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Software-update: Zoom Player 4.10 beta 3

Precies vier maanden na het uitkomen van beta 2 heeft Inmatrix nu de derde bčtarelease van versie 4.10 van zijn mediaspeler Zoom Player uitgebracht. De speler verkrijgbaar in de smaken Standaard, Professional en WMV Professional. De verschillen in de drie uitvoeringen zitten hem in de prijs en mogelijkheden. De standaard versie is als enige gratis te gebruiken en speelt de meest gangbare mediaformaten af, de pro-variant kan daarnaast ook gebruikt worden om dvd's mee te bekijken en ten slotte de WMV Professional-versie kan ook DRM-content afspelen. Het changelog van deze release (ga er even lekker voor zitten ) ziet er als volgt uit:

Here is the change list since v4.10 beta 2:
  • IMPORTANT! All VMR7/9 settings have changed. If you have previously selected VMR7/9 as your video renderer, make sure to re-select.
  • IMPORTANT! Several key Microsoft features that involve the playback of WMV/WMA files have changed. It is required that you to re-install Windows Media Player 10. Even if you already have it installed or are not planning to use it as a player (Windows Media Player contains component that effect playback of all other players). You need at least version "" installed.
  • New "White Wash" Pattern (Shift+"P"). White Wash is a mechanism that allows you to wash out the burn-in effect of Plasma Televisions. Prolonged use of Plasma televisions can sometime burn a signal onto the screen if left on for too long. Popular examples of this is when watching a lot of the same TV Channel and having the Station's Logo burned into the screen.
    When enabling white-wash, a white bar will move very slowly across your screen (one pixel every 10 seconds) which over a few hours should wash away any of the burn-in effects.
  • New "Gradients" Pattern (Shift+"P"). Useful for seeing the color range of your display device.
  • New Customized Media Profiles for Nero Digital filters, including H264 playback (using nero file-reader with FFDShow as the decoder).
  • New Customized Media Profile for ".ms-dvr" files. For it to work, you must download the MS-DVR patch from the Microsoft Windows Update web site.
  • New Setting (Advanced Options / DVD / DVD Setup / Customized) allowing you to specify the Video ColorSpace that the video renderer should try to connect at. This should be a relatively safe option as Zoom Player will try to fall back to the default ColorSpace connection if the specified mode doesn't connect.
  • New Setting (Advanced Options / Aspect Ratio) allowing you to Enable/Disable support for Anamorphic Matroska files. This is optional as when DirectVobSub (VSFilter) is enabled with the option to extend the video to a different aspect ratio, it will corrupt the aspect ratio on such files.
  • New Setting (Advanced Options / Settings / Interface) that controls whether the options dialog is forced to appear on the active monitor (default to on). When disabled, the Options Dialog position is remembered across multiple monitors.
  • Zoom Player now supports CUE Chapter files (".cue" extension). The support is optional (Advanced Options / Settings / Playback) as doing file searches when opening files causes a slight slowdown (probably not noticeable, but it accumulates).
  • New Value (Advanced Options / DVD / DVD Tools) allowing you to automatically execute an external application/script when a PAL disc is identified.
  • New Value (Advanced Options / DVD / DVD Tools) allowing you to automatically execute an external application/script when an NTSC disc is identified.
  • New Value (Advanced Options / DVD / DVD Tools) allowing you to automatically execute an external application/script when a DVD is stopped.
  • New Value (Advanced Options / Values / Play List) allowing the Title extracted from Media Tags (ID3v1/ID3v2/APE Tag/WMA Tag/Etc...) to be used instead of the file name. Media Tags are only extracted when a file is opened, Scanned by the "Get Media Duration" function on the Play List Right-Click context menu or Automatically scanned by specifying the file extension under: "Advanced Options / Values / Extensions -> Auto-Get Duration/Title".
  • New Value (Advanced Options / Values / Other) allowing you to specify a default file to open in the web navigator if no specific file exists for the currently opened Media/DVD.
  • New Functions (Alt+Shift+"+" and Alt+Shift+"-") allowing you to reposition the Subtitle vertical position in media files (when the DirectVobSub filter is used to display subtitles).
  • New Functions (Alt+Ctrl+"+" and Alt+Ctrl+"-") allowing you to resync Subtitles in media files (when the DirectVobSub filter is used to display subtitles).
  • New Function (Alt+Ctrl+"D") that pops an OSD with the current date and time.
  • New Function allowing you to open the directory of the currently highlighted file in the play list within Explorer. This function is now accessible on the right-click Play List context menu.
  • New Extended Function "exEjectDrive" allowing you to Eject/Insert a specified removable drive.
  • New Extended Function "exEnableTCP" allowing you to enable the TCP/IP interface on a specific port.
  • New File Definition function allowing you to set the Audio Synchronization offset value.
  • New "zplayer.zdf" Definition function allowing you to automatically save the Audio Synchronization offset value.
  • Zoom Player now supports internet based playlists. This should help some MMS streams which are linked to by an ASX file.
  • New "NoTintSource" Skin script command enabling you to exclude sections of the skin bitmap from being tinted by the skin selection dialog's tinting controls.
  • New "ToggleInterface" Skin script command that can be used to show or hide some of the Zoom Player user interfaces as the skin loads.
  • Extended the "PlayListData" Skinning script command to enable specifying the font used by the play list. You can still override the font through the Advanced Options dialog.
