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Software-update: MDaemon 12.0.1

MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform met ingebouwde antivirus- en antispamfuncties. De verschillende features die aanwezig zijn in deze mailserver zijn op deze pagina te vinden. MDaemon biedt onder andere het delen van contact lists, task lists, e-mail, documenten en agenda's, beschikt over een complete webclient met de naam Worldclient, en kan afzenders valideren door middel van Domainkeys Identified Mail, Sender Policy Framework of Sender ID. Alt-N Technologies heeft versie 12.0.1 van MDaemon uitgebracht, met ondersteuning voor ActiveSync en een custom build van BlackBerry Enterprise Server. De lijst met veranderingen ziet er als volgt uit:


Installation and use of MDaemon's BlackBerry Enterprise Server components requires that the SQL Browser Service be enabled and running. The installation process will enable and start this service as necessary.

  • [5080] Updated SpamAssassin to version 3.3.1
  • [6725] MDaemon's ActiveSync server now supports Tasks
  • [6726] MDaemon's ActiveSync server has been optimized to reduce processor and disk usage when synchronizing if nothing has changed on the server since the last sync
  • [6782] By default MDaemon rejects invalid mailing list messages during the SMTP session however this does cause the message to be rejected for all recipients. You can disable this behavior via a new switch in Preferences | Miscellaneous and MDaemon will process invalid mailing list messages during queue processing as in previous versions.
  • [6734] Installer will now remember if you elected to install BES and default to that on future installs
  • [6737] Installer will enable and start SQL Browser Service if necessary in order to install BES and SQL Server Express 2005
  • [6735] SRP fetch button will provide better instruction on a failure
  • [6744] BES related UI elements will be hidden when BES components not installed
  • [2428] A Quota column has been added to the Queue/Stats Manager's User Page. The Mail Format column has been removed.
  • [5501] BlackBerry Enterprise Server logs now accessible via WebAdmin
  • [3113] WebAdmin now requires Public Folder Submission Addresses to be valid, local addresses
  • [2004] Removed obsolete WorldClient setting "Allow meetings to be created without specifying a location" from MDaemon's GUI
  • [3714] Moved Content Filter Recipients section into its own tab in WebAdmin
  • [6678] fix to invitations are not sent to attendees for meetings created or updated via ActiveSync
  • [6636] fix to BES "slow sync" initiated from MDaemon does not detect modified calendar or PIM items
  • [5751] fix to public folder submission addresses not working with WebAdmin
  • [5884] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme not moving messages to the 'Non-Spam' folder when a message is marked as not spam in the external preview window
  • [5902] fix to WebAdmin allowing blank files to be added to catalogs
  • [5946] fix to WebAdmin not requiring public folder submission addresses to be unique
  • [6312] fix to MDSpamD logging option not displaying proper state in WebAdmin
  • [5855] fix to WebAdmin converts "+" to space when editing list memberships
  • [6252] fix to WebAdmin minor navigation issue in Sender Authentication section
  • [2186] fix to WorldClient does not honor MDaemon.ini [Special] AllowAliasLogon setting
  • [2459] fix to ComAgent including disabled users on the Buddy List dialog
  • [4325] fix to SMTP server not logging into domain using the network resource access credentials
  • [2377] fix to WorldClient will not open messages with long Japanese attachment filenames
  • [2125] fix to some WorldClient themes possibly returning the user to the Compose page after clicking Finished, Save, or Cancel on another page
  • [3258] fix to renaming of a mailing list sometimes causing loss of list membership
  • [6615] fix to invalid SIZE given in EHLO response can cause delivery failure
  • [6710] fix to WorldClient Lookout task list is not properly sorted when sorting by the "Start Date" column
  • [6443] fix to WorldClient LookOut not iterating through week numbers in the year view properly when the first day of the week is set to Monday instead of Sunday
  • [6723] fix to WorldClient LookOut calendar month view rendering an event as two days if the event ends at exactly midnight
  • [6696] fix to WorldClient LookOut using the toolbar to iterate through the message list view may not cause the highlight bar to show the correct message as highlighted
  • [6727] fix to Winsock errors during MDaemon startup if some domains bind to a specific IP and others don't
