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Software-update: Directory Opus

Directory Opus logo (75 pix) GPSoftware heeft versie van zijn bestandsmanager Directory Opus uitgebracht. Dit programma is in zekere zin vergelijkbaar met Total Commander, maar dan veel uitgebreider. Directory Opus debuteerde ooit op het Commodore Amiga-platform, waar het in het begin van de jaren negentig bijzonder populair was. In 1994 is ontwikkelaar Jonathan Potter gaan samenwerken met Greg Perry en sindsdien geeft GPSoftware het programma uit.

Directory Opus is veelzijdig en extreem configureerbaar, en dat is meteen ook het grootste probleem, want het programma kan zeker op beginnende gebruikers complex overkomen. Directory Opus werkt op Windows XP en hoger en is beschikbaar in een 32bit- en een 64bit-versie. Het programma kan 60 dagen worden getest; daarna moet een licentie van 85 Australische dollar worden aangeschaft, wat neerkomt op ongeveer 62 euro. Het changelog van deze release ziet er als volgt uit:

New features and minor changes:
  • Added LOADPREV argument to Find command to control loading of previous find parameters when find panel opens
  • Added REF argument to Help command to open the help file showing certain reference pages
  • Added relsoftlink option for Copy MAKELINK and Clipboard PASTELINK commands to allow creation of relative soft links.
  • The Description column now shows relative link targets as well as absolute targets
  • In thumbnails mode, the next (not yet visible) row of thumbnails is now cached in advance to make browsing through images faster
  • Added /acmd argument to the DOpusRT program– this is similar to /cmd but sends the command to last active window instead of source window.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a layout/painting issue when resizing tree view
  • Using the command sequence {file$|noext} with Copy ADDTOARCHIVE CREATEFOLDER now works correctly
  • Dropping files on Go PATH toolbar buttons now respects the copy/move/link restrictions imposed by the drop target and also allows RMB drag to display a menu
  • Drags from archives handled by the Opus7Zip plugin now exclude Move operations for read-only archives (instead of leaving them available and showing an error message if they are attempted)
  • On Windows XP, the Find tool (and other things which trigger a progress bar or marquee behind the Location field) could cause excessive CPU usage and an unresponsive UI while taking longer than they should to complete.
  • Fixed problem with shortcuts to control panels on XP which didn’t work in Opus when double-clicked.
  • Context menu 'Search' command did not work on Drives folder tree under Windows XP.
  • Setting a description on a directory now works correctly when using NTFS descriptions (no longer complains that the descript.ion system is disabled).
  • In the Select Folder dialog (e.g. {dlgfolder} in a command), fixed the ability to type a new folder path and click OK to create that folder.
  • Fixed problem with Toolbar location fields not repainting in response to colour changes.
  • The Advanced Rename preview list was not updated correctly when selecting a preset that turns on or off the "Rename in sub-folders" option
  • Documents are now added to the system recent list when double-clicked
  • The Image drop-down in the Filter editor did not display a scrollbar
  • Changes to icon overlays (e.g. from TortoiseSVN) are now reflected in the folder tree correctly
  • In Windows 7, control panel shortcuts created by searching in the start menu didn’t always work in Opus.
  • Fixed problem with the Metapane being unable to edit certain image files (saving changes would fail, and leave a temporary file in the source directory)
  • In fullscreen/slideshow mode the viewer now properly hides the mouse cursor (previously it would flick on and off when the next image was loaded)
  • Find filters for certain Image fields (e.g. aspect ratio) did not work correctly
  • The Zip Comment command did not appear in the background context menu for zips in libraries
  • Applying a label to a folder via the tree (context menu) could result in the label being applied to the wrong folder; and in some cases, the originally selected folder in the tree would stop working until the tree was rebuilt
  • Flickr config data was left behind after deleting a Flickr account from Prefs.
  • The ActiveX plugin now assigns SVG files to Internet Explorer by default. (IE9 or above is required to display SVG files.)
  • The ActiveX plugin sets Windows Media Player to 100% volume, instead of its default 50%.
  • A button that starts with an @ifset: directive will now use the parameters for that directive as the basis for context sensitivity (e.g. as if it was a straight Set command) rather than the command that follows it.
  • Archives were not sorted correctly in the folder tree when listed below a library
  • File displays did not correctly respect the system drag-distance metric.
  • Saving the folder format "for all folders" now disables all the default format types
  • Grouping the file display by a metadata column that took a while to populate could cause rendering issues once all the metadata had been read
  • The {fd} command sequence did not correctly resolve the path of files in libraries
  • Adding folders to zip files with the Copy ZIP command did not work correctly in libraries
  • Tagging files in the viewer did not work for files in libraries.
  • The ContextMenu internal command did not work properly for files in libraries.
  • When alt-clicking to edit a toolbar button that was in a sub-menu of a chevron menu (e.g. had been pushed off-screen because the toolbar was too small) changes to the toolbar button would not be saved
  • When viewing a library in FlatView Grouped mode, make changes to folders could cause a dummy folder to be displayed in the library
  • Changing system locale settings now causes date and time columns to update immediately instead of on the next directory refresh.
  • Date/Time columns (e.g. "Modified") now align and truncate better. If the column isn't wide enough, the time part will be truncated first while keeping the date part lined up.
  • The internal sound player didn’t work on files in libraries
  • The FileType NEWNAME argument didn’t work correctly in libraries.
  • When ‘Preserve descriptions of copied files’ option is on, folder descriptions are now preserved as well as file descriptions
  • The Clipboard COPYNAMES=path command now copies the correct path when used within a Quick Find Results collection
  • In Libraries, the {infotip} sequence did not work in tooltips
  • The command “Rename FROM {filepath$|..|noterm} TO {file$|noext}” now works correctly.
  • Fixed problem where folders could incorrectly appear in Flat View (No Folders) mode if they were renamed.
  • The Copy AS argument now works correctly when creating a zip file
  • The Preferences tree control didn’t indicate when a branch had focus when not themed.
  • Fixed crash when right-clicking one item followed immediately by another item in the Styles menu
  • Reduced lag when smooth scrolling is enabled and repainting is slow. (e.g. Huge window in thumbnails mode with a background image.)
  • Fixed the look of status bar graphs with g=3 or g=4 on a glass background.
  • Fixed black square instead of context menu icon for Notepad++ on Windows XP.
  • Fixed support for drag and drop from Eudora
  • Fixed some cases where drag & drop on to a folder (or toolbar button which navigates to a folder) would not restrict the copy/move/link restrictions imposed by the drop source.
  • Fixed problem with jumplist icons and roaming profiles. (Jumplist icons are now cached into a roaming-profile folder, since the jumplist that refers to them is inherently stored in the roaming profile as well.)
  • Blacklisted problematic shell extension: Qualcomm Atheros Commnucations Bluetooth Suite (BtvAppExt.dll, {B8952421-0E55-400B-94A6-FA858FC0A39F}).
  • Fixed some painting issues with the Folder Options - Columns list when unthemed.
  • Fixed first item being given the focus after folder change if "automatically select first item" was turned on but another command quickly changed the selection/focus after the folder change.
  • With item-themes disabled, lasso-selection did not re-paint the left edge of the Name column until the mouse button was released.
  • The ActiveX plugin now sets Windows Media Player and Quicktime (and possibly others) to only play the selected file once, instead of in a loop.
  • The Find-As-You-Type field's "DOS Command" mode incorrectly used the colours configured for its "Command" mode, when triggered via the '?' keypress.
  • Fixed some painting issues with the Preferences page list when sections near the bottom were expanded and collapsed.
  • Fixed problem with the SSL library initialisation failing in some situations.
  • FTP Fixed issues with strange router/server reports of “unable to assign requested address”.
  • FTP Fixed issue with SFTP failing with “server key mismatch” for some servers.

De volgende downloads zijn beschikbaar:
*Directory Opus (32bit)
*Directory Opus (64bit)

Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot Directory Opus 10 screenshot
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website GPSoftware
Bestandsgroottes 24,60MB - 38,40MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

23-11-2011 • 14:59

13 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: mrtnptrs

Bron: GPSoftware

Reacties (13)

Wijzig sortering
Let op: is een beta versie! De laatste release is
Wat ik vooral handig vind is dat je kan zien hoe groot directories zijn
Dus hoeveel MB de bestanden zijn die er in staan

[Reactie gewijzigd door RoyvanOsch op 23 november 2011 16:47]

Met "folder size" krijg je die functionaliteit ook al: Als het dan vooral dat is wat je interesseert.
Deze is helaas niet voor windows 7
Daarvoor zweer ik nog steeds bij Overdisk.
Deze geeft razendsnel op een heel slimme manier grafisch weer hoe groot subfolders binnen folders zijn ten opzichte van elkaar.

Zo zie je direct welke subfolders je folders zo groot maken. Echt een uber slimme manier om dit weer te geven!

Werkt overigens prima met alle nieuwe harddisks ondanks dat de ontwikkeling is gestopt.
Ik vind het handiger als het in een soort explorer omgeving is
ik heb een licentie van dopus, maar nog nooit een handleiding gezien, Waar vind ik dat?
Kan je met Dopus ook bestanden op een FTP server bewerken?
1) Help -> Directory Opus Manual
2) Ja

PS Wat doe je met een licentie als je het programma blijkbaar toch niet gebruikt? :)

[edit] PS

[Reactie gewijzigd door trevanian op 23 november 2011 20:08]

ach ooit eens in een vlaag aangekocht, maar kan er nog niet mee wennen, heb jij nog leuke dingen in het programma dat echt geweldig is om uit te proberen?
waarom is dopus uitgebreider als total commander?
total commander kun je mee in archieven browsen enzo. Ik zie echt het voordeel van dopus niet in?
> waarom is dopus uitgebreider als total commander?

... omdat het meer functies heeft? Serieus dude, lees de handleiding als je ECHT een antwoord wilt hebben op die vraag. Maar ik gok dat je enkel de naam Total Commander wilde laten vallen.
Mischien omdat total commander wat bekender is?
Ik kende opus in elk geval niet, maar weet door de TC referentie in elk geval wat ik een beetje kan verwachten.
Nu eerst maar eens uitproberen.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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