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Software-update: CorsixTH 0.20

CorsixTH logo (75 pix)De vaste bezoekers van de Meuktracker zijn ongetwijfeld bekend met OpenTTD, een opensource-clone van Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Een andere groep ontwikkelaars is met een soortgelijk project bezig voor het door Bulfrog in 1997 uitgegeven spel Theme Hospital, waarin de speler een ziekenhuis moet ontwerpen en uitbaten. Net als bij OpenTTD het geval was, zijn de databestanden van het originele spel nodig om CorsixTH te kunnen spelen.

CorsixTH is opensource en beschikbaar voor Windows, Linux en OS X, en vanaf nu is er ook een Android-versie beschikbaar. Het spel kan in een hogere resolutie dan het origineel worden gespeeld, is in meer talen beschikbaar en bevat diverse kleine verbeteringen. Bijna alle mogelijkheden van het origineel zijn al aanwezig, maar het is de bedoeling dat er in de toekomst ook nieuwe zaken worden toegevoegd. Nieuw in deze release is onder meer dat er grafieken worden getoond over de voortgang in het spel en er zijn in-game-video's toegevoegd. Het complete changelog ziet er als volgt uit:

Main features not yet implemented
  • Epidemics.
  • Rats (and the rat level).
  • Insurance company graphs, illness graphs.
  • Visual effects on patients with serious radiation and jellyitis.
  • Some fullscreen animations such as the winning letter.
  • Multiplayer support.
  • For a (nearly) complete list, visit our Programming Ideas wiki page.
Known Issues
  • Emotion icons don't appear just above a humanoid's head at all times.
  • Main menu/in-game may glitch when using the OpenGL version.
  • For a complete list, visit the issue tracker.
  • Added: Radiators and other "edge tile" objects now occupy just one edge of the tile, inline with the original game. As a result one tile corridors can now be heated properly. An addition is that you can place many such objects on a single tile as long as they face different directions.
  • Added: Possibility to play movies in-game. At the moment the intro movie, advancement between levels and the win/lose movies have been added.
  • Added: The atom analyzer can now be built in the research department if it is available on the map.
  • Added: User actions are no longer allowed by default (for new games) when the game is paused. When trying this it might seem like it doesn't work correctly, but we try to mimic the original as much as possible. This for example means that a staff member being placed as you pause will disappear from the cursor. We might change this behaviour in the future though.
  • Added: Some background sounds, coughs, phones ringing etc.
  • Change: Placing a member of staff inside a room that is already occupied will now replace that person.
  • Fix: Earthquakes could be four times as severe as intended. Still todo: A tremor before a coming big earthquake.
  • Fix: Crashes in certain situations involving receptionists and reception desks.
  • Fix: Patients being handled at a reception desk even if no receptionist is present.
  • Fix: Allow patients to be sent to the research room only if the corresponding room is not yet researched (so not if it is researched but not built).
  • Fix: Don't cancel a place staff action just because the player happens to click on a door.
  • Fix: The VIP would try to sit down if there was a queue for the reception desk. The VIP will no longer ever try to sit down, and he will have priority in the queue anyway.
  • Fix: If a member of staff was done resting at the same time as he/she was also finished using the pool table or the video game another object in the room could get reserved indefinitely.
  • Fix: Handymen teleporting between hospital plots.
User Interface
  • Added: You can now see in the bank statement which drug company a certain drug was bought from. It has no effect on gameplay though.
  • Added: The adviser now tells you why the research screen can't be opened before you have built a research department.
  • Added: The Town Map functionality has been extended inline with Theme Hospital. For example, if you right-click somewhere in your hospital the view will be moved there.
  • Added: Available options on open faxes now gets updated if for example a room explodes or the player builds a research department.
  • Added: Keyboard shortcuts F1 - F9 for the fullscreen windows. They are NOT the same as in original TH but instead correspond to the order on the bottom panel.
  • Added: Possibility to choose font file in the options dialog.
  • Added: Player name is now customizable in the new game dialog.
