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Software-update: MDaemon 12.5.1

MDaemon logo (60 pix) Alt-N Technologies heeft versie 12.5.1 van MDaemon uitgebracht. MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform, met ingebouwde antivirus- en antispammogelijkheden. Daarnaast kunnen onder andere agenda's, en adres- en taaklijsten worden gedeeld, en kunnen afzenders door middel van DomainKeys of Sender ID worden gevalideerd. Een overzicht van alle mogelijkheden is op deze pagina te vinden. In versie 12.5 is onder andere ondersteuning voor tablets toegevoegd en de ondersteuning voor BlackBerry verbeterd. Het changelog voor versie 12.5.1 ziet er als volgt uit:

Changes and new features
  • Changed the default number of login attempts allowed by WorldClient's dynamic screening from 5 to 10. WorldClient returns the error "Logon refused" if the user's IP is banned. More information can be found in WorldClient.log.
  • For tracking purposes, IP and Dynamic Screening will now include the IP address being refused in the SMTP response string.
  • Added "...but only from LAN IPs" options to new account defaults (Web Services)
  • Added enabling OC option to new account defaults (Mail Services)
  • Added better edit checks when entering new list member email address using UI
  • When the "Send all outbound email to the Server specified below" delivery option is used and authentication credentials for that server are also configured MDaemon will attempt to use those credentials regardless of the actual host name that DNS resolves for the Server value.
  • Active Directory interaction is now logged into its own tab and log file rather than the SYSTEM tab and log file.
  • Active Directory monitoring now supports explicit mapping of email addresseses. To configure this, edit your ActiveDS.dat file and add "Email=%mail%" to the [Templates] section. You can map any AD attribute here and it does not have to be %mail% but what you use needs to contain and return a valid email address or nothing will happen. If you setup an "Email=" template and it contains a valid email address then the mailbox and domain taken from that email address will be used over any other values taken from any other templates or options. Domains which do not exist in MDaemon will be automatically created on the fly. This new "Email=" template is not present by default so if you want it you have to configure it manually.
  • Added more colors to the WorldClient LookOut theme's calendar color array.
  • Renamed "Minimize GUI to task bar on startup" to "Always keep icon on task bar"
  • The MDaemon system account is no longer visible/accessible via Account Manager
  • The "Bounce message if receiving domain has no MX records" now only applies when using the "Send all outbound email directly..." delivery option.
  • WorldClient's LookOut theme supports "Forward As Attachment" with multiple messages selected.
  • Refresh on WebAdmin status page not using proper timing
  • WorldClient's LookOut theme last week in month view calendar may be clipped unnecessarily
  • WorldClient's LookOut theme not allowing paging in the contact picker
  • WorldClient's LookOut theme not rendering the task list view in IE7 & 8
  • WorldClient's Mobile theme overriding the user's selected theme when editing options
  • Various problems when using certain symbols in list name in WebAdmin
  • Localized text not translated properly in some places in WebAdmin
  • WebAdmin's value for Maximum SQL memory (BES) not always matching MDaemon's value
  • WorldClient's LookOut theme not translating a few strings on the calendar picker view
  • Changing BES service book name in WorldClient does not update device and blanks it out in MDaemon GUI
  • BES MDS-CS service may not be able to start due to missing msvcr71.dll file
  • Header translation changes made via config session not taking immedate effect
  • ActiveSync activation dialog appearing in MDaemon Standard and MDaemon FREE
  • DNS server changes made via config session not taking immediate effect
  • Various ActiveSync body truncation defects, some of which would cause errors on the iOS ActiveSync client
  • X-MDDSN-Message header not present in DSN messages like it should be
  • The WorldClient LookOut theme opening the copy/move dialog in a new tab instead of inside of the theme on tablet devices
  • The WorldClient LookOut theme not outputting the preview pane properly in Firefox 3.x when a user returns to the message list
  • When creating or editing a calendar event in WorldClient, the time picker control may not update until another control is selected
  • Cannot set autoresponder start or end date in German version of WebAdmin
  • "End after X occurrences" option not saved for recurring events created or edited using WorldClient's Lookout theme
  • The WorldClient LookOut theme not creating events at the right time in Firefox
  • The WorldClient LookOut theme not handling month view paging to move back in time chronologically
  • MDaemon Standard crash when adding new accounts
  • Holding queue summary email going through CF processing and sometimes getting sent to holding queue itself
  • Unable to create accounts in WebAdmin when running MDaemon Standard
  • Active Directory TEST button not working unless AD monitoring enabled
  • When using Outlook Connector the corresponding item in Outlook may not be updated when it is edited in WorldClient
  • Particular malformed HTML message may crash WorldClient when viewed
  • Active Directory monitoring feature sometimes errantly truncating property values or not using entire property values as mapped from ActiveDS.dat
  • Mail folder with an invalid FolderClass value in its hiwater.mrk file may prevent ActiveSync synchronization
  • Ambiguous error message when enabling ActiveSync for first time using invalid email address
  • ActiveSync, recurring events created on the client which end after X occurrences, never end when synchronized to the server and viewed in WorldClient
  • The spam filter engine not being restarted upon configuration changes
  • ComAgent 'Remove Contact' does not remove the contact from the user's buddy list on the server
  • The entire recurring series is removed from WorldClient's calendar after editing or deleting a single occurrence using Outlook Connector
  • WebAdmin's userlist quota values may not match up with MDaemon in all cases
  • Not being able to enable a disabled account in WebAdmin
  • The WorldClient LookOut theme incorrectly stripping off the shared and public prefixes in the calendar view
  • WorldClient LookOut theme's buddy manager in ComAgent not adjusting the monitor height properly and allowing for scrolling
  • The WorldClient LookOut theme displaying message list scroll bars incorrectly if ViewMessagesInNewWindow=Yes is set in the user's User.ini
  • ActiveSync protocol version incompatibility with some Android devices
  • Message with a specific ICS attachments causes local queue processing to stop
  • WorldClient password change option does not enforce strong password requirement
  • The WorldClient LookOut theme month calendar view not rendering properly in some cases
  • WorldClient's LookOut theme not handling JSON decoding for some messages in the external preview window

MDaemon 12 screenshot
MDaemon 12 screenshot, klik op de afbeelding voor een grotere versie.

Versienummer 12.5.1
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Alt-N Technologies
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

15-11-2011 • 09:46

0 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: mrtnptrs

Bron: Alt-N Technologies


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