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Software-update: Zoom Player 8.00 RC3

Inmatrix logo (27 pix) Inmatrix is bezig met de ontwikkeling van versie 8.00 van Zoom Player en heeft daarvan nu de derde release candidate uitgebracht. Zoom Player was voorheen verkrijgbaar in de smaken Home Professional, Home Premium en Home Max, maar vanaf versie 8.00 is dat veranderd in Home Free, Home Professional en Home Max. Het lijkt er dus op dat er na enige afwezigheid weer een gratis versie is. De onderlinge verschillen worden uitgebreid op deze pagina uit de doeken gedaan. Hieronder is te vinden welke veranderingen er zijn doorgevoerd sinds de tweede release candidate.

  • The default media center navigation skin has been refreshed with a more eye-pleasing colorset. You can download the old skin here:
  • You can now search the Options dialog to quickly bring up settings you need changed.
  • Zoom Player can now load ".xspf" IceCast streaming radio playlists. You can now tune-in directly by clicking on an icecast station entry. IceCast Station Directory:
  • You can now associate the ".xspf" IceCast streaming radio file extension.
  • New "/SharePath:[Path]" command line parameter. This Parameter sets the initial media sharing path. The share path value allows external applications to instruct Zoom Player to list and play media from the shared path folder from a remote location, using Zoom Player's TCP/IP API.
  • New settings (Adv. Options / Interface / Keyboard) allowing you to set a keyboard/remote anti-repeat rate separately for navigation functions (up/down/left/right/etc) and general functions (play/pause/etc).
  • New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / OSD / Actions) that extends the visibility of OSD Action Pop-ups (Play/Pause/etc) by 38ms per character. This allows the OSD to remain visible when longer text is displayed (e.g. when renaming files).
  • New Setting (Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation) allowing you to override a navigation skin's font outline setting. Disabling the navigation interfaces font-outline can speed up interactivity on lower end systems.
  • New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback) that Auto-Rotate JPEG images according to embedded EXIF data when using the internal image decoder.
  • New Setting (Adv. Options / Playback / Video) that controls whether Zoom Player should use MadVR's API to display the Control bar, pop-up OSD (play/pause/etc) and Clock. By enabling this setting, Fullscreen Exclusive mode is preserved when displaying OSD elements.
  • New Setting (Adv. Options / System) enabling the Guard Dog feature to re-use the command line parameters Zoom Player was launched with.
  • The "Background image base name" value (Adv. Options / Interface / On Screen Display / Audio Images & Tags / Paths & Script" now accepts masks. For example, you can use a value of "folder*" which will have Zoom Player search for JPG/PNG/BMP folder images that start with "folder", i.e. "folder_view.jpg".
  • The activate chapter is now auto-highlighted when opening the chapter/bookmark fullscreen navigation interface.
  • With uTorrent v3 installed, you can now track download progress in the media library and file browsing navigation interfaces for torrents downloaded into a non-default directory.
  • Zoom Player can now extract chapter information when using LAV Splitter. While mainly used by Matroska (MKV) files, all format is supported as long as LAV Splitter exposes the chapter interface.
  • The Chapter editor dialog has been redesigned for clarity and ease of use.
  • The play history dialog has been slightly tweaked for clarity.
  • The Scene-Cut Editor dialog has been redesigned for clarity and ease of use.
  • The Scene-Cut Editor dialog is now fully keyboard accessible.
  • The Station Editor dialog is now fully keyboard accessible.
  • The Station Browser dialog is now fully keyboard accessible.
  • The Smart Play configuration dialogs are now fully keyboard accessible.
  • The Playing Information dialog (Keyboard Macro "I") has been cleaned up and the formats section text can now be copied to the clipboard.
  • EXTINF (Duration/Title) data in M3U playlists is now supported.
  • New TCP/IP API outbound message #6000, used to browse the shared directories specified using the "/SharePath" command line parameter.
  • New TCP/IP API outbound message #6010, used to add shared media files to the playlist.
  • New TCP/IP API outbound message #1920, used to notify that the playlist has been cleared.
  • New TCP/IP API message #2670, used to set the monitor used in fullscreen mode.
  • New TCP/IP API message #0100, used to Ping the player to check that it's still responsive.
  • New navigation skin scripts variables "ProgressActive", "SizeColor", "SizeActive" used to specify the color states when displaying file sizes and progress states.
  • New navigation skin scripts variable "KeyEditOutline" controlling whether the virtual keyboard text edit is outlined.
