You can specify:
    Yes - DNS is available and so SURBL/RBL and any other rules which require DNS connectivity will be utilized.
    No - DNS is not available and so any rule which requires DNS will not be utilized.
    Test- DNS availability should first be tested and if present it will be used. This is the default setting.
  • MDaemon will set the RES_NAMESERVERS environment variable for use with SpamAssassin if you configure specific DNS servers within MDaemon's Setup|Primary Domain|DNS tab. If you configure MDaemon to use the DNS servers from Windows itself then the RES_NAMESERVERS environment variable will be removed from the environment settings. In this was we hope to insure that SpamAssassin uses the same DNS servers that MDaemon is using. The environment settings apply only to the MDaemon process and any child process thereof. The are not server-wide and will not effect other processes running on the system.
  • MDStats now displays kilobytes instead of bytes in the Disk Space column
  • Calendar invites are no longer sent when editing an existing event/meeting.
  • Messages which arrive over authenticated sessions are given a slightly higher delivery priority over those which are not.
  • A new switch was added to the Logging options to disable the WorldClient and HTTP logs. Note, the files will still be created and will have start-up and shutdown timestamps but that's all.
  • iCalendar invitation are now added to user's default calendar when the message containing the invitation is opened.
  • Comagent will disable Outlook(MAPI) synchronization if Outlook Connector is enabled and user is an Outlook Connector user.
  • A new $MACHINENAME$ macro was added which returns the machine name field from Setup|Primary Domain. This macro is now used in the default account information script (ACCTINFO.DAT) for new installations.
  • The language on the DomainKeys verification tab was changed to make it more clear on how scoring takes place.
  • Multiple files in the WorldClient themes have been condensed to take up less space for faster loading times. Most files have a master file with a %filename%_master.%ext% naming scheme with the exception of the globals.js and list.js files for LookOut, which are stored in the HTML/LookOut/JavaScript subdirectory. Those looking for similar crunched files can use the javascript crunchinator at
  • The default "charset" that MDaemon uses in auto-generated messages was changed from US-ASCII to iso-8859-1 for increased compatibility.
  • File|Print option was removed as it never worked properly in the 8.x code base and printing options are handled in context via right-click options in the various pane windows.
  • The extra SMTP port introduced in 8.02 has been morphed into a true MSA port capability. This means that:
    • the default port value was changed from 2525 to 587
    • transmission on this port requires AUTH
  • You can now configured the header which will be used when setting up IMAP spam filtering rules for your users. The default is still X-Spam-Flag but you can change it by editing the following in CFilter.ini with notepad:
  • The default subject in AntiVirus update notification emails was changed to include the result (Success or Failure) of the AV update attempt.
  • The default CFUPDATE.DAT file which is the template describing the result of an AntiVirus update has been changed to include the full log of the AV update attempt. Your existing CFUPDATE.DAT file was renamed to CFUPDATE.DAT.OLD so that this new file could replace it.
  • MDaemon will always place the name of the mailing list in the Sender header for all list mail.
  • By default, MDaemon will accept messages which are not compliant with internet standards (MDaemon has the ability to bring non-compliant messages into compliance later). If you would prefer to have MDaemon reject non-compliant messages you can set a new switch added to Setup|Misc Options|Servers tab. MDaemon will reject message which do not have a DATE header. It will also reject messages which are missing both a SENDER and FROM header. Also, these required headers must have a value (they can not exist as empty headers).
  • The language on the DomainKeys signing tab was changed to make it more clear on how to create new selectors.
  • When you specify from and to values that make messages eligible for DomainKeys signing you can add an optional selector value to the end of each line and that selector will be used to sign messages which match that criteria. Open the DKSIGN.DAT file and read the instructions at the top for more information.
  • SPF/DK cache/whitelist file editors were changed from notepad to MDaemon's internal file editor.
  • MDaemon will now send the string 'Connection refused' before closing the session when tarpitted and/or IP screen refuses a connection.
  • If you do not want MDaemon to send the "Spam Trap" content report email (this can be very long sometimes) you can set the following in CFilter.ini using notepad:
    SendSpamReport=No (default Yes)
  • Changed DK to return DK_STAT_SYNTAX when signature doesn't match sender's domain. Also, better info will track into the Authentication-Results header when this is the case.
  • Added multiple signature support to the DomainKeys verification code. If a message arrives with more than one signature MDaemon will apply some logic in an attempt to find the first one that matches the sender domain.
  • Spam Filter was updated to include SpamAssassin 3.04.
  • Trusted IPs are exempt from the gateway AUTH requirement.
  • Tons of cleanup to Smtpwnd - removing old unused code.
  • Added Slovenian language to WorldClient - thanks to Red Zion for doing this work for us.
  • fix to crash/100% CPU associated with inline SMTP Spam scanning
  • fix to hashcash mint size being ignored (always using 20 bits)
  • fix to spam score not showing up in SPAM entries within stats log
  • fix to WC's LookOut theme not supporting certain Japanese subjects
  • fix bad message Date headers causing WC's LookOut theme to display a blank message list
  • fix to holding queue release causing crash in ghost sessions
  • fix to maximum RCPT count setting not being incremented by "recipient unknown" result - was only counting RCPT commands that gave a "250 OK"
  • fix to unnecessary pane refresh with 'bayesian learn as ham/spam' option
  • fix to autoresponders not working properly when no start time specified
  • fix to problems using ODBC backend and SQL Server
  • fix to strings for the PocketPC, XHTML, and WML themes are not in the languages.ini file. These strings are not being translated.
  • fix to DomainKeys not using the d= tag properly
  • fix to possible crashing when stopping/restarting MDaemon
  • fix to possible IMAP server crash
  • fix to errant JavaScript handling in WorldClient
  • fix to addrbook.mrk files created by addrldap.exe cannot be read
  • fix to possible crash after editing a domain or processing a reload cache sem file while inbound SMTP sessions are active
  • fix to some DAT files not being updated with timer countdowns
  • fix to MD3Conv.exe crashing if upgrading from really early MD installs
  • fix to auto-responders not getting DK signed or hashcash minted
  • fix to 'dns_available yes' problem for new installations
  • fix digitally signed messages not being DK signed
  • fix to LookOut forwarding/autoresponder validation bug
  • fix to WorldClient not being restarted when changing SSL settings
  • fix to IMAP & SMTP servers not supporting authentication with an alias
  • fix to signatures only being applied to primary domain mail
  • fix to hashcash minting not working properly in some cases
  • fix to IE requesting read/unread/new/forward and reply images for individual list view message headers for WorldClient LookOut
  • fix to MD not removing the MSG file associated with a public contact when deleting an account
  • fix to possible orphaned sessions in 'send all to ISP' configurations
  • fix to modal dialog box sometimes causing thread to freeze
Versienummer 8.0.3
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website Alt-N Technologies
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


