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Software-update: Battle for Wesnoth 1.14.4

Battle for Wesnoth logo (75 pix) Er is een nieuwe versie van Battle for Wesnoth uitgekomen. Battle for Wesnoth is een zogeheten turn-based strategiespel, dat zich in een fantasiewereld afspeelt. Het is mogelijk om campaigns tegen de computer te spelen, maar ook om online je krachten te meten tegen andere spelers. Het spel wordt onder de GPL-opensourcelicentie uitgebracht en is voor onder meer Windows, Linux, macOS en iOS beschikbaar. Meer informatie over dit spel kan in deze wiki worden gevonden. Deze uitgave bevat naast de gebruikelijke verbeteringen en bugfixes ook een oplossing voor een beveiligingsprobleem in de game-engine.

Security Fixes
  • Fixed Lua being able to escape sandboxing via load/loadstring (CVE-2018-1999023).
Add-ons server
  • Made it so plain-text .po catalogues in add-ons are detected and added to the list of translations for them.
  • Dead Water:
    • In 'Tirigaz', take the situation into account of orcs being killed either first or by undead.
  • Delfador's Memoirs:
    • Fix hero units costing upkeep (issue #3277)
  • Eastern Invasion:
    • Fixed missing prisoners and loss of recallable units in 'Captured'.
  • Northern Rebirth:
    • Level 0 units are not available anymore after scenario 5
  • Secrets of the Ancients:
    • Adjust gender of enemies to better match story in S11 & 21 (issue #3294)
    • Simplify dialog to fix possible confusion in S16 (issue #3291)
    • Have nagas be able to recruit in S21 (issue #3293)
  • The South Guard:
    • S4: undead leader won't leave the castle anymore
    • S5: the untypical situation that one can defeat the lich before finding Urza Afalas is now handled
  • Under the Burning Suns:
    • S11: added custom graphics for the citadel.
    • S12: clarified the alien bodies' weaknesses.
    • Various visual improvements.
  • Fixed saving a map as a scenario not enabling scenario editor tools.
  • New attack animation for the Peasant.
  • Tweaked the Ruffian's attack animation timing.
Language and i18n
  • Updated translations: British English, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Scottish Gaelic, Slovak, Spanish
  • Upgrade to Lua 5.3.5.
  • Non hosts can now change their faction in the mp wait dialog.
Multiplayer server
  • Fixed lobby and whisper messages not having a maximum length.
  • Partly fixed the mp server breaking translatable strings.
User interface
  • Improved the layout of the Statistics dialog.
  • Allow changing dropdown menu selections with the scrollwheel (FR #3251).
  • Fixed lobby chat box scrolling to top on a new message if it isn't at the bottom (issue #2789).
  • Fixed the unit preview pane not showing the default race icon when detailing a single unit's stats.
  • Sort units secondarily by XP in the unit list dialog.
  • Whiteboard related bugfixes
WML engine
  • Fixed errors about WESNOTH_VERSION not being defined when trying to load add-ons that have preprocessor errors (issues #1924, #1634).
Miscellaneous and bug fixes
  • Added an advanced preference to enable experimental PRNG combat.
  • Campfires use illumination instead of a different ToD.
  • Linux builds now enable security hardening by default.
  • Fixed MP admins being unable to observe private games.
  • Fixed MP faction, leader, and leader gender changes persisting even if the selection dialog is dismissed.
  • Fixed an issue with positioned sound sources ignoring the volume set in Preferences after going off the audible radius and back (issue #3280).
  • Fixed wmllint choking on gzipped binary files (e.g. gzipped tarballs).
  • Fixed wmllint crashing on nonexistent paths provided in the command line (issue #3286).
  • Slight changes to the objectives dialogue (pr #3309)
  • Greatly improved touch control support.
  • Fixed wmlindent crashing on nonexistent paths provided in the command line (issue #3346).
  • [do_command][attack] can no longer invoke disabled attacks.
  • [delay] is now skipped during preload events.
  • Fixed wrong simulated movement points when planning to capture a village.
  • Fixed attacks wrongly being disabled in the UI.

Versienummer 1.14.4
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Battle for Wesnoth
Licentietype GPL

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Dezelfde update is gisteren ook uitgebracht in de iPad versie van de game.

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