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Software-update: Qt 4.5.2

Qt is een open source, platform-onafhankelijk framework voor applicaties en hun interface. Hiermee kunnen applicaties worden ontwikkeld die vervolgens zonder aanpassingen gecompileerd kunnen worden om te draaien op verschillende desktopsystemen en embedded systemen. De ontwikkelaars van Qt Software, de naam die Nokia na de overname van Trolltech aan deze divisie heeft gegeven, hebben versie 4.5.2 van Qt uitgebracht. De bijbehorende aankondiging en lijst met veranderingen zien er als volgt uit:

Qt 4.5.2

Qt 4.5.2 is a bug-fix release. It maintains both forward and backward compatibility (source and binary) with Qt 4.5.1. For more details, refer to the online documentation included in this distribution. The documentation is also available online. The Qt version 4.5 series is binary compatible with the 4.4.x series. Applications compiled for 4.4 will continue to run with 4.5. Some of the changes listed in this file include issue tracking numbers corresponding to tasks in the Task Tracker. Each of these identifiers can be entered in the task tracker to obtain more information about a particular change.


Documentation and Examples:
  • Added a new example (fancy browser) which shows how to use jQuery in QtWebKit.

  • [236955] Fixed an issue that would cause QtDBus to crash when relaying a signal emitted from a class under certain conditions.
  • [247083] Re-enabled anti-aliasing for large font sizes in OpenGL paint engine.
  • [251485] Fixed crash that could occur with projective transforms and high quality antialiasing.
  • [253468] Fixed a crash in the GL 2 paint engine that could occur when drawing text.
  • Backported fixes for critical bugs, memory leaks, and crashes from WebKit trunk (with revision numbers) related to:
    Canvas (r40546, r41221 r41355, r42996, r43645)
    Memory (r41527, r43764, r43828, r43830)
    JavaScript (r39882, r40086, r40131, r40133)
    Rendering (r41285, r41296, r41659, r42887)
    Network (r41664, r42516, r42747)
    Plugins (r41346, r43550, r43915, r43917, r43923)
    Clipboard (r41360)
    SVG (r43590, r43795)
  • Backported various security fixes (r41262, r41568, r41741, r41854, r42081, r42216, r42223, r42333, r42365, r42532, r42533, r44010)
  • [250754] Changing the font of the view did not update the size of the items if there was an application style sheet.
  • [252532] Pressing enter in a QPlainTextEdit embedded in an item view now inserts a newline
  • Only cache responses to HTTP GET by default, not HTTP PUT or POST.
  • [249589] Fixed bug that prevented any part of the application from receiving focus when Graphics View was disabled using QT_NO_GRAPHICSVIEW.
  • [251958] Assignment operator and copy constructor miss data.
  • [253944] Changing the style doesn't reset custom item delegate anymore.
  • [254589] Fixed the frame appearing if setting a style sheet with a border on the embedded item view while there is a style sheet on the application.
  • [253125] QCompleter doesn't expand entries with UnfilteredPopupCompletion.
  • [252311] "font-family:" now handle fallback font specified with a comma-separated list.
  • Fix reentrancy (listing directories in different threads)
QFile and QTemporaryFile:
  • Fixed a leak of file descriptors in QTemporaryFile::rename, introduced in 4.5.1
  • [165920] QFile::copy leaves the source file open after the file has been copied.
  • [191467] & [252293] QFile::copy of resource files to the file system fails on Windows.
  • [197857] QFile::copy of resource files leaves temporary files on file system.
  • [248223] QTemporaryFile: Access denied error when (re-)opening through QFile interface.
  • [252659] QTemporaryFile::rename may leave source file behind.
  • [254701] QFileSystemModel doesn't sort subfolders when being used in a QTreeView.
  • [251295] Windows path names incorrectly constructed in calls to updateIcon().
  • [251341] It is not possible to remove a directory in the sidebar if the directory does not exist.
  • [251321] Hidden path in QFileDialog's sidebar cannot be opened.
  • [226483] setSidebarUrls() handles the URLs case sensitively so that adding the same directory twice is possible - Windