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Software-update: Directory Opus 12.8

Directory Opus logo (75 pix) GPSoftware heeft versie 12.8 van zijn bestandsmanager Directory Opus uitgebracht. Dit programma is in zekere zin vergelijkbaar met Total Commander, maar dan met uitgebreidere mogelijkheden over welke informatie precies moet worden weergegeven en op welke manier. Het programma nestelt zich diep in Windows en is dan ook meer bedoeld als vervanger van Windows Verkenner.

Directory Opus is veelzijdig en extreem configureerbaar, zowel wat functionaliteit als wat uiterlijk betreft. Dat is meteen ook het grootste probleem, want het programma kan zeker op beginnende gebruikers complex overkomen. Directory Opus werkt op Windows XP en hoger, en is beschikbaar in een 32bit- en een 64bit-versie. Het programma kan 30 dagen worden getest; daarna moet een licentie van 89 Australische dollar worden aangeschaft, wat neerkomt op net geen 65 euro. Sinds versie 10.2 is er ook een minder uitgebreide versie, voor ongeveer 35 euro. De changelog voor deze uitgave laat de volgende lange lijst met veranderingen en verbeteringen zien:

Changes in version 12.8:
  • Added support for Dropbox Smart Sync (Opus now recognises when files are "available online only", can display thumbnails for offline files, etc).
  • Added the ability to blur filenames and paths in the Lister, in order to take screenshots without revealing potentially sensitive information. The default Help menu has a new Secure Screenshot command in it which lets you take a secure screenshot of the current Lister or the whole desktop (with all Listers blurred).
    Note that at the moment there is no blurring in secondary windows (progress indicators, error dialogs) or in dropdown menus (favorites, breadcrumbs path, etc).
    The Clipboard SCREENSHOT command can take a screenshot of either the current Lister or the whole desktop, with or without blurring of filenames. By default the screenshot is placed in the clipboard, but it can optionally be saved to the desktop automatically. The command can also display an optional countdown timer for taking more complicated screenshots.
  • The Set BLURFILENAMES command can be used to manually turn blurring on and off in the current Lister, if you want to use an external screenshot tool.
  • Added basic support for WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux):
    • Added CLI DOSPROMPT=wsl command to open a linux shell (assuming WSL is installed in Windows 10).
    • The Clipboard COPYNAMES command has a new wsl argument that copies filenames in WSL (Linux) format, e.g. instead of C:\Test it would copy /mnt/c/test.
    • The /mnt/ format is also understood by path fields, etc (anywhere aliases work).
    • Added a new WSL Command mode to the FAYT; this lets you run linux commands (providing WSL is installed under Windows 10) from the FAYT like you can already run DOS commands. By default the activation key is | (vertical bar).
  • Added Clipboard COPYNAMES quote keyword, to force copied pathnames to be quoted whether they contain spaces or not.
  • The Rename tool has a new mode, Regular Expressions + Find And Replace, which combines both modes (lets you search and replace within filenames using regular expressions, without having to construct a pattern to match the whole name).
  • The Duplicate Finder tool now has a Size mode which only finds duplicates based on their size (ignoring name, date and contents). The Find command has a new SIZEONLY argument to activate this mode from a command.
  • Buttons can now be hidden or disabled based on the number of selected files or folders. For example, @hidenosel:minfiles=2,maxfiles=4 will hide a button unless 2, 3 or 4 files are selected.
  • The {foldercontents} and {foldersize} infotip fields can now be configured to control what they show:
    • noprefix can be used to remove the normal prefix added to the field (e.g. {foldersize:noprefix})
    • files and dirs can be used for {foldercontents} to only show one type of content {e.g. {foldercontents:files,noprefix})
  • The Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced / use_color_management option now allows an external ICC file to be selected (as well as the built-in sRGB profile). Additionally, PNG files with embedded ICC profiles are now supported as well as JPEGs.
  • The Show command now has POS and SIZE arguments that let you specify a position and/or size for the standalone viewer window.
  • Added Set VIEWPANELOCK command. When the viewer pane lock is turned on, it will continue to display its current image even if the file selection is changed in the Lister.
  • Folder tab group changes:
    • Menus for selecting folder tab groups now highlight the "active" group, i.e. the one which was last loaded. You can use Go TABGROUPLIST=nohighlight to prevent this on user-editable toolbars and menus.
    • When saving over a tab group, the suggested group name now comes from the display you are saving from (if applicable) and not always the source display.
    • When saving over a tab group, the dialog now opens with the existing tab group name pre-selected.
    • You can now use Go TABGROUPSAVE=!forget to tell the file display to de-couple itself from any loaded tab group (e.g. so the group's name is no longer selected in the list of tab groups).
    • The Go TABGROUPSAVE command also now has !closeall and !nocloseall keywords which override the state of the Close all other tabs flag. These existed previously but were undocumented, and the way the flag behaves when saving over existing groups has been improved slightly.
    • You can now use Go TABGROUPSAVE=!current to save over the last folder tab group which was loaded. If no group is loaded, you will be prompted to name a new one, unless you add !quiet as well. You can also use !unless to skip saving if a particular group is currently loaded. Details in the manual.
    • You can now use Go TABGROUPLIST=savecurrent on a toolbar to generate a list of buttons for each folder tab group where any changes to the current group (if any) will be saved automatically before switching to another group. Note that this does not cover saving the current group in other situations like closing the Lister, and consideration is needed if you use this with multiple Listers at once. More detail in the manual.
  • The metadata panel can now be used to set the Lens Type EXIF field.
  • Added .mkv to the default list of extensions viewed via Generic ActiveX. This should mean that if the Opus Movie plugin cannot view an MKV then Opus will fall back on the Windows Media Player ActiveX control, which can view them with newer versions of Windows.
  • The metadata panel now notices and updates external changes to the metadata of files it's currently showing in more cases (e.g. if the file is modified externally using a "safe save" technique the panel should now notice).
  • Made changes to the file notification system to improve performance when copying files across a network.
  • The dialog confirming that a copy operation has been queued now has a checkbox on it letting you disable all further confirmations (as well as the existing checkbox which disables them for the current queue only).
  • Opus's Select Folder dialog now has a drop-down providing quick access to any paths currently open in a Lister or tab.
  • Added a workaround to try to prevent TeamViewer from locking up Opus when using the Image Convert function. Opus now also tries to detect TeamViewer and add itself to the exclusion list for TeamViewer's QuickConnect feature, since it seems to cause nothing but problems (for lots of software, not just Opus).
  • WebP images can now be displayed in the viewer, preview pane, thumbnails. The image converter can convert from WebP to other formats (but not the other way around). Alpha channel transparency is supported. Metadata, tiled images (over 16kx16k) and animated images are not currently supported.
  • The advanced command editor now allows commands to be set as WSL Script functions; similar to DOS Batch mode, this runs the command as a WSL (Bash) script. Note that WSL needs to be installed from the Windows Store.
  • Enabled several columns for movie files that previously only worked for music files (even though the metadata panel could show them for movies). The columns are Year, Genre, Title, Artist, Encoded By, Initial Key, Composers, Conductor, and Producers. Also added Directors column since that was missing altogether.
  • The Preferences / File Displays / Border page now lets more than one toolbar to be selected for the file display border.
  • Under Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance, the maximum allowed button spacing values now scale with DPI. (The values themselves already scaled when you moved between machines or DPIs, but the maximum the UI let you enter was always 10 pixels until now.)
  • The vertical button spacing option in Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance can now be applied to individual buttons on vertical toolbars or items in pop-up menus via two new options on the same page.
  • Added Preferences / Folder Tabs / Options/ Click selected tab option which lets you control what happens when you click the already active folder tab.
  • A new Extra Line Padding option in Preferences / File Display Modes / Details and Power which complements their older Extra Line Spacing option. Padding makes each line taller, adding extra space inside the clickable area, similar to using a taller font. Padding is scaled with DPI. (On the other hand, spacing increases the gap between items and is outside the clickable area. With large spacing you get gaps between items which act like the lister background when clicked. Spacing is not DPI scaled as you will probably only want exactly 0 or 1 pixel of it: You can set spacing to 1 pixel to prevent the overlap of selection boxes on newer versions of Windows which causes a thin line between selected items. For everything else, you probably want to use the new padding option.)
  • Improved the interaction between grid lines and extra line spacing in Details and Power modes. If you notice any glitches in how the grids and backgrounds behind/between files are painted, please report them.
  • Added Preferences option Folders / Folder Behaviour / Ignore junctions and softlinks when calculating folder sizes. Also added the GetSizes IGNOREJUNCTIONS argument for to override the option setting.
  • Added new Preferences option Folder Tabs / Options / Process file changes in background tabs. When this is turned off (the default is on), tabs that aren't visible will no longer process file change notifications. Instead they'll be flagged as dirty, and automatically refreshed when you switch to that tab.
  • Added Recent command COPY argument which lets generated recent list buttons copy (or move) selected files to recent folders automatically. The KEYARGS argument also supports the use of the Copy command in this context.
  • Updated 7z.dll to version 18.01 to address two potential security issues ( ). Note that we don't think either would affect Opus in its default configuration, but they could be a problem if you switch Opus from Unrar.dll to 7z.dll for RAR files, or if you turn on the ZipX archive type via Preferences.
  • Added the Set TABPOSITION command that lets tab position be modified on a per-Lister basis.
  • Added the Set LISTERSIZE=auto command, which automatically resizes the Lister to fit the current columns (in details/power mode only).
  • Opus can now show product version, product name, company name and digital signature status for MSI installer packages.
  • AudioTags plugin updated to populate Composers and Conductors file display columns for FLAC, iTunes/M4A, Ogg Vorbis and APE audio files.
  • The Jobs Bar text and background colors can now be configured in Preferences.
  • When pasting a clipboard image to a file in a Lister the busy indicator is now shown to indicate activity (as otherwise it can sometimes not be obvious that anything is happening).
  • The viewer now shows a wait cursor while saving over the current image, since it can take a while (e.g. huge PNG images).
  • The CLI DOSPROMPT command will now use the current folder set by the CD instruction (if supplied), e.g:
    cd "c:\program files"
  • Added Select GROUPNAME argument to allow selection based on file group (when file display is grouped).
    • Combine with PATTERN (or NOPATTERN) argument to select files in a specific group or groups.
    • You can also use it to give focus to a specific group header (Select NOPATTERN GROUPNAME <name> SETFOCUS).
  • Added built-in folder alias /dropbox (when Dropbox is installed).
  • Added support for checkboxes to listviews in script dialogs.
    • The listview control can have checkboxes set to Automatic or Manual (as well as Off).
    • In Automatic mode, the state is changed automatically when user clicks the checkbox. In Manual mode, you're notified of the click but must change the state yourself.
    • The Msg object has a new event checked that indicates that the checkbox was clicked.
    • The Msg object has a new checked property that indicates the old check state (for Manual mode) or new check state (for Automatic mode).
    • The DialogListItem object has a new checked property that lets you get or set the check state for an item.
    • Check states are: 0 (unchecked), 1 (checked), 2 (indeterminate), 3 (unchecked/disabled), 4 (checked/disabled), 5 (indeterminate/disabled)
  • Added Blob.Find and Blob.Reverse script methods.
  • Added Viewer.AddFile and Viewer.RemoveFile script methods to modify the list of viewed pictures in an existing viewer.
  • Added a new FileGroup script object which exposes information about a file group (when a Tab is set to group by a particular column).
    • The Tab object has a new filegroups property which returns a collection of FileGroup objects representing all file groups in the Tab.
    • The Item object has a new filegroup property which returns a FileGroup object representing the group the item is a member of.
  • Added scripting FileAttr object, to better represent file attributes.
    • A new FileAttr object can be created by the FSUtil.NewFileAttr() method.
    • The Format object's hide_attr, show_attr, hide_folder_attr and show_folder_attr properties now return FileAttr objects instead of strings.
    • The Item object has a new fileattr property that returns a FileAttr object (the existing attr and attr_text properties are unchanged).
    • The File.SetAttr() method now accepts a FileAttr object as well as a string.
  • If a string is passed to File.SetAttr() (rather than a FileAttr object), + and - can be used to set and clear attributes rather than replacing the attributes entirely. For example, File.SetAttr("-r") to clear the read-only attribute.
  • Script columns can now use the additional types graphrel, igraphrel and percentrel. These are similar to the existing types graph, igraph and percent except that the values your script provides do not need to be limited to the range 0 to 100. Instead, Opus will keep track of the smallest and largest values returned and automatically calculate each file's relative percentage. You can also use the types graphrel0, igraphrel0 and percentrel0 which always use 0 as the lower-bound value (and Opus will simply keep track of the largest value you return).
  • The ScriptColumn script object has new properties (graph_colors, graph_colors2 and graph_threshold) that let you control the color of graphs drawn in a graph column.
  • Script dialog controls now have properties and methods to get and set their position within the client area of the dialog. The properties x, y, cx and cy let you get and set the left, top, width and height of the control. The SetPos, SetSize and SetPosAndSize methods let the position and size be set in a single call.
  • Scripts that open files for writing using the FSUtil.OpenFile method can now specify "f" as part of the mode string to automatically remove the read-only attribute from existing files.
  • Scripts that ask to overwrite read-only (R attribute) files will no longer trigger unnecessary UAC prompts.
  • FileSize objects can now be initialised from a Blob as well as the existing value types. The Blob must contain exactly 1, 2, 4 or 8 bytes. The new ToBlob method lets you convert a FileSize to a Blob.
  • String dialogs shown by the Dialog.GetString script method now support the select property.
  • StringSet objects can now be initialised from automation arrays (vbscript) and Vector objects.
  • Added the Func.argsmap property which presents the arguments for a script command as a Map object.
  • Added a way for a script that implements the OnDoubleClick event to indicate that it wants to be invoked with only the path to the double-clicked item rather than a full Item object (which may be slow to construct, e.g. on network paths):
    1. Set the new ScriptInitData.early_dblclk property to True.
    2. OnDoubleClick will then be called with a new property early set to True in the DoubleClickData object.
    3. When early is True, the item property is not present; instead, the new path property provides the full path of the object, and the new is_dir property indicates whether the item is a folder or file.
    4. When the OnDoubleClick method returns, it will be called a second time, with early set to False and a full Item object available in the item property.
    5. If the script sets the new skipfull property to True in the DoubleClickData at the "early" stage, the second call to OnDoubleClick doesn't occur.
  • Fixed incompatibility with TumaSoft's PresetViewer Argus in the Opus viewer pane (for viewing Photoshop brushes, shapes, and so on).
  • Fixed a crash in the script dialog editor with a particular combination of control modifications.
  • Fixed a problem where modifying a 7zip archive that was open in the file display could cause the Lister to jump to the parent folder.
  • Fix for submitted crash dump involving Flickr Sync.
  • The tooltips for Go commands which use explicit paths can now use %1 to insert the path into the tooltip string.
  • Fixed the folder tree showing the same library twice when the library was the Lister's default path and libraries were configured to appear under the Desktop branch.
  • Fixed grouping by Label or Status Icon putting each file into its own group in the previous version.
  • The maximum length of the string that can be entered into a {dlgstring} dialog has been increased to 2048 characters.
  • Fixed email address field from appending a backslash after using completion or pushing End twice.
  • Path-completion controls in various dialogs will no longer submit the dialog if you push return while the completion drop-down is open. They now select the chosen path, close the drop-down, and give focus to the edit control. You can then use tab to move to other controls, or push return a second time to submit the dialog.
  • Added a workaround to prevent corrupted files when dragging and dropping from UltraISO to an Opus window.
  • Fixed an error which could leave large (> 2 GB) image files locked after trying to extract metadata from them.
  • Fixed incorrect size/positioning of folder thumbnails using a single image (folder.jpg) and a non-square thumbnail size set via Show THUMBNAILSIZE.
  • In Preferences, DPI scaling is now applied to the maximum size you can set marked image thumbnails within the viewer.
  • Fixed height of marked image thumbnails in the viewer if the thumbnail size was not configured to be square.
  • Fixed file display scrollbars not updating in existing windows when line spacing was changed in Preferences.
  • Fixed a bug which meant a file's ADS streams may not have been preserved when converting an image in place with the Image CONVERT command.
  • The Image CONVERT command now preserves any XMP metadata embedded in the image file (previously only EXIF data was preserved). For example, in PNG files tags are stored in an XMP tag and previously weren't preserved.
  • Fixed some very minor DPI issues with the search field (top right of default toolbars, and bottom left of Preferences dialog).
  • Fix for separators in the Layouts list appearing in the wrong place within the Desktop context menu, if you had more than one separator.
  • Fixed a situation where the viewer failed to display Office documents if they were currently open in Microsoft Office.
  • Workaround for Microsoft Word documents sometimes appearing clipped in the viewer with newer versions of Microsoft Office.
  • Removed OpenOffice and Adobe Flash extensions from the list which Opus will attempt to view via Internet Explorer by default, since these days they are more likely to cause a Save As dialog to appear than to result in a working viewer via IE. If you were still relying on IE plugins for any of those formats, you can add their extensions back via Preferences.
  • Microsoft Office and other preview handlers are now cached by the viewer pane so that viewing one document and then another will be faster.
  • Fixed problem where the rename Automatically number files when names clash option could get confused if the original name ended in a number followed by a ) character (e.g. ABC (2018-02-06) ).
  • Tidied up the way accelerator keys are assigned in the Rename dialog. (e.g. Previously, if you opened the dialog in Find and Replace mode, the Alt+F key for refreshing the script preview would not work.) Some of the keys have changed as a result.
  • When copying files out of non-zip archives (ones handled by the Archives plugin), you can now retry after a disk full error.
  • In scripting, if a file had no tags, the Item.metadata.tags.count property was undefined instead of reporting 0.
  • Fixed issue which could cause an infinite loop when performing certain rename operations recursively.
  • Fixed an issue when running the Clipboard PASTE command from a script that could cause it to incorrectly paste to the destination file display instead of the source.
  • Fixed problem removing all tags from a PDF file that had no other metadata.
  • MD5 accuracy slider in the Duplicate Finder tool has up/down cursor key direction swapped.
  • Status bar codes for showing the name and other details about the last-selected file now work in all types of folder.
  • Fixed an empty archive being left around if archive creation failed or was cancelled, when using the Add To Archive dialog, or when the destination archive required elevation to create.
  • Fixed another issue where modifying a non-zip archive could cause the Lister to react as if the archive had been deleted (e.g. go up to the parent path).
  • Fixed the Favorites ALIAS=set and ALIAS=delete commands when used on toolbars. They previously only worked via hotkeys and scripts.
  • @hidenosel and @disablenosel patterns and file/dir limits now work in the context menus for the folder tree and file display.
  • The New context menu in Opus no longer filters out types that have identical content type specifications. This check (and questionable filetype registrations by other programs) may have resulted in the New Text Document menu being missing on some machines. Note that you may now see two almost identical items in the New menu for Microsoft Access, but this behavior is correct, and Microsoft's fault, and the same is true in Explorer.
  • Fixed incompatibility with drag & drop from ISOBuster.
  • The standalone viewer slideshow speed setting in Preferences now allows fractions of a second to be specified (using a decimal point).
  • The three tabs in the Advanced Function editor when it's in script mode now remember their cursor position and selection range when you switch between them.
  • The Create Folder dialog no longer allows strings containing colons (and other invalid filename characters) to be pasted in from the clipboard.
  • Fixed not being able to set Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: clipboard_image_paste to JPG for some configs which date back to older versions of Opus.
  • The path field's ghost path breadcrumbs are now cleared when you right-click the path field and choose Clear History, or when you run the Recent CLEAR command.
  • Fixed archive extract-to-subfolder failure when the archive name had a space before the extension.
  • Experimental fix for file change notification not working in collections when files are added via a junction or mount point.
  • The @toggle and @icon modifiers can now test conditions based on any internal command, not just the Set command.
  • Opus will now show an error when you try to copy a file > 4GB in size to a FAT or FAT32 drive.
  • The confirmation dialog when deleting a single file now truncates long filenames in the middle (e.g. aaa...ccc) rather than at the end (aaabbb...).
  • The current per-tab font scaling setting is now saved as part of layouts and styles.
  • The Rename dialog's preset list now shows a tooltip for any presets whose names are too wide for the list to show completely.
  • Removing files from a collection can now be undone.
  • The metadata pane should now recognise .m4a files properly (previously it was only checking for audio/x-m4a content type, it now checks for audio/mp4 as well).
  • Dragging a "modern" application (e.g. Calculator) from the start menu to an Opus Lister now correctly creates a shortcut to the app.
