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Software-update: Data Crow 3.5.1

Data Crow wordt in Java geschreven en stelt je in staat om een database bij te houden met daarin informatie over cd's, dvd's, software, boeken en muziekbestanden. Op deze manier is het mogelijk om een databank bij te houden waar je eigen verzamelingen in terug te vinden zijn. Data Crow haalt automatisch aanvullende gegevens van internet, zoals tracklistings, beschrijvingen en de namen van de artiesten en auteurs. Daarnaast is het mogelijk om het uiterlijk van het programma aan te passen en je verzameling te printen. De ontwikkelaars hebben Data Crow 3.5.1 laten uitvliegen, voorzien van de volgende aankondiging en lijst met aanpassingen:

Data Crow 3.5.1 has been released

A maintenance release. Small fixes for the online services and a small improvement to the module wizards.

  • File size for file hashing now allows larger file sizes to be set. Setting the value to zero will now allow hashes to be created for files of any size.
  • After doing a mass update of, for example, audio CD's the artists and such were mentioned twice. After a restart everything returned to normal.
  • The FPS for MPEG 1 and 2 movies was off by a factor of a thousand frames. There is no update performed on old information; the fix only works for newly imported movies.
  • Timeout on online searches has been removed; the result was a not updated movie after 10 seconds without knowing the reason why. Especially true when performing and online search in combination with the "retrieve additional information for companies and persons" setting (which might actually take more then 10 seconds).
  • Additional check for locked databases. Added a check for the settings of the database.
  • IMDB import: some runtime of the imported run times are incorrect (of by tens of hours).
  • Splitting the names of IMDB persons is incorrect. Only true for names ending with a number like so: Harry Potter (1).
  • Sorting did not work correctly for the container module.
  • Possible issue with scrolling in views (inverted up and down scrolling).
  • Occasional error while performing an amazon online search: Incomplete trailing escape (%) pattern
  • Barnes & Nobles online search was once again broken.
  • The database no longer runs in a locked mode. This means you can start multiple sessions of Data Crow or run both the web server in console mode and the Data Crow GUI. Optimistic locking is used for database records (who ever saves the data overwrites data saved by the other user working on the same record).
  • Changed the description retrieved for actors (better styled, removed boilerplate text).
  • Removed boilerplate text for movies retrieved by and
  • Module wizard: from now on newly created modules can be reused within relationships. In previous versions a created module, such as a property module, could only be used once for a reference field. Now you can actually create one property module and use this module (and it's data) for reference fields of multiple other modules.
Data Crow 3.5 has been released

The 3.5 version improves the ISBN search, adds a language and country module and improves the and online services.

The distribution has been changed. There is no longer a separate Web Module package. Instead all have been merged together. This makes the distribution a bit larger but puts the web module a bit more into the spotlight. The installer offers the option to exclude the web module. The zipped distribution contains, of course, everything (including the web module).

Thanks to Ingo Macherius for designing and donating the new movie report (List Report (xvids) and for helping to test the upgrade process.

  • The version checker does not recognize 3.5 as being a higher version then 3.4.19.
  • ISBN search with ISBN's containing non-digits now also (finally) works.
  • Movie import "settings" Tab: Storage Medium items are gone.
  • Encoding issue in IMDB import.
  • did no longer retrieve the description (page was changed).
  • Incorrect font for drop-down / list boxes.
  • Contact person drop-down / list box remains empty (loan administration).
  • Could not set an empty value for a drop-down field.
  • Web Server: Module icons are not refreshed when changing the icons using the module wizards.
  • Web Server: Large module icons shown for helper modules.
  • General errors while retrieving results from and Amazon (empty message pops up and a NullPointerException is logged).
  • Year was not always set for IMDB movie results.
  • online search has been removed. The page has been redesigned making it necessary to create a new implementation. This will be done in a later version.
  • MusicBrainz search: titles of album and tracks start with a new line character.
  • File import for e-books: if the filename contains an ISBN it is used to query the online service.
  • Online Search: if the query contains an ISBN it is used to query the item.
  • Mass Update: if the item contains an ISBN it is used to query the item.
  • Audio CD search (Amazon): when an album consists of multiple CD's the album is no longer duplicated. Instead all tracks are added to one album (with the correct numbering).
  • Amazon search has been updated and (coding wise) simplified.
  • Server Settings; online servers can now have individual settings. The amazon server can now be configured to retrieve user reviews (or not).
  • Web Server: Files are now downloadable links.
  • Fields on the item form are now styled more appropriately.
  • Added a summary tab (for new installations only) as the item form was getting a tad cluttered with fields.
  • File privileges checks are now performed on the files in the distributions.
  • <.SRT> will no longer be added as a language for movies (Movie File Import).
  • A new field has been added to the software module: version.
  • Three new fields have been added the book module: binding, edition type and edition comment.
  • Directories can now be marked as being drives. This is essentially a fix for non Windows platforms. I would like to thank François Rey for supplying the code for the 'directory as drives' functionality.
  • The software, music album, audio CD, book and movie module have 2 new fields: language and country.
  • Two new property modules: country and language.
  • An additional movie report (List Report (xvids)) has been added. This report is created by Ingo Macherius
Versienummer 3.5.1
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Scripttaal
Website Data Crow's Nest
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


28-09-2009 • 16:53

2 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Data Crow's Nest


Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
Java is geen scripttaal. Sowieso is het begrip scripttaal erg vaag en geeft alleen maar verwarring.

Ik ga dit in iedergeval zeker bekijken, ziet er goed uit.
Misschien moeten we afspreken dat 'java' een term op zich is: je kan het op zo ongeveer elk platform gebruiken als je de 'runtime-engine' maar hebt.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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