    Furthermore, the "PlayListData" command now included extended documentation for additional functionality.
  • Extended the "DrawExText" Skinning script command to support all function modes previously only supported by "CreateExButton".
  • New "/CPR" command line parameter allowing you to set a color present. For example: "c:\program files\zoom player\zplayer.exe" /CPR:2
  • New "/TCP:[port]" command line parameter which enables the Zoom Player TCP/IP interface. Using just the "/TCP" parameter will enable the interface on the current port, using "/TCP:4096" will enable the interface on port 4096.
  • Using the Next/Previous Track function while in Fast Forward or Rewind will do a Time Seek (default 2 minutes).
  • Using the Next/Previous Chapter function while in Fast Forward or Rewind will do a Time Jump (default 20 seconds).
  • The Pattern Images (Shift+"P") now respect the current Aspect Ratio and the Pixel Aspect Ratio (Source Relative Stretch) which makes them better suited for manually aligning the Aspect Ratio.
  • The Windows Media settings have been moved under the Filter Control section of the Advanced Options Dialog.
  • When deleting items using the Navigator interfaces, the deleted item name will now appear as part of the confirmation dialog.
  • The Media Library navigator will now open to the location of the currently open file if the file resides anywhere within the media library paths (previously it would only open the root locations).
  • Expanded Communication Interface (Messages 1501/1601/1602/1701/1702/1750/1751/1850/2400/2500/5010/ 5020/5030).
  • Communication messages 1600 and 1700 have changed. They now give an audio/subtitle track index instead of the name (which is now delivered for all available streams in a new message).
  • Context Navigator now supports the Tab (Ascii #9) Character for use in right-alignment of text as used in the regular Context Menu.
  • Shoutcasted currently playing audio track will now be listed in the tray icon tool tip and on the application task bar (if the setting to show the currently playing file in the task bar is enabled).
  • You can now specify a Down Active bitmap using the CreateExButton Skin script function.
  • Any RGB value entered as part of the skin script can now contain an "NT" suffix to specify that the color shouldn't be tinted. For example: FillRect(4,4,,,000000NT)
  • The FillRectNT skin function has become obsolete as you can now specify which RGB values should not be tinted.
  • The "AddBarButton" skinning function has become obsolete. It is now replaced with the CreateExButton with a target value of "CBar". This allows access for a few more settings for the buttons. There are some limitations, read the function documentation (within brownish.skn) for more information regarding the limitations.
  • The "DrawExText" skinning function can now show a hint label.
  • Using Next/Previous frame while playing will now pause the video (instead of doing nothing).
  • The Filter selector interface is now resizable.
  • The "Dock Play list to Main user interface" setting has been dropped as it has been replaced by the screen snapping feature.
  • Zoom Player "may" function again on Windows NT4, not fully tested.
  • Fixed a "Divide by Zero" problem with some decoders that returned invalid aspect ratio information.
  • While in Audio Mode, the Audio Bar will not be resized when a new file is loaded and Auto Set user interface to Source Resolution is enabled.
  • Fixed "List Index out of Bounds" error when trying to play Shoutcast streams that contained no actual audio streams.
  • Fixed a cosmetic navigator display issue where the width of unicode strings was not calculated properly.
  • Fixed a problem with the TimeLine seek position OSD could remain visible on screen.
  • Fixed a small memory leak when playing Shoutcasted streams.
  • Fixed a problem with WMA/APE tags containing unicode characters.
  • Fixed a problem with Zoom Player's Next/Previous Chapter commands not working properly with certain media files.
  • Fix for error "10054" in the TCP/IP communication interface.
  • Skinning for the Play List, Equalizer and OSD was broken in the previous beta.
  • Switching Audio Mode skins (or skin modes) would wrongly accept a skin width below the minimal skin width specified by the skin author.
  • The mouse wheel video positioning functions should now work regardless of what the keyboard arrow functions are set to.
  • When Remember Last Media Position and Stop closes media files are enabled, the last media position will be remembered properly.
  • Enabling/Disabling Button Hints on the Basic Options dialog wouldn't have had an effect until you restarted.
  • Couldn't toggle Button Hints for the Equalizer dialog.
  • Comm Message #1930 wasn't updating the play list properly.
Zoom Player screenshot
Versienummer 4.10 beta 3
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website Inmatrix
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

18-03-2005 • 16:00

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Bron: Inmatrix


Reacties (3)

Wijzig sortering
Op zich een leuke speler. Ik heb hem ook een tijdje gebruikt.
Wat mij echter begon te irriteren waren de overlvoedige onoverzichtelijke optie menus.

Verder zit er nu ook niet echt iets in wat ik nuttig vind t.o.v. MP Classic.
Ik gebruik nu MP Classic el weer 1½ jaar en wil niks anders meer.
Zoomplayer is dan ook geen player om snel even wat te bekijken, maar een complete MultiMedia omgeving. Vandaar de vele mogelijkheden. Je kan hem ook prima besturen met alleen een afstandbediening. Het draait bij mij als enige programma op mijn HTPC
Hoe selecteer jij dan een mp3 uit je collectie van 10000 mp3's. Zie ik je met zoomplayer niet doen.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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