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Software-update: MDaemon 12.0.0

MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform met ingebouwde antivirus- en antispamfuncties. De verschillende features die aanwezig zijn in deze mailserver zijn op deze pagina te vinden. MDaemon biedt onder andere het delen van contact lists, task lists, e-mail, documenten en agenda's, beschikt over een complete webclient met de naam Worldclient, en kan afzenders valideren door middel van Domainkeys Identified Mail, Sender Policy Framework of Sender ID. Alt-N Technologies heeft onlangs versie 12.0.0 van MDaemon uitgebracht, waarmee ondersteuning voor ActiveSync en een custom build van BlackBerry Enterprise Server worden toegevoegd. De lange lijst met veranderingen ziet er als volgt uit:

  • Windows 2000 is no longer a supported operating system. MDaemon 12.0 requires Windows 2008, 2003, 7, XP, or Vista.
  • MDaemon's new BlackBerry integration feature could result in duplication of data when combined with other sync techniques like SyncML or BIS Integration (see below). Care must be taken to avoid this.
  • Passwords are now required to be at least 4 characters long. Existing passwords are not required to change however the next time you try to change the password it will need to be 4 characters long minimum.
  • The new BlackBerry Device Integration functionality (see below) will require Outlook Connector 2.2.5 if you want to seamlessly sync Outlook created content to your BlackBerry.
  • WorldClient has an updated version of the CKEditor WYSIWYG editor for message composition. If you do not have custom themes it is recommended that you remove the MDaemon\WorldClient\HTML\fckeditor\ directory. This directory is not removed by the installer because of template customization.

[5294] BLACKBERRY DEVICE INTEGRATION (MDaemon PRO and select markets only)

The following BlackBerry Enterprise Server feature for BlackBerry smartphones is not available in all markets. To view a list of available territories, please visit

MDaemon now includes support for BlackBerry devices though the installation of a custom built BlackBerry Enterprise Server designed exclusively for distribution and use with MDaemon. This new functionality:
  • Uses software already present on all BlackBerry devices (no third-party sync clients required)
  • Includes two-way email synchronization (including mail folders)
  • Includes two-way calendar synchronization
  • Includes two-way tasks and notes synchronization
  • Includes global address book lookup
  • Includes meeting scheduling with free/busy
  • Includes limited BlackBerry device policy support
  • Includes BlackBerry device wipe and password change/lock
The installation process will install all the files and services necessary to achieve this capability and is the reason the installer has grown in size. BlackBerry Enterprise Server is a database driven app which requires .Net 2.0, SQL Server Express 2005, and other components which the installation process will handle setting up. All these components will be installed to the \MDaemon\BES\ folder.

In order to begin using this functionality an account must "activate" a BlackBerry device with MDaemon. This is a two-step process. First, use the Account Editor to select an account and then configure the account for use with BES through the new options on the "BlackBerry BES" screen. Second, log into WorldClient using the account's credentials and select "BlackBerry Management" from the left hand pane. Follow the on-screen instructions which involve plugging the BlackBerry device into the computer via USB. Alternatively, you can use OTA (over-the-air) activcation if your BlackBerry device supports it. Once the activation process has completed the BlackBerry will be paired with the MDaemon account. Within a short time data will begin to synchronize.

Alt+B has had several new screens added to manage these new BlackBerry integration features. There's a Status page which shows you the state of the various necessary services. Logging options allow you to enable logs and set detail level. Logs are stored in the \BES\ sub-folder within MDaemon's root log folder. These logs will obey MDaemon's global log settings for size and roll-over but are slightly different in format than other MDaemon logs. The Domains page lets you pair up a policy (more on that in a minute) with a domain. When new users within that domain are created any BlackBerry they activate will have the associated policy pushed down to the BlackBerry. There is also a button to push the selected policy to all existing domain accounts which may already have activated a BlackBerry. The Integrated Accounts page shows you how many accounts are ready to activate a BlackBerry (but haven't yet) and how many have done so. Finally, the Policy page allows you to create and save your own device policies.

When a BlackBerry device is activated a policy is pushed down to the device to control device behavior. Policies are really just a set of rules. To create a policy select NEW, give the policy a name, and then begin setting the various policy rules to your liking. Rules allow you to do things like require passwords. After setting the rules to your liking, click SAVE. For a description of what each policy rule does hover the mouse over the rule and read the tooltip help.

MDaemon will ship with three pre-built policies which you can not change or delete. These policies are "Default" which instructs the BlackBerry to use out-of-the-box "under control of a BES" device defaults for all settings. "Require Password" sets a single policy rule - require password - to YES. This policy requires that the BlackBerry device maintain a password. The third policy, "Expiring Passwords", enabled the require password rule and the maximum password age rule which get set to 30 days.

