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Software-update: FlashFXP 4.1.2 build 1654

FlashFXP logo (75 pix) IniCom Networks heeft versie 4.1.2 van FlashFXP uitgebracht. Deze ftp-client kan bestanden van en naar een ftp-server up- en downloaden. Daarnaast kan het ook bestanden direct uitwisselen tussen twee servers, zonder dat de informatie eerst langs de client gaat. Dit zogeheten File eXchange Protocol is iets wat lang niet alle ftp-programma's ondersteunen. De software is in 17 talen te gebruiken en een licentie gaat voor 30 dollar van de hand. Downloads zijn beschikbaar voor Windows, U3 en een 'gewone' usb-drive. Sinds versie 4.1 zijn de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen aangebracht:

Changes in FlashFXP version 4.1.2 build 1654
  • Fixed file name character case conversion during a file upload, the conversion was not always being applied to the file name in some situations. (bug #565)
  • The installer update used for the previous update included an unexpected change that resulted in all command line parameters being quoted. This this change was unexpected and broke part of the uninstall process where FlashFXP prompts to remove the program data files.
  • Fixed PASV mode when using a FTP proxy. FlashFXP was forcing the server IP when the FTP proxy was located on a local network.
  • Fixed the behavior of select-all (ctrl+A) in the file list pane, performing a select-all will now un-select the parent directory. (Bug #571)
  • Fixed local file browser slow performance issue navigating to "My computer" if it contained a disconnected or ejected disk.
  • Fixed an issue where custom commands weren't being imported when upgrading from FlashFXP v3.x.
  • Changed the list socket data timeout so that its not bound by the connection timeout value, a low connection timeout could result in a lost of connection on a large directory or slow ftp server.
  • Improved the file transfer action rule for "rename" to try again on rename failure then if it fails mark the file as failed.
  • Fixed the sub-search feature on the server file search dialog where in some cases it would become non-functional.
  • Improved the Live-Update feature, future versions will no longer prompt for a download location, the update will download to your temp folder and be deleted after updating.
  • Improved performance speed and the efficiency of FTP uploads on high-speed networks.
  • Fixed memory leak in key / certificate manager.
  • Fixed memory leak in DNS resolver.
  • Fixed a defect that prevents logging of scheduled tasks when global logging is turned off and "store logs in unique session folders" is checked.
  • Fixed a defect in the path drop-down box requiring a double click to trigger the drop-down.
  • Fixed a defect in the logging setting of scheduled tasks that resulted in no logging from occurring.
Changes in FlashFXP version 4.1.2 build 1651:
  • Fixed an issue where certain raw command groups contained invalid keyboard shortcuts that would be bound to standard A-Z characters without a (alt, ctrl, shift) modifier, in most cases binding to the "e" key, this prevented the "e" character from being entered.
  • Fixed an issue with plain text FTP downloads being incomplete (missing the last few bytes) under heavy disk i/o.
  • Updated the installer script engine to resolve an issue with FlashFXP failing to install on large hard drives (the previous fix was a crude patch), this is an official update from the developer.
  • Fixed 'compare folder' and 'transfer mode' tool-bar button defect, after clicking the drop-down arrow the button arrow disappeared.
  • Fixed defect in the behavior of the "Stalled transfers > Restart transfer if no data transferred" option, when the option was unchecked the feature did not disable as intended and the stall detection timeout was to 0 seconds triggering a timeout.
  • Added status-bar status icon indicator to reflect when FTP MODE Z or SFTP compression is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the "parent folder" item in the server file list was unclickable after performing a remote folder delete.
  • Fixed an issue where local browser would revert back to the default local path after a file transfer if the connection is lost or if you're not connected to the server when the transfer is executed.
  • Fixed an issue when importing sites from total commander, the password field wasn't decrypted correctly.
  • Changed the way the navigation tree monitors for folder changes, in previous builds FlashFXP monitored all drives, now only the drive of the selected folder is monitored for changes. This change was needed to resolve an issue that prevented the user from removing removable hard drives while FlashFXP was running.
Changes in FlashFXP version 4.1.2 build 1648:
  • Major performance improvements throughout by reducing unnecessary overhead through code refactoring and performance profiling.
  • Added native support for 32-bit alpha masks in the tool-bar buttons. With a fall back to the old blend mode when 32-bit is unavailable.
  • We now use the Tango button style as default in FlashFXP, the original classic style is still available for customers.
  • Improved compatibility with older versions of Windows. Specifically user interface related glitches when themes were unavailable or disabled.
  • Improved error messages for SFTP, FTP, FTP-SSL, Socks4/5, HTTP Proxy, etc.
  • Improved use of windows TaskDialog with a automatic fall back on failures.
  • Improved WINE compatibility, This is the first release of FlashFXP that is 100% compatible with WINE.
  • Improved FTP and SFTP protocol error handling, with additional fail safes to handle unexpected server responses.
  • Improved SFTP transfer speeds. Uploads and downloads are much faster.
  • Improved input controls and added control + Backspace support.
  • Improved tool-bars buttons by enabling or disabling them based on the current state.
  • Improved remote SFTP and FTP directory refreshing, the item selection is preserved in-between refreshes.
  • Improved the performance speed of the local file browser.
  • Improved selective transfer rules.
  • Improved performance speed of MODE Z file transfers (FTP protocol).
  • Improved file handling when uploading or downloading to a slow device or network share.
  • Added En-queue Delete/Rename support to the local browser right-click menu.
  • Added 'Schedule At' under Queue on the main menu, previously this was only available via the queue window right-click menu.
  • Added status message when the loaded translation is incomplete and a link to the translation editor.
  • Added Remote edit history, when editing remote files the details for each edit is stored and then restored on connect, the temporary file is not kept locally, the file is re-downloaded for any edit.
  • Added the ability to set the character encoding for SFTP site profiles.
  • Added the ability to import sites from FileZilla.
  • Added Ctrl + W shortcut to toggle synchronized browsing on/off.
  • Added support for connecting to domain names that resolve to multiple IP addresses, The first IP is tried, on connection failure the next is tried and so on.
  • Added the ability to en-queue move operations.
  • Added the ability to define optional file masks and exclude sub-folders within en-queued delete folder operations.
  • Added $lowercase, $uppercase, $uplowcase() macros to custom commands.
  • Improved custom tool bar backgrounds.
  • Improved auto-discover time offset feature.
  • Improved interface scaling when Windows display scaling is active.
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.0e.
FlashFXP 4.0 screenshot
FlashFXP 4.0 screenshot, klik op de afbeelding voor een grotere versie.
Versienummer 4.1.2 build 1654
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Website iniCom Networks
Bestandsgrootte 3,27MB
Licentietype Shareware

Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
Vind deze qua interface beter als FileZilla, maar ben sinds kort over naar FileZilla omdat die wel meerdere bestanden tegelijk kan downloaden / uploaden.

Erg apart dat een betaald pakket na jaren dit nog niet heeft ingebouwd...

En na een tijdje ben je FileZilla ook gewend.
FTPRush is gratis en kan hetzelfde ,zo niet meer dan dit ding

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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