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Bron: Kerio Technologies, submitter: DUX

Kerio MailServer logo (60 pix) Kerio Technologies heeft versie 7.3.0 van zijn mailserversoftware uitgebracht. Kerio MailServer, beschikbaar voor Windows, Linux en Mac OS X, stelt je in staat om via pop3, imap4 of wap e-mail te ontvangen en te versturen. Daarnaast bestrijden de ingebouwde virus- en mailfilters virussen en spamberichten. De gegevens van de gebruikers kunnen in Kerio worden ingevoerd, maar ook uit Microsoft Active Directory of Apple Open Directory worden gehaald. Met de Kerio Outlook Connector is het mogelijk om Microsoft Outlook 2000 en hoger op de werkstations te gebruiken. In deze release zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Kerio Connect
  • Added advanced Out of Office options (time interval, external recipients).
  • Added support for iOS 5.
  • Added Account Assistant for Apple Mac OS X clients.
  • Server now supports Microsoft Autodiscovery Service.
  • Added option to customize quota warning interval and threshold.
  • Global Address List synchronization populates public contacts with SSL public key and photo from directory service.
  • Recurrent tasks.
  • Message store copy/delete operations performance improvement.
  • Added message store data consistency check.
  • Network timeout in SMTP client has been increased.
  • Dropped support for PowerPC Mac.
  • Fixed slow email distribution to many recipients.
  • Fixed CardDAV Config tool error if an umlaut is in full name.
  • Some special HTML characters were not displayed in email synchronized to iPhone.
  • Plaintext emails could be displayed with wrong charset encoding in Mail for Exchange client.
  • Data of deleted user were not counted to quota of new owner.
  • Disk quota warning was not sent if new quota is set for the user.
  • Fixed some performance and stability issues.
Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
  • Added 64bit version so MS Outlook 2010 64bit is supported now.
  • Added support of Outlook's confidential tag in mails.
  • Added support for mail merge in MS Word.
  • Folder access rights could be applied to all subfolders by one click.
  • Lot of database improvements implemented.
  • Improved ability to process malformed incoming mails.
  • Fixed the error of synchronisation of mail with invalid Thread-Index header.
  • Fixed the error of synchronisation caused by unwanted changing of original name of special folders.
  • Fixed the error that forwarded meeting request doesn't contain organizer.
  • Fixed the error with incorrect space inside the last name in header To:.
  • Fixed the error that message with many recipients causes out-of-memory condition.
  • Fixed the error with corrupted national chars in meeting request sent by Exchange.
  • Fixed the error that changes in assigned task are not reported back.
  • Fixed the error of duplication of some events for iCal.
  • Fixed several issues causing conflicts.
  • Fixed lot of minor performance and stability issues.
Kerio Connector for BlackBerry
  • Fixed repeated creation of associated messages in News Feed folder
Kerio WebMail
  • Beta Calendar Preview of New WebMail
  • Added support for Firefox 6.
  • Dropped support for Internet Explorer 6
  • Folder access rights could be applied to all subfolders by one click.
  • Task organizer is listed in task owners in printed task.
  • A message sent to a distribution list was not delivered to all recipients when the distribution list was obtained from another user.
  • Original draft was deleted after using it for composing a new message.
  • Reply to message sent from Kerio Outlook Connector could cause incorrect line spacing.
  • Date header in message reply respects time zone of sender now.
  • National characters in event might get corrupted when forwarded by message.
  • Obsolete meeting reply was displayed and processed as up-to-date.
  • Custom WebMail logo was not displayed in some skins.
  • Fixed translation errors in Chinese language.
Kerio Connect Administration
  • Improved quota warnings and notifications.
  • Ability to re-index a user from the Web Administration.
  • Ability to create a new support ticket within Web Administration.
  • Ability to drag and drop more custom rules at once in Spam Filter section.
  • The administrator is informed about Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) users without installed Updater Service.
  • To improve usability paging has been removed from sections without autorefresh (e.g. Users, Groups, Aliases).
  • Improved performance by reduction of requests.
  • Improved usability when deleting a user with a large account.
  • Fixed browser freeze on large data on mailing lists, resources, and spam filter.
  • Fixed a JSON encoder error in logs.
  • Fixed failure when importing users from CSV.
  • Fixed wrong standard font selection in HTML Domain Footer.
  • Fixed several issues on Logs section on slow data lines.
  • Fixed quota exceeding when performed recovery of deleted messages.
Kerio Active Directory Extension
  • Fixed rare problem with invalid email address when creating mailbox in Active Directory.
Kerio Open Directory Extension
  • No change.

Kerio MailServer screenshot, klik op de afbeelding voor een grotere versie.
Versienummer 7.3.0
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website Kerio Technologies
Licentietype Shareware
Moderatie-faq Wijzig weergave


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