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Software-update: LibreOffice 4.2 RC 3

LibreOffice logo (60 pix)De Document Foundation heeft de derde release candidate van versie 4.2 van LibreOffice uitgebracht. Dit opensource-officepakket is ontstaan als een afsplitsing van OpenOffice en wordt geleverd met tekstverwerker Writer, spreadsheetprogramma Calc, presentatieprogramma Impress, tekenprogramma Draw, databaseprogramma Base en Formula, een applicatie om wetenschappelijke notaties mee te maken. Een uitgebreid overzicht van de veranderingen en verbeteringen die we in versie 4.2 tegemoet kunnen zien, is op deze pagina te vinden. Als alles goed gaat, komt deze versie volgende week beschikbaar. De release candidates bevatten alleen nog bugfixes.

Bugs fixed in 4.2.0 RC3:
  • fdo#47689 avoid crashing mdworker: Don't use uninitialized variable
  • fdo#68959 sw: fix painting of tab fill characters in small caps text
  • fdo#68961 check visible range during scrolling, and re-paint if necessary.
  • fdo#71628 startcenter: remove thumbnail selection when focus is moved away
  • fdo#71883 startcenter: Re-introduce the 'Tools' -> 'Customize...' menu
  • fdo#72293 correctly split grouped formulas and regroup
  • fdo#72397 vcl: do not enable A11y in Win32 message handler
  • fdo#72420 startcenter: make all helpid point to startcenter's main help page
  • fdo#72530 drawinglayer: fix PDF export of lossless picture
  • fdo#72639 send proper ACTIVE_DESCENDANT_CHANGED events
  • fdo#72788 sw: fix infinite loop in SwTxtAttr::RstTxtAttr
  • fdo#72929 buffer jump matrix' result matrix blocks
  • fdo#72947 startcenter: display more userfriendly file urls in tooltips
  • fdo#73043 sw: fix Index/TOC Assign Styles dialog
  • fdo#73095 fix invalid access in SwFntObj::DrawText()
  • fdo#73162 sw: un-break index entries that contain text separators
  • fdo#73260 fix Registered Database single tab dialog
  • fdo#73389 writer does not show a docx-document with nested table correctly
  • fdo#73436 let SdXImpressDocument handle css.drawing.* requests directly
  • fdo#73549 do not attempt to resolve an empty locale
  • fdo#73555 compile statistics templates using English grammar
  • fdo#73618 fix bogus mass-conversion equalsAsciiL -> startsWith
  • fdo#73655 don't adjust formula tokens on non-top shared formula cells.
  • fdo#73660 sw: fix Find of words containing soft-hyphen
  • fdo#73764 partially revert 3998d1abb291
  • fdo#73771 non-standard behaviour for Function Mid
  • fdo#73836 do not apply format twice to string
  • i#120224 [From Symphony]Cell text direction changed after saved as doc file
  • i#121420 Add sidebar feature
Bugs fixed in 4.2.0 RC2:
  • bnc#382137 OOo - docx document crashes Writer when using internal OOXML filter
  • collabora#2013101510000026 fix file coruption caused by comments' doc export
  • fdo#31296 read elements/attribs written to extension namespace
  • fdo#39007 blind fix for renamed OS X restore-state file
  • fdo#41109 RTF shape import: shpz has priority over dhgt
  • fdo#51961 let "Default ..." currency entry follow selected locale
  • fdo#54514 typos in icon themes' link.txt
  • fdo#58112 prepare to accept loext:contextual-spacing,
  • fdo#65090 RTF filter: import RTF_CLMGF and RTF_CLMRG
  • fdo#67370 hyphens are not visible in tagged PDF
  • fdo#68714 use proper LanguageTag fallback instead of dumb startsWith(),
  • fdo#69065 sw: fix mirrored page style with first-page
  • fdo#70232 sw: brown paper-bag fix for header sharing mangling footers
  • fdo#70596 fix version dependency for linux package - 2nd try
  • fdo#70664 allow reading firebird Blob as InputStream.
  • fdo#70807 fix Page Style method isInUse() broken
  • fdo#71429 sw: fix crashes when changing header first sharing