  • New navigation skin scripts variables controling the layout of the virtual keyboard interface: KeyXOfs = Key-List X-Offset (Percent of Interface Width) KeyYOfs = Key-List Y-Offset (Percent of Interface Height) KeyHeight = Key-List Height (Percent of Interface Height) KeyWidth = Key-List Width (Percent of Interface Width) KeyPHeight = Height of path/filename area KeyPWidth = Path Width (Percent of Interface Width) KeyPXOfs = Path X-Offset (Percent of Interface Width) KeyPYOfs = Path Y-Offset (Percent of Interface Height)
  • FRAPS (FPS1) videos can now be played. You may need to enable FRAPS/FPS1 support in FFDShow's codec configuration dialog to enable decoding.
  • New MadVR H.264, VC1 and MPEG2 decoding smart play profiles. Requires MadVR 0.69 or newer with the decoding options enabled.
  • New ADPCM audio decoder Smart Play profile.
  • New Nellymoser audio decoder Smart Play profile.
  • You can now search the Station Browser dialog.
  • The configuration path (registry or file based) and the current data directory are now listed on the Options Dialog's 'About' page.
  • When running Window XP (or newer), Zoom Player now uses a Natural Sorting algorithm rather than the default ASCII Sorting. For example, using ASCII sorting, files would be listed as: 1.avi 10.avi 2.avi 3.avi With Natural sorting, the same files would be listed as: 1.avi 2.avi 3.avi 10.avi
  • The default navigation skin no longer uses font-outline. The design doesn't really require it and the performance benefits merit the change. You now have the option to override the navigation interface's font-outline in case you're not satisfied with the change.
  • You will now be prompted to restore the Play History database from a backup if Zoom Player detects that the database may be corrupted (due to a system crash).
  • The Action Pop-up OSD auto-hide is now more accurate (250ms vs the previous 1000ms).
  • The Fusion skin's control bar now contains a close button and a few other minor changes.
  • Matroska (MKV) chapters read using the MPC Matroska splitter are now automatically converted to ZP chapters. Enabling chapter tracking and chapter edit to an external chapter file (override internal chapters).
  • The Station Browser dialog can now be translated to other languages.
  • Now that the "Goto Time" dialog and the "Chapter/Bookmark editor" were combined into one interface. Using the GoTo time function opens the dialog with the keyboard focus on the Time entry box and the Chapter editor function opens the dialog with the keyboard focus on the Chapter Name entry box.
  • The "Context Menu" fullscreen navigation interface has been renamed "Extended Menu".
  • The Extended Menu fullscreen navigation interface has been brought in line with the rest of the navigation interfaces and now displays icons instead of ASCII characters to represent folders/active state.
  • The Next/Previous chapter functions will now update the fullscreen chapter navigation interface if it's currently visible.
  • Cleaned up a few more streaming radio stations.
  • The Zoom-In/Zoom-Out (+/- keypad keys) functions when used in windowed mode now snaps the player window back into the monitor's work area if the zoom function partially moves the player window off-screen.
  • Zoom Player no longer lists the ".DAT" extension for file association. This extension was used by VCD discs, which are no longer popular. Combined with the fact that the ".DAT" extension is somewhat generic and used by other applications for DATA storage, it was decided that removing this extension would increase stability.
  • You can delete the Install Center cache by clicking on the Install Center "Options" button.
  • TCP/IP API change to message #1100. Instead of listing whatever the timeline display is showing, it now always shows [Position / Duration]. For example: 00:00:12 / 01:02:35 You can request an #1100 message output by sending an #1100 message with a parameter value of "2".
  • TCP/IP API change to message #3000. Each line of the returned value is now separated by the "|" character rather than a new line (CRLF) which would complicate parsing.
  • The "exInterface" extended function can now discretely enable/disable the pop-up OSD messages.
  • The color-tinting skin values have been reduced to a more reasonable -160..160 range.
  • The PlayListData's skinning function "FontSpace" variable is now calculated automatically. Any value supplied by the skin is ignored.
  • The "Show Smart Play graph creation errors" will now include the smart play profile name as part of the error message.
  • The "Show currently playing title on the Task Bar button and the Tray Icon", "Blank non-Playing Monitors while in Fullscreen / Zoom mode" and "Show "Places" in Open / Save Dialogs" settings have moved from "Adv. Options / System" to "Adv. Options / Interface".
  • The "Show Time Seek Position Over Timeline" setting has moved from "Adv. Options / Interface / On Screen Display / Actions" to "Adv. Options / Interface / Control Bar / Timeline Area".
  • The "File Browser 'Network / Disk' mapping" interface has moved under "Adv. Options / Interface / Fullscreen Navigation / Paths"
  • Fixed compatibility with uTorrent v3.
  • Fixed the following visual glitches when a high DPI system font is used:
    1. The options dialog "File Association" icons did not display correctly.
    2. The "Add Filter" dialog's legend section did not draw correctly.
    3. Some text was truncated in the options dialog.
    4. The station manager station list items were partially cropped.
    5. The skin selector skin list items were partially cropped.
    6. The Install Center items were partially cropped.
    7. The Smart Play Source, Splitter and Decoder configuration dialogs cropped some of the displayed entries.
    8. The Smart Play filter blacklist cropped some of the displayed entries.
    9. The Options dialog archive playback extension list cropped some of the displayed entries.
    10. The registered filter manager dialog was improperly sized to the point where buttons could overlap.
  • Exporting Zoom Player's setting from the options dialog, would fail if UAC is enabled.
  • The ID3/TAG display used the character set (used to convert ANSI to Unicode) defined by the Navigation font instead of the ID3/TAG font.
  • Opening files from the command line would cause the file path to be modified to uppercase, breaking playback from Linux based NAS devices.
  • The Zoom Player Install Center auto-configuration did not work on systems with UAC enabled or limited account access.
  • When the "Auto-Size User Interface to fit Source Video Resolution" setting is enabled, opening a media file with an image resolution larger than the current screen, now limits the image resolution to the screen's resolution. If the new resolution causes the player window to resize itself beyond the screen's resolution, the player window will be pulled back into the screen automatically.
  • When setting a large font for the playlist editor or setting a higher Font DPI value for windows as whole, the playlist fonts would become truncated at the bottom.
  • When using the Media Library or File Browsing fullscreen navigation interfaces, using the "Add to Playlist" function no longer adds media files that are not selected if the "Auto-Part Loader" function is enabled.
  • Fixed a rare 'List index out of bounds' error when deleting items from the playlist.
  • The Adjust Image (formally "image resize") and Image Blanking fullscreen navigation interfaces were incorrectly affected by the "Navigation Line Count" setting.
  • The "Click here to search list" text in the playlist editor could overlap the scroll widget if the playlist editor font was large enough.
  • Trying to open a ".lnk" ShortCut file that pointed to a folder would show an error message instead of opening the folder's content.
  • Using the Station Edit button would not display the edited station type correctly (would always show 'Radio').
  • TCP/IP API Message #1810 (Request Play List), did not implement a separator character between each media entry, making it harder to parse. Now each entry is separated by the ">" character.
  • TCP/IP API Message #1811 (Playlist items changed) was not being triggered on every playlist change.
  • An LPCM sub-type was accidently listed under the AC3 audio decoder profile.
  • When disabling "Draw Text Background" for Audio TAG display, the bottom line (usually the "YEAR" field) would get cropped out.
  • Fixed a memory leak when trying to open corrupted JPEG/PNG images or JPEG images in the CYMK print format (which is not supported).
  • The "Switch resolution on Fullscreen" setting did not perform as expected.
  • Fixed crashes related to corrupt language files.
  • The "Null" filter no longer appears as Unregistered.
  • When using ".CUE" files as chapter files, the chapter/track name did not import properly when the CUE file was ASCII encoded and using a non-default character set (i.e. Russian).
  • The Play History stored the played files in lower case instead of their original case.
  • The Stop/Resume function didn't work if stop was pressed in the first 3 seconds of playback.

De volgende downloads zijn beschikbaar:
*Zoom Player Home Free 8.00 RC3
*Zoom Player Home Professional 8.00 RC3
*Zoom Player Home Max 8.00 RC3

Zoom Player screenshot
Versienummer 8.00 RC3
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Inmatrix
Licentietype Freeware/Betaald

Door Bart van Klaveren

Downloads en Best Buy Guide

31-08-2011 • 22:18

1 Linkedin

Bron: Inmatrix


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Wijzig sortering
Met RC2 kreeg ik de LAV-audio filters niet actief (bij verwijderen FFD-audio schakelde ie naar de default microsoft codecs). Met MPC-HC werken ze wel.
Misschien dat het nu wel werkt, want het zou al gesupport moeten zijn, zie het niet in de lijst hierboven tussen de fixes staan

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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