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Software-update: MDaemon 12.0.2

MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform met ingebouwde antivirus- en antispamfuncties. De verschillende features die aanwezig zijn in deze mailserver zijn op deze pagina te vinden. MDaemon biedt onder andere het delen van contactlists, tasklists, e-mail, documenten en agenda's, beschikt over een complete webclient met de naam Worldclient, en kan afzenders valideren door middel van Domainkeys Identified Mail, Sender Policy Framework of Sender ID. Alt-N Technologies heeft versie 12.0.2 van MDaemon uitgebracht, met ondersteuning voor ActiveSync en een custom build van BlackBerry Enterprise Server. De lijst met veranderingen ziet er als volgt uit:

  • [6951] Support for BlackBerry Balance. BlackBerry Balance allows for the separation of work and personal information on BlackBerry devices. It requires device software v6.0 MR2 or higher running on the BlackBerry device. MDaemon supports BlackBerry Balance in the following ways:
    • A few new BES IT policies have been added which govern how work data is treated on personally owned (non-corporate) BlackBerry devices. See the IT policy editor withing the MDaemon UI for full details on these new IT policies.
    • A new button was added to the Account Editor which allows you to erase only work related data from a lost or stolen BlackBerry Device. When this button is pressed a new command is sent to the device to accomplish this. This new command is only recognized by BlackBerry devices running v6.0 MR2 device code or higher. Click here to read about the data that is erased when this new button is pressed.
  • [6751] The WYSIWYG editor in WorldClient has been updated to its latest release. This should include various bug fixes and particularly the issue where Internet Explorer 7 requires two clicks to put the focus on the editor.
  • [7080] If BES is installed then the MDaemon BBE installer must be used to upgrade. The installer without BES will terminate after providing instructions rather than errantly attempt to upgrade an existing BES installation.
  • [7105] The MDaemon BBE installer skips the screen asking whether to update BES and always updates BES if BES is installed.
  • [5813] Added new control in account BES properties which lets you change the BES account name from "Desktop" to whatever you want.
  • [5690] BES now writes an X-Mailer header to messages it generates
  • [5663] Disabled the "run in foreground" bayesian learning option when launched from configuration session as this is not possible.
  • [2385] fix to Content Filter's condition "text contained within file" by requring regular expressions to be preceded by the "REGEX" tag. For example: REGEX: *.@altn\.com
  • [7077] fix to trailing whitespace being stripped from Subject value for incoming messages to local users
  • [7085] fix to possible crash updating BIS history file
  • [6668] fix to SMTP inline virus and spam scans time out on Server 2008 R2 if CFEngine is running under another account
  • [7004] fix to unable to correctly view or update account restrictions in WebAdmin for non-English versions of MDaemon
  • [6971] fix to extremely long IMAP folder path may cause the BES plug-in to crash
  • [7012] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme not properly re-ordering message filters and possibly corrupting their actions
  • [6845] fix to account export operation not logging start/stop properly when initiated from configuration session
  • [7117] fix to BES slow sync may create duplicate calendar entries on the BlackBerry device
  • [7121] fix to autoresponders not working when using LDAP backend
  • [6867] fix to WorldClient not rendering the font sizes correctly and the font families correctly
  • [6997] fix to WorldClient LookOut's message preview not handling email replies correctly and causing the message body to be temporarily replaced by "[Object object]"
  • [6915] fix to WorldClient may hide certain message attachments
  • [6843] fix to WorldClient may append semicolons to certain addresses when sending
  • [6985] fix to WorldClient IMAP Filters page does not work in LookOut theme in Hungarian and Romanian
  • [6894] fix to not being able to create account with mailbox 30 characters long in MDaemon GUI
  • [6942] fix to not being able to import accounts with mailbox longer than 28 characters
  • [6982] fix to WorldClient LookOut's notes not handling non-ascii characters correctly.
  • [6905] fix to ActiveSync contact sync failing on some devices if contact name fields are empty
  • [6968] fix to mailing list editor writes list members in sorted order when clicking Ok
  • [6917] fix to possible browser error when displaying certain messages in WorldClient's LookOut theme
  • [6547] fix to WorldClient Standard theme moving to the next message after replying or forwarding a message
  • [5733] fix to contact birthday and anniversary date is not correctly synchronized with Outlook Connector
  • [7053] fix to WorldClient's Lookout theme causing events to be unintentionally moved if they were viewed and then the folder is changed
  • [7066] fix to BES Agent logging DBNS and SNMP warnings to Windows event log at startup
  • [7068] fix to BES writing incorrect To header in the quoted headers of a reply from handheld
  • [6909] fix to errant --configpath path in learn.bat causing bayesian learning to fail
  • [6875] fix to WebAdmin error message when deleting a domain takes too long
  • [6762] fix to BES may corrupt non-ASCII characters in HTML message bodies sent to handheld
  • [6138] fix to BES may corrupt non-ASCII characters in HTML message bodies when replying or forwarding from handheld
  • [6622] fix to BES translating alias addresses in recipient fields when sending from handheld
  • [6832] fix to BES not updating the full name used in the From header of sent messages after changing the user's full name in MDaemon
  • [6544] fix to BES allows disabled users to send messages from handheld
  • [5634] fix to MDaemon installer overwriting NewUserHelp.dat
  • [7091] fix to some WorldClient themes missing a Save button on the BlackBerry Management page
Versienummer 12.0.2
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website Alt-N Technologies
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


03-05-2011 • 11:18

0 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: remy007

Bron: Alt-N Technologies


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