16-06-2005 • 13:46

2 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: Sjmeut

Bron: Alt-N Technologies


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Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
Vergeet het belangrijkste niet: DKIM, een merge van DomainKeys en Cisco's Identified Internet Mail. Mdaemon is de eerste mailserver die dit geimplementeerd heeft.
Zie onderstaand mailtje van de CEO:

Alt-N is proud to be involved in the creation of DKIM - DomainKeys Identified Mail. DKIM is a cryptographic authentication technology being created through the merger of Yahoo's DomainKeys with Cisco's Identified Internet Mail. For several months Alt-N has been working with representatives of Yahoo, Cisco, IBM, and several others both to create the DKIM specification and to forge working products from it. DKIM is currently
supported in MDaemon 8.03 (but it's a secret how to enable it) and an auto-responder has been setup for potential DKIM implementations to test their compliance

So far, MDaemon and Sendmail have working prototypes of DKIM enabled versions (Sendmail's is a milter that is not generally available yet AFAIK).
There is also some in-house working code at Cisco and an AT&T implementation is in the works. As of right now nobody but you has working DKIM enabled software in their control (MDaemon 8.03).

Work on the DKIM specification is getting close to completion but the document itself is still not generally available. My hope is that it will get I-D status soon so that everyone can see it and that we will be able to present it at this summer's IETF in Paris but this is by no means a certainty.

IMO, I think it's time for a wider scale DKIM test so, if you would like to enable it, let me know and I'll send you the unlock instructions.

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