  • fdo#71919 related Correct arrow heads for new installations.
  • fdo#71946 LibreOfficeWin32.conf: add --enable-ia2
  • fdo#71993 fix the tip of the Small Arrow line end.
  • fdo#72163 revert "after updating m_xComposer, command facets are not dirty"
  • fdo#72204 RTF import: fix crash on rotated, but not imported groupshape
  • fdo#72452 ODF import/export: fix handling of style:page-number
  • fdo#72463 revert "after updating m_xComposer, command facets are not dirty"
  • fdo#72464 character line break is set to 0 Options/.../Writing Aids
  • fdo#72632 resolve by adding missing break
  • fdo#72645 case-insensitive string comparison in GETPIVOTDATA.
  • fdo#72666 safe fix for 4-2
  • fdo#72682 text field doesn't horizontally expand
  • fdo#72696 revert "after updating m_xComposer, command facets are not dirty"
  • fdo#72778 keep setting system locale and LanguageTag in sync
  • fdo#72850 ODF export: don't export spurious style:display="false"
  • fdo#72874 strip const-ness from pointer value when setting it to storage.
  • fdo#72916 correct rounding of time part of DateTime
  • fdo#72922 prepare to read loext:vertical-justify,
  • fdo#72945 sort languages in Windows custom install tree view
  • fdo#72949 evaluate criteria on the query range
  • fdo#72961 crash when you open ODFver.1.0/1.1 created by LibO-3.5/3.6
  • fdo#72998 custom shapes have improper size.
  • fdo#72999 fix handling of range parameters in COUNT,
  • fdo#73001 simplify the selection function logic & calculate correct results.
  • fdo#73008 enable localization of tooltips in Math Elements Dock
  • fdo#73021 avoid call crash on spell-check + unit test.
  • fdo#73087 python3: upgrade to version 3.3.3
  • fdo#73113 not string cell does not mean no string at cell
  • fdo#73117 fix switched true/false explanation for HYPGEOM.DIST
  • fdo#73137 undo name for 'Covariance' is different
  • fdo#73138 undo name for 'Chi Squared' is different
  • fdo#73199 librelogo: path, interop. and color name fixes
  • fdo#73239 added EUR/EEK and EUR/LVL factors for internal CONVERT(),
  • fdo#73280 always advance the iterator to avoid an infinite loop.
  • i#121943 Add PenWidth attribute to css::presentation::XSlideShowController
  • i#123986 [ia2] charmap accessibility fails for code points beyond the unicode baseplane
Bugs fixed in 4.2.0 RC 1:
  • coverity#736170 out-of-Bounds read/write
  • coverity#736171 out-of-Bounds read/write
  • coverity#736172 out-of-Bounds read/write
  • collabora#1000017 DOCX/RTF import: avoid fake tab char in footnotes
  • fdo#31296 assign top cell to the formula group if it's still NULL.
  • fdo#39206 add support for image transformation in SVG Import
  • fdo#40314 force intercept only for linear/poly trendlines
  • fdo#40315 improve text for moving average trendline
  • fdo#40316 remove SpinButton in UI for extrapolate trendline
  • fdo#56443 .dic and .aff name must be the same
  • fdo#60705 don't discard valid printing options.
  • fdo#60805 revert "Always disable anti-aliasing for drawing cell borders."
  • fdo#61638 SmParser::NextToken: don't crash on ending dot
  • fdo#62531 checkout failed due to bad import of properties in libcmis
  • fdo#63844 handle invalid xml files in orcus,
  • fdo#64533 fixed the update to working copy and back after (cancel) checkout:
  • fdo#66564 calculate formula cell once if AutoCalc disabled
  • fdo#66969 reset group dimension data from all referencing pivot objects.
  • fdo#66984 define an assignment operator to prevent double deletion.
  • fdo#67011 run Display::Yield through KDEXLib::Yield.
  • fdo#67205 CRITBINOM "greater than or equal"
  • fdo#67388 add back check for missing
  • fdo#68552 get rid of $(share_subdir_name) again
  • fdo#68724 sw: fix crash on Insert->File with Hybrid PDF
  • fdo#69027 check for
  • fdo#69306 offapi: tweak multi-paragraph parameter comment
  • fdo#69518 correctly handle the old constraint syntax.
  • fdo#69971 and follow-up fix
  • fdo#69984 handle duplicate field names correctly.
  • fdo#70144 don't reset Document's modified flag when inserting new table.
  • fdo#70198 sw: don't truncate Time values on 32bit platforms
  • fdo#70278 editeng: fix Time fields in Impress
  • fdo#70989 change wording from "Output Range" to "Results to".
  • fdo#71192 options->appearence isn't all the same color
  • fdo#71667 and follow-up fix
  • fdo#71714 sw: fix small capitals rendering
  • fdo#71748 fix also for hicontrast and sifr themes
  • fdo#71866 sw: un-break index updates
  • fdo#71892 sw: fix crash when pasting table in footnote
  • fdo#72022 related: internal links busted
  • fdo#72037 fix comparison of indexOf values after string conversion.
  • fdo#72125 expert config dialog takes too much time to come up
  • fdo#72137 allocate enough points in MovingAverageRegression calc.
  • fdo#72156 GraphicObject: Added missing delete of stream
  • fdo#72174 revert "convert_add from "at" or "atm" to "Pa" gives same answer"
  • fdo#72258 related: re-orient dialog vertically
  • fdo#72267 boolean_test is subsumed by general case "foo IS
  • fdo#72278 and follow-up fix
  • fdo#72280 wrong title for Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) dialog
  • fdo#72288 made case insensitive matrix string query work again
  • fdo#72391 fix equalsAscii conversion. Noticed in
  • fdo#72394 get rid of $(share_subdir_name) again
  • fdo#72398 add m4v to allowed movie exts
  • fdo#72413 fix O(n^2) in inserting SearchResults' items.
  • fdo#72427 correct UTF8 handling for FILTERXML,
  • fdo#72451 installer: Make filelists work again.
  • fdo#72488 broken text when showing visible space
  • fdo#72498 update German dictionary to 2013.12.06
  • fdo#72537 write <loext:fill-character>
  • fdo#72548 be able to read the correct 'sort-ascending' value,
  • fdo#72560 revert "DOCX: better solution for exchange alignment for RTL"
  • fdo#72647 register Java Access Bridge component
  • fdo#72650 get thumbnails only from the local documents.
  • fdo#72697 accept future <loext:sender-initials>
  • fdo#72757 fix Hungarian grammar checking (don't freeze Python)
  • i#33737 Allow for in-place editing of input field (turn off pop-up)
  • rhbz#903281 [abrt][a11y] libreoffice-core- SwAccessibleFrame::IsOpaque killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)

Versienummer 4.2 RC 3
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website The Document Foundation
Licentietype Freeware

Door Bart van Klaveren

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Reacties (3)

Wijzig sortering
LibreOffice, I can't do without it. Het enige jammere is nog steeds dat je bij elke nieuwe release (althans: op het Windows platform), steeds de oude versie moet deïnstalleren en vervolgens de nieuwe weer moet installeren. Het zou, onder Windows, weleens tijd mogen worden voor een fatsoenlijke updatefunctie.

Onder Linux is dit overigens (gelukkig) niet nodig, want daar krijg je - mits je de PPA van LibreOffice hebt toegevoegd bij de softwarebronnen - gewoon automatisch de updates mee met de reguliere updates. En da's wel zo makkelijk.

Ik ben trouwens zéér te spreken over de sidebar. Héél handig, en dat scheelt de nodige rechtermuisklikken bij bepaalde handelingen. :)
Maar ook onder Linux wordt het hele programma opnieuw geinstalleerd. Het enige verschil met windows is dat de package manager dat geheel automagisch voor je regelt.
Met een release candidate wil je misschien wel helemaal niet je bestaande stabiele release automatisch verwijderd hebben.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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