  • [6550] fix to DomainPOP fails to maintain UIDL list for account names that contain a *
  • [6356] fix to Russian, Japanese, and Chinese versions of MDStats and other GUI programs possibly displaying wrong characters
  • [6632] fix to WorldClient LookOut arrows for navigating between dates on the Calendar view not being vertically alligned correctly
  • [6738] fix to WorldClient LookOut week view not giving enough space for all day events when there are many all day events
  • [5556] fix to autoresponder not being enabled when using the BEGIN AUTORESPONDER email command
  • [5548] fix to not enoding the full name in the To header of mailing list messages
  • [5529] fix to account editor not highlighting the page the error occurred on if there's an error when saving changes
  • [5396] fix to subject text inside of brackets being stripped when releasing messages from the Spam Trap folder using MDaemon's GUI
  • [6739] fix to WorldClient LookOut not letting users of the Finnish language log in if BES is enabled
  • [6743] fix to WorldClient LookOut possibly allowing a JavaScript focus event on form fields that are hidden in the calendar event editor
  • [4779] fix to Queue/Stats Manager Configuration Report not listing DomainPOP routing rules
  • [6748] fix to WorldClient's Mobile theme not returning a user to the calendar they were viewing after creating a new event if it was not their default calendar
  • [4624] fix to Configuration Session crashes at startup if primary console is locked
  • [4535] fix to log archiving not zipping up xml and wbxml logs created by SyncML and ActiveSync
  • [6752] fix to MDaemon crash at shutdown if the "BlackBerry Device Management" window is open
  • [6756] fix to DK/DKIM selector creation not putting new selector name into drop-down control at times
  • [3370] fix to ambiguous error when using certain addresses as Auto Response exceptions in WebAdmin
  • [6721] fix to WorldClient LookOut not copying calendar events when dragged and dropped to different folders
  • [3478] fix to Content Filter may not block restricted attachments present in ZIP files if automatic ZIP decompression is enabled
  • [6766] fix to Content Filter GUI showing SecurityPlus config screen even when SP has been removed from disk
  • [4591] fix to incomplete "Show me all mailing lists ..." results if there are a very large number of mailing lists
  • [2452] fix to Content Filter "Move attachment" rule blanks the message body
  • [6303] fix to invalid link for HashCash validation list in WebAdmin
  • [6626] fix to incorrect Add/Remove Programs icon for MDaemon
  • [6793] fix to WebAdmin defaulting to primary domain for new users even when selecting a specific domain
  • [6785] fix to any configured autoresponder being disabled after upgrade to version 12
  • [6802] fix to IE error when attempting to download certain message attachments from WorldClient
  • [4447] fix to quota counts wrong when not counting subfolders and using IMAP filter rules
  • [6513] fix to WorldClient standard theme not being able to open a draft window when compose in new window is enabled. If a popup blocker blocks the window the theme will attempt to show a banner that can be clicked to open the new window.
  • [6792] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme possibly having a JavaScript error if a popup blocker prevents a new window from being opened. Note: Users should still enable popups for the WorldClient domain.
  • [6789] fix to WorldClient's references to autocomplete.js not having a v=<$VERSION$> tag and causing some caching issues for users
  • [6821] fix to meeting organizer sees "Meeting Not in the Calendar" message after attendees accept invitations using OC
  • [6822] fix to meeting organizer sees the "Invitations have not been sent for this meeting" error message after invitation has been sent out using OC
  • [6805] fix to IMAP mail rules may fail to process long message headers
  • [6828] fix to disabled gateways can generate errant gateway creation emails
  • [6672] fix to Content Filter's Signature feature causes invalid DKIM signatures
  • [4948] slight reorganization of Spam Filter options in WebAdmin to match MDaemon
  • [6834] fix to WebAdmin SpamFilter options dialog "move spam" option doesn't enable Save or Cancel
  • [6837] fix to WebAdmin "IMAP folder message" not displaying when enabling Spam IMAP filtering
Versienummer 12.0.1
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website Alt-N Technologies
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


31-03-2011 • 16:08

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Bron: Alt-N Technologies


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