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Bron: IniCom Networks, submitter: Stuiterbal

9px;" title="FlashFXP logo (klein)" alt="FlashFXP logo (klein)">IniCom Networks heeft zijn FTP-programma FlashFXP bijgewerkt naar versie Met dit programma kan eenvoudig bestanden up- en downloaden van en naar een FTP-server, maar ook uitwisselen tussen twee servers. Deze uitgave wordt als een zogenaamde "maintenance release" bestempeld en heeft een lange lijst aan veranderingen en verbeteringen:

  • When copying a site profile the bookmarks for the site are now copied as well.
  • Improved interval precision sending noops "Send noop during transfer".
  • Relocated some resizing code to perform prior to displaying the main window to reduce a flicker when using certain windows xp themes.
  • To insure the proper action for the file exist rule, a hidden "SIZE " is now issued to the target size when performing a site to site transfer.
  • Improved the resource consumption by dynamically managing the custom command and site list menus.
  • RTF generator now uses the system default character set rather than the ANSI character set. This caused problems displaying chinese text.
  • I came up with a new method of converting the ftp status text into richtext (RTF) for display in the internal editor; a huge speed improvement over the old way.
  • Improved IP-NAT detection and handling when performing site to site transfers.
  • /setreg or /repair via the command line will now update the registry "Install Path" with the current location of FlashFXP.
  • If you run LiveUpdate from a location other than the "Install Path" set in the registry you will now be able to update your copy of FlashFXP, but will be required to download the "Full Install".
  • Small improvements to Local Browser.
  • The upload packet size now defaults to 8kb, if your previous setting is 4kb it will automatically be updated to 8kb. There appears to be some strange issues with 4kb packets.
  • The two text file site import formats now support importing from unicode type text files.
  • Fixed tabstop order in the CHMOD dialog.
  • Added some extra handling in an attempt to handle "550 Active transfer in process, terminate transfer with ABOR before proceeding." errors.
  • The find dialogs in FlashFXP have been replaced by custom dialogs. The native windows find dialog was causing a rare but unexplained error.
  • Improved FTP error handling while using "Send noop during transfer".
  • The internal text editor find feature now supports searching in the up direction.
  • The SSL/TLS certificate dialog prompt is now automatically closed if the ftp connection is lost.
  • A fairly significant flaw was found in a routine that was modified to improve "send noops during transfer", this flaw was observed when the server returned a multi-line reply after a data connection (List, Upload, Download).
  • When you delete the last item in the queue the itemindex becomes -1 preventing you from pressing the up arrow.
  • Prior to each file transfer the SIZE command is issued to determine if the file still exists and the current size, However on failure an error message appears the statusbar that should of been suppressed.
  • In some cases the right drop down path box was being incorrectly selected when using old style tab stops.
  • Fixed retry delay bug when loading a fxp queue and the first site failed to login. i.e. site1(login error), site2(logged in), immediately tried site1 again without using the proper retry delay.
  • drawing bug in filter / favorites list after selecting a custom color.
  • After aborting a file edit/view the temporary file was not properly deleted on exit.
  • If the connection is lost during a FTP File Search or Delete and you tell FlashFXP to reconnect and resume, after reconnect it hangs.
  • In some cases transfer errors during a site to site transfer weren't triggering a transfer abort and FlashFXP kept waiting for the transfer to complete.
  • Eliminated delay on closing remote dropdown box after making a selection.
  • The statusbar was incorrectly updated when files were skipped by adding them to the queue while a file transfer was in progress.
  • Connecting to two sites via Quick Connect (and possiblity the Site Manager) at the exact same time can result in the connection data pointer being improperly set. The user may not notice a problem but the first site may use the wrong settings or fail to start the transfer queue.
  • Adding a new site manager site and then adding multiple IP addresses without first saving the site caused the site to be improperly saved.
  • Overriding the global file exists rule and then copying over the default rules disabled the per-site rule tab.
  • The Calculate FTP Space Used dialog was not compatible with windows large fonts.
  • Corrected an evaluation logic error in the local browser.
  • The ListView_EditLabel(handle, -1) API doesn't seem to correctly cancel a listview item edit when the listview is LVS_OWNERDATA.
  • Fixed multiple selection bug in Restore Queue dialog.
  • In some cases on FTP download if the transfer was small and the ftp server was lagged if the transfer complete message took more than 10 seconds to appear the connection timed out.
  • When using "Transfer As" the Cancel button will no longer transfer any previously queued files.
  • A graphical glitch in progressbar on the "Calculate FTP Space Used" Dialog.
  • I completely rewrote the bookmark menu routine to resolve a new bug created by my previous fix.
  • The popup welcome message window now uses the correct text colors.
  • Ctrl + auto resize bug.
  • Resolved bug that prevented accessing network drives under some configurations. (i.e. novell network shares).
  • The site import failed to update the notes field to the new format when importing sites from older versions of FlashFXP.
New Features
  • Added new command line param -savequeue or -savequeue= this param is used combined with loading a queue file via the command line, it will update the original (or defined filename) file on exit.
  • Added command line option for specifying an alternate logfile. The command is -logfile="path to logfile".
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Reacties (6)

Ik krijg een foutmelding bij het installeren: Runtime erro (at 19 :7200). Access violation etc.
Acces violation at address 0040A1F7. Read of address 00D7851D :r

iemand oplossing hiervoor?
no problems hier.. :P
Flashfxp is de beste ftp clint imo.
Het is makkelijk te gebruiken en toch heb je er genoeg optie's bij.
Ik mis alleen n optie, wat UltraFXP wel heeft: een site container. Een schempje waarin je alle connecties hebt lopen. Wanneer je op 1 connectie klikt krijg je te zien wat hij aan t doen is daarmee.. Stel je bent op 10 ftp's tegelijk bezig, dan word het met FlashFXP een beetje een zooitje.

Kijk aan de andere kant kan het ook minder handig zijn omdat je er ruimte voor moet hebben in FlashFXP, maar maak het dan zo dat het een mogelijke optie is. Ik zal het zeker wel handig vinden :)

Overigens ben ik zelf ook ontzettend tevreden over dit proggie, voor 25 euro is het hem zeker waard! Mooi ook dat ze blijven komen met fixes en updates.
Ja ben zelf een geregisteerd flashfxp gebruiker voor een aantaal jaren.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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