Be aware that BlackBerry device behavior while tethered to a BES may be different than when not.

In order to transact data between MDaemon and your user's BlackBerry devices across the wireless network an SRP ID and SRP Key are needed. The installation process will automatically obtain an SRP ID and SRP Key for you and store them with MDaemon. SRP data is used to authenticate and identify your BlackBerry traffic across the wireless infrastructure. There is no additional charge for these keys - they are included free for all MDaemon PRO users and can only be used with your MDaemon. SRP data can be manually configured using Setup| BlackBerry...| Status.

BIS and SyncML
A BES enabled BlackBerry does not require any other sync client software on the device. Running SyncML to sync data AND activating a BlackBerry for sync'ing using this new feature will likely result in duplicates of everything. BIS integrated accounts could experience similar problems so this is not recommended. BIS integrated accounts may wish to unsubscribe from BIS first and then activate to MDaemon's new BES.

Calendar Sync Potential Issue
At the time of activation, if the BlackBerry calendar contains entries (ie. BlackBerry is not wiped prior to or at the start of activation), then the activation process will not send existing calendar events on the MDaemon server to the BlackBerry. The BlackBerry user must either perform a device wipe before activating, or perform the calendar RSET procedure as described here:

Known Limitations
  • You must restart the BlackBerry Controller service using the Windows services applet after changing a BES-enabled user's email address or mail directory for BES to recognize the change.
  • Clearing a message flag from a mail client is not synced to the handheld.
  • MDaemon's email slow sync may restore messages on the handheld that were deleted from the handheld but not the server, and/or remove copies of sent messages from the handheld if they were not saved to the MDaemon server.
  • Meeting updates do not contain changed occurrences. If one instance of a recurring meeting is changed to another day, the meeting update sent to the attendees will not reflect this.
  • Configuring the out of office reply from the handheld is not supported.
  • Sending read receipts from the handheld is not supported.
  • Public and shared folders are not supported.
  • Sync'ing of calendar, contacts, notes, and tasks folders other than the user's default folders are not supported.
  • Forwarding of meeting invitations is not supported.

MDaemon now includes support for "ActiveSync for MDaemon" which is a separately licensed OTA ActiveSync (AirSync) server. This server is capable of synchronizing a user's default calendar and default contact data between their MDaemon/WorldClient account and an ActiveSync capable device. A UI for configuring ActiveSync for MDaemon has been added to the Setup|Web, Sync, & IM Services menu but there is little to no configuration possible with ActiveSync implementations. A checkbox is also present in the Account Editor|Options page to disable ActiveSync on a per-user basis.

ActiveSync for MDaemon will only run for 30 days so that you can see if you like it. After that, a small (and low) one-time fee is necessary. The 30 day timer starts when you install MDaemon and enable ActiveSync for the first time. After 30 days, if you need it, you can acquire a license key from or your local distributor/reseller.

All first time syncs with ActiveSync will be a one way sync from the server to the device! You will lose the data on the device when you hookup with ActiveSync for the first time. This is an ActiveSync implementation requirement. Therefore, backup your device data BEFORE using ActiveSync for the first time. The devices we've seen which contain an ActiveSync client will warn the user "If you proceed with this your device data will be lost" but some do NOT provide this warning. Please handle ActiveSync with care.

ActiveSync is a web-service extension which only works on ports 80 (for http) and 443 (for https). ActiveSync is not possible on other ports. Therefore, ActiveSync will not work for you *at all* unless your web server (either WorldClient's built-in web server or other) is running on port 80 and/or port 443. This is an ActiveSync implementation requirement.

If you intend to run ActiveSync under IIS you MUST call our ActiveSync DLL (MDAirSync.dll) when "/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync" is requested. This is the request that all the ActiveSync clients will use. Some versions of IIS do not have this capability without downloading, installing, and configuring third party software.

  • [5641] WorldClient's web server bindings setting now supports the IP:port format, to allow WorldClient to listen on ports other than the default configured HTTP and HTTPS ports. If no port is specified, it will listen on the default port(s). "*" means all IPs. For example, "*,*:80" to listen on all IPs on ports 3000 and 443 (by default), plus all IPs on port 80.
  • [5128] The old option in F2->Delivery "Bounce message if receiving domain has no MX or A records" has been changed to "Bounce message if receiving domain has no MX records" and DISABLED by default. The behavior for situations in which the SMTP server needs to reach a domain that has no MX and/or A records has been changed. If a domain has no MX records and also has no A records the message is now immediately bounced back to sender as undeliverable. If a domain has no MX records and the option mentioned above is enabled then the message is immediately bounced back to sender as undeliverable. Use this option with care. RFC states that mail servers should try A records when no MX records are available.
  • [5265] "Copy" button added to session window to copy existing log data to Notepad.exe
  • [5022] MDaemon will give clearer text to user when trying to load a version using expired license key
  • [5310] Certain SMTP error message text was changed to include FQDN value rather than domain name value
  • [5340] Before allowing you to create (or edit) an account's mail folder value MDaemon will put up a warning if the mail folder already exists.
  • [5358] MDaemon will now allow you to enable/disable account autoresponders without losing the autoresponder configuration data.
  • [5362] Added option to remove product and version info from protocol greeting strings. To enable, edit the MDaemon.ini file and set the following key: [Special] StickHeadInSand=Yes.
  • [3665] A new switch was added to the Archive options to let you archive forwarded messages. Normally these are not archived. Also, if you would like forwarded messages to be processed by the Content Filter you can set this key in CFilter.ini: [ContentFilter] FilterForwardedMail=Yes (default No).
  • [5385] Changed wording on Host Screening UI to be more appropriate to what the feature does. Also, added an option in the UI to drop connections when Host Screening refuses a PTR or EHLO/HELO value (normally it just results in a "domain X not allowed to send mail to domain Y" SMTP error message but leaves connection open).
  • [5399] WorldClient's folder permissions views now use auto-complete to help ensure that users within the domain have accurate email addresses.
  • [5402] When a meeting organizer receives an iCalendar response, that an attendee has accepted or declined, MDaemon will update the attendee’s status in the corresponding calendar event.
  • [5419] Mail archive public folder will archive mail from local users properly into the "Outbound From" root folder rather than "Inbound To" root folder as in previous versions.
  • [5412] Added IP address to SMTP server's PTR refusal message.
  • [5428] The NoSTARTTLS file now supports wild-cards. So, you can enter * now which will match to and etc.
  • [4639] Added the ability to edit a single occurrence of a recurring event to WorldClient's LookOut theme
  • [5662] Added button to Ctrl+0 | Disk which will restrict the \MDaemon\ folder and all sub-folders to Administrators, Backup Operators, and SYSTEM accounts/groups.
  • WorldClient has had its WYSIWYG editor updated to the latest version which should deliver improved performance for message compose load time as well as fix bugs in both message generation and composition
  • WorldClient's LookOut theme has had its week and month views re-written to allow for enhanced event rendering and to give a more desktop like experience
  • WorldClient's LookOut theme now supports ComAgent chatting from within the browser. This feature can be enabled or disabled in the Domains.ini file or a User.ini file with the option: ComAgentChattinginWC=Yes|No. Note:If a user opens WorldClient from ComAgent the ComAgent functionality inside LookOut will not be enabled to prevent confusion between the two clients on the system.
  • WorldClient Standard theme changed to use a day view based in the main browser window instead of a popup to be like the Simple and LookOut themes
  • WorldClient added the To column to the desktop themes, which, when enabled, will cause the Sender column to always display the From field. Previously the From column would change between To and From depending on whether the user was in the Sent Items folder or not. To view this column users can go to Options -> Columns and check the checkbox next to the "To" field and save the setting
  • [6142] Show a disconnected tray icon when ComAgent is disconnected.
  • [6066] The spam filter's bayesian learning feature has been changed to be disabled by default for new installations (existing installs are unchanged).
  • [6108] The default amount of log data displayed by a configuration session UI main window tab has been changed to 15000 bytes (up from 4000 bytes). You can change the amount of backlogged data to display using a new control in Setup|Preferences|GUI.
  • [5741] Added email address to top of each MultiPOP session in the log file.
  • [6350] Using UI to create MDaemon service will now add a description, use "MDaemon" as display name
  • [6323] Moved account export code to its own thread so that the UI does not appear to freeze during an export operation
  • [4487] Added version info for MDSyncML.dll and MDAirSync.dll to Help|About box
  • [4877] Added master on/off switch for Spam Honeypots feature (enabled by default)
  • [6370] SMTP response will now contain reason for RFC compliance refusal
  • [6374] Account export no longer exports disk file counts and space consumed. This causes exports to be really slow. However, if you want to continue to include this data there is a new switch you can enable at Ctrl+O|Miscellaneous.
  • [6375] Added switch to Address Blacklist screen which instructs MDaemon to apply the blacklist to values taken from the message's From/Sender header(s) during the SMTP session (after DATA completes). This prevents the message from getting caught later and moved into the bad queue by the MTA thread. This switch is enabled by default.
  • [5340] A warning will appear when creating a new account if the mail folder specified already exists on disk
  • [5931] Increased length of displayed subject text inside spam trap summary email
  • [6380] Notification emails are no longer sent out when DSN emails get moved to retry queue
  • [5530] fix to WorldClient's LookOut theme under Chrome not allowing contacts to be picked as attendees for calendar events
  • [5596] fix to "Update Bayesian engine with copies of white listed messages" always disabled in WebAdmin
  • [5467] fix to potential crash when two lists have each other as members
  • [5576] fix to content filter "Search and replace within BODY" action corrupting encoded characters in message bodies
  • [5679] fix Accountprune doesn't archive messages less than one day old
  • [5689] fix to WorldClient and WDaemon do not honor MDaemon's "Overwrite existing log files when log file names change at midnight" option
  • [5696] fix to removing an attendee from an established meeting in WorldClient does not send a meeting cancellation message
  • [5460] fix to Attachment linking using "http" rather than "https" in URL's when HTTPS required/preferred
  • [4178] fix to "Tentative" status doesn't show up correctly in Outlook when checking against WorldClient's free/busy server
  • [5772] fix to when editing a folder's ACL in WorldClient, the entry for "anyone" may be lost
  • [5537] fix to dynamic screen not employed by POP server in all cases
  • [5454] fix to SyncML - Contacts, multiple email addresses not syncronizing from WorldClient to BlackBerry with Funambol 8.0.4
  • [6065] fix to WebAdmin not handling blank Subject tag for Spam Filter properly
  • [5145] fix to content filter rule 'Move to Custom Queue' getting disabled automatically
  • [6088] fix to various bugs in WorldClient's Folder Sharing editor
  • [5904] fix to DSN's sent to "noreply@" addresses under some conditions
  • [3444] fix to smart host authentication creds sometimes errantly applied to mail forwarded to an IP rather than a host name
  • [5905] fix to WorldClient hang processing certain meeting invitations
  • [6169] fix to long contact distribution list added as meeting attendee is truncated
  • [6171] fix to MDaemon configuration session window may not be visible on Windows 2008 if not maximized
  • [6220] fix to SyncML log file may not roll over when max file size is reached
  • [6233] fix to dynamic screen not banning IPs when SMTP authentication fails due to not using full email address
  • [6253] fix to description text being truncated when reading certain iCalendar meeting invitations
  • [6277] fix to IMAP server always creating Sent Items and Deleted Items folders at login
  • [6247] fix to queue based spam scan not exempting messages even when MAIL FROM matches to the exclude (no filtering) file
  • [6286] fix to unable to remove items from hostscreen.dat using GUI
  • [6288] fix to configuration session forcibly shut-down when it shouldn't be
  • [6243] fix to new account welcome message subject not being used properly
  • [6311] fix to possible WorldClient crash when opening certain meeting invitations
  • [6302] fix to confusing layout of Address Blacklist page in WebAdmin
  • [6313] fix to layout issues on WebAdmin's MDaemon logging options section
  • [6345] fix to multiple simultaneous SyncML requests may crash WorldClient.exe
  • [6322] fix to service dependencies not honored unless apply button used before install service button
  • [6354] fix to list editor adding list name to public address book multiple times in some cases
  • [6346] fix to "thread 0" being logged at the top of each inbound SMTP and IMAP session in the log files
  • [6347] fix to MDStats log parser error with partial transcripts
  • [6348] fix to realtime logs for long-lasting sessions being overwritten by newer sessions
  • [6441] fix to WorldClient may use wrong Content-Type when resuming text/html draft messages
  • [5752] fix to personal WhiteList folders being created due to greylisting setting even when greylisting is not enabled
  • [6448] fix to MDaemon appears to hang while deleting users if there are many nested mailing lists
  • [6120] fix to mailing list members queried from AD are unable to post to a private list
  • [6447] fix to "Bounce message if receiving domain has no MX records" will not remain enabled after restart
  • [6086] fix to WorldClient crashes when a meeting invitation is displayed if Calendar is disabled
  • [6488] fix to SMTP server does not always remove NULL and EOF characters per the setting on the Setup | Preferences | Fixes dialog
  • [2455] fix to not being able to type certain Polish characters in ComAgent
  • [6545] fix to mailing list editor not allowing any address starting with "mdaemon" to be added
  • [6614] fix to non-ASCII characters in the WorldClient login failure help text are corrupted
  • [6631] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme possibly skipping months if your current day is greater than the 28th day of the month
  • [6635] fix to WorldClient Standard theme, OK button is not centered in pop-up window displayed after removing a cancelled meeting from the calendar
Versienummer 12.0.0
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website Alt-N Technologies
Licentietype Shareware

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