  • Added: CorsixTH icon, publisher and website to the Windows add/remove programme dialogue.
  • Removed: Keyboard shortcuts F8 and F9 for debug fax and debug patients.
  • Change: Don't require debug mode to be able to dump the gamelog.
  • Change: The shortcut for dumping strings is now Ctrl+T instead of Ctrl+Shift+D.
  • Change: Restructured options window to make it more consistent, less clutter-y and smaller.
  • Change: It is now possible to concentrate research on operating theatre diseases and redistribution of research is automatically done when a category has been completely researched.
  • Change: Add disease name to patients' treatment history when they are diagnosed.
  • Change: Buttons on the bottom panel for fullscreen windows are now toggle buttons.
  • Change: Reordered entries of charts dropdown menu to correspond with order in bottom panel.
  • Fix: Colour selection algorithm for freetype fonts resulted in unreadable text on faxes for some languages.
  • Fix: When an unanswered fax became meaningless (e.g. if you built the required room), it was only removed if its message button was visible at the bottom panel (not if it was queued because of 5 buttons being there already).
  • Fix: Update the drug casebook if the last room of one kind explodes.
  • Fix: The directory browser was not always shown if the chosen Theme Hospital install directory was illegal.
  • Fix: Settings changed in the game will be saved immediately so that they persist to the next session regardless of how the game is shut down.
  • Fix: The bottom panel is no longer always on top, making fullscreen dialogs truly fullscreen on 640x480.
  • Fix: Don't play any announcements if there is no receptionist to do it.
  • Fix: The adviser would not idle again if a new message arrived as he was idling from a previous message.
  • Fix: While a player viewed the confirm dialog to delete a room he/she could continue to edit the room and complete it again resulting in an inconsistent game state.
  • Added: The graph dialog now actually displays graphs and statistics information.
  • Added: It is now possible to choose among three colour scales for warmth level. Look in the top menu for this choice.
  • Added: Print some info in the command prompt when the user wants to take a screenshot, so he can see if and why it failed.
  • Added: Screenshot functionality for OpenGL version.
  • Change: Screenshots get saved to a dedicated screenshot folder now, which can be changed in the config.
  • Fix: Loading a game on startup where a fullscreen window was open would open with the font messed up.
  • Fix: Taking a screenshot (Ctrl+S) is now possible under windows without fiddling in a lua file.
  • Added: The beginning of Brazilian Portuguese and Hungarian.
  • Change: The "utf8" prefix has been obsolete for some time and has been removed from all language files.
When using Demo files
  • Fix: The game would crash if the player tried to open the staff management dialog by clicking on a staff portrait in the staff dialog.
Versienummer 0.20
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Android, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website CorsixTH
Bestandsgrootte 19,00MB
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

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25-03-2013 • 09:01

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Submitter: mrtnptrs

Bron: CorsixTH


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Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
Leuk om een changelog te beginnen met wat er nit in zit. ;)

Het is een mooi en compleet spel aan het worden met leuke functies als zoomen, extra grote speelvelden, etc. Nog een flinke weg te gaan daarentegen, want er ontbreken nog wel wat core-elementen en het bevat nog de nodige bugs. Maar al-met-al een echte remake van Theme Hospital!
Deze versie bevat wel een bug, waadoor een zwart scherm getoond kan worden, wanneer de in-game-video's worden afgespeeld. Ctrl+Alt+Del is een workaround, maar aan een oplossing word druk gewerkt door het hele team op dit moment.

En is nog een balangrijke bug: •Movies don't play and the game crashed - If the version of Theme Hospital you have was obtained at then this is known to be corrupt. There are no actual movies included in their copy and even if the movies were working, you would have problems with sound. Aan een fix voor dit probleem zal binnenkort gewerkt worden.

Deze twee bugs gebeuren vooral bij de DirectX versie.

[Reactie gewijzigd door mrtnptrs op 25 maart 2013 11:43]

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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