  • Combining the Select SOURCETODEST command with the HIDEUNSEL argument now correctly hides unselected items in the destination file display.
  • The Align other Lister element headers with the file display border Preferences option is now disabled if more than one toolbar is selected for the FDB.
  • The COPYDIRTIMES and COPYFILETIMES (and several other arguments) for the Copy command did not work in conjunction with the EXTRACT argument.
  • Fixed a problem where renaming a folder by only changing the case of its name (e.g. "test" to "TEST") would cause it to be removed from the folder tree.
  • Fixed problem with misreported duration of some AVI video files.
  • When the file display is grouped and in details mode, pushing shift+up/down would sometimes not scroll the list far enough to show the next selected file.
  • In the viewer pane, Opus would show the wrong cursor if the Expand and scroll was turned on but the parent option Scroll with left mouse button was turned off.
  • If you used the Grid Lines toggle in the default toolbars (Set GRIDLINESH=toggle) to override the grid line settings in Preferences, then used it again to go back to normal, that lister would then ignore changes to grid lines Preferences. The second toggle will now reset the lister back to the current Preferences settings, and it will then track them as normal.
  • Fixed the metadata panel's date fields showing the wrong day names when not being edited, if you had added day names to the system-wide short date format.
  • Fixed "inherit columns from other formats" preventing a format from overriding the Default format's column sizes. Also fixed an issue where certain combinations of columns in the inherited and main format resulted in column sizes being shifted (e.g. Column 3's size applied to column 2, and so on).
  • Fixed grid lines being invisible over columns with background colors in some situations, and improved centering of grid lines when "use visual styles to draw items" is off.
  • Fixed tooltips displaying Opus-generated folder thumbs without proper borders.
  • When using the Go FOLDERCONTENT command with the useshell option, sub-folders that only contain files and not folders will now be expandable.
  • Fixed problem where the tooltip for a folder with folder.jpg inside would not render any folder thumbnail at all.
  • Fixed issues with folder thumbnails in Tiles and Details+Thumbnails modes (images could draw outside the folder border).
  • Fixed problem where a newly created library would not update in the tree to show added member folders until the tree was refreshed.
  • Reworked the way Opus enumerates printers to prevent delays during startup (and possibly other times) caused by Windows taking a long time to process network printers.
  • Fixed problem where using Image CONVERT to convert from a picture in a zip file to the same zip file could cause a deadlock.
  • The simple Find panel now shows help bubbles again when wildcard characters like ( and ) are typed.
  • The simple Select dialog no longer shows the wildcard help bubble as soon as it appears if the edit control already has wildcards in it from the last time.
  • Workaround for Windows bug that caused parts of the Preferences / File Operations / Filters page to be drawn incorrectly after displaying the wildcard help bubble.
  • Fixed Expand & Scroll not working in the preview panel for raw camera files, and others loaded via simple bitmap plugins.
  • Improved Open With menu compatibility with Explorer when multiple versions of a program are installed side-by-side (e.g. Adobe Premier).
  • It's now possible to drag a file collection to a toolbar in Customize mode to add a button to go to that collection.
  • Fixed problem with the Filetype CONTEXTMENU command when a folder was selected - if it was present in the File menu following Filetype CONTEXTMENU=Directory\Background, it would generate commands (e.g. "Open in Explorer") for the wrong folder.
  • Also fixed longstanding issue where context menus in the File menu could end up in the wrong spot (e.g. below the Exit Directory Opus command).
  • The GetSizes command no longer ignores offline files when the Ignore junctions and softlinks option is on (so calculating the size of an offline OneDrive or Dropbox folder now works properly).
  • The Add folder to search dialog in Find did not let you add a path by typing it in manually in some cases.
  • In the icon modes, when the file display is grouped and the last group is collapsed, pressing the End key now puts the focus on the last group rather than the last (hidden) file within it.
  • The Metadata dialog now correctly displays the focus rectangle if you push the cursor down key rather than Tab when the cursor opens.
  • Using the Image CONVERT command with REPLACE=always now correctly replaces existing files when the destination is a zip file.

Versienummer 12.8
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website GPSoftware
Bestandsgrootte 53,80MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

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26-04-2018 • 20:08

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Bron: GPSoftware


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