Software-update: Dovecot 2.3.8

Dovecot is een mailserver met ondersteuning voor imap, pop3, ipv6, ssl en tls, en valt deels onder een MIT- en deels onder een Lgplv2.1-licentie. Voor het opslaan van mailberichten kan gebruik worden gemaakt van maildir-, mbox- en het zelf ontwikkelde dbox-formaat. Daarnaast kunnen mta's zoals Postfix 2.3+ en Exim 4.64+ hun smtp-authenticatieproces zonder tussenstappen uitvoeren bij Dovecot. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 2.3.8 uitgebracht met de volgende veranderingen:

Version 2.3.8
  • Added mail_delivery_started and mail_delivery_finished events.
  • dsync-replication: Don't replicate users who have "noreplicate" extra field in userdb.
  • doveadm service status: Show total number of processes created.
  • When logging to syslog, use instance_name setting's value for the ident. This commonly is added as a log prefix.
  • Base64 encoding/decoding code was rewritten with additional features. It shouldn't cause any user visible changes.
  • v2.3.7 regression: If a folder only receives new mails without any other mail access, dovecot.index.log keeps growing forever and dovecot.index keeps being rewritten for every mail delivery.
  • dsync-replication may lose keywords after syncing mails restored from another replica. This only happened if the mail only had keywords and no system flags.
  • event filters: Non-textual event fields could not be filtered using wildcards.
  • auth: Scope parameter was missing from OAuth password grant request.
  • doveadm client-server communication may hang in some situations. It is also using unnecessarily small TCP/IP packet sizes.
  • doveadm who and kick did not flush protocol output correctly.
  • imap: SETMETADATA with literal value would delete the metadata value instead of updating it.
  • imap: When client issues FETCH PREVIEW (LAZY=FUZZY) command, the caching decisions should be updated so that newly saved mails will have the preview cached.
  • With mail_nfs_index=yes and/or mail_nfs_storage=yes setuid/setgid permission bits in some files may have become dropped with some NFS servers. Changed NFS flushing to now use chmod() instead of chown().
  • quota: warnings did not work if quota root was noenforcing
  • acl: Global ACL file ignored the last line if it didn't end with LF.
  • doveadm stats dump: With JSON formatter output numbers using the number type instead of as strings
  • lmtp_proxy: Ensure that real_* variables are correctly set when using lmtp_proxy.
  • event exporter: http-post driver had hardcoded timeout and did not support DNS lookups or TLS connections.
  • auth: Fix user iteration to work with userdb passwd with glibc v2.28.
  • auth: auth service can crash if auth-policy JSON response is invalid or returned too fast.
  • In some rare situations "ps" output could have shown a lot of "?" characters after Dovecot process titles.
  • When dovecot.index.pvt is empty, an unnecessary error is logged: Error: .../dovecot.index.pvt reset, view is now inconsistent
  • SMTP address encoder duplicated initial double quote character when the localpart of an address ended in '..'. For example "" became ""user+.." in a sieve redirect.
  • Fix TCP_NODELAY errors being logged on non-Linux OSes
  • lmtp proxy: Fix assert-crash when client uses BODY=8BITMIME
  • Remove wrongly added checks in namespace prefix checking
Version 2.3.7
  • fts-solr: Removed break-imap-search parameter
  • Added more events for the new statistics.
  • mail-lua: Add IMAP metadata accessors.
  • Add event exporters that allow exporting raw events to log files and external systems.
  • SNIPPET is now PREVIEW and size has been increased to 200 characters.
  • Add body option to fts_enforced. This triggers building FTS index only on body search, and an error using FTS index fails the search rather than reads through all the mails.
  • Submission/LMTP: Fixed crash when domain argument is invalid in a second EHLO/LHLO command.
  • Copying/moving mails using Maildir format loses IMAP keywords in the destination if the mail also has no system flags.
  • mail_attachment_detection_options=add-flags-on-save caused email body to be unnecessarily opened when FETCHing mail headers that were already cached.
  • mail attachment detection keywords not saved with maildir.
  • dovecot.index.cache may have grown excessively large in some situations. This happened especially when using autoexpunging with lazy_expunge folders. Also with mdbox format in general the cache file wasn't recreated as often as it should have.
  • Autoexpunged mails weren't immediately deleted from the disk. Instead, the deletion from disk happened the next time the folder was opened. This could have caused unnecessary delays if the opening was done by an interactive IMAP session.
  • Dovecot's TCP connections sometimes add extra 40ms latency due to not enabling TCP_NODELAY. HTTP and SMTP/LMTP connections weren't affected, but everything else was. This delay wasn't always visible - only in some situations with some message/packet sizes.
  • imapc: Fix various crash conditions
  • Dovecot builds were not always reproducible.
  • login-proxy: With shutdown_clients=no after config reload the existing connections could no longer be listed or kicked with doveadm.
  • "doveadm proxy kick" with -f parameter caused a crash in some situations.
  • Auth policy can cause segmentation fault crash during auth process shutdown if all auth requests have not been finished.
  • Fix various minor bugs leading into incorrect behaviour in mailbox list index handling. These rarely caused noticeable problems.
  • LDAP auth: Iteration accesses freed memory, possibly crashing auth-worker
  • local_name { .. } filter in dovecot.conf does not correctly support multiple names and wildcards were matched incorrectly.
  • replicator: dsync assert-crashes if it can't connect to remote TCP server.
  • config: Memory leak in config process when ssl_dh setting wasn't set and there was no ssl-parameters.dat file. This caused config process to die once in a while with "out of memory".
Versienummer 2.3.8
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris, UNIX
Website Dovecot
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Japke Rosink


31-10-2019 • 09:39

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Bron: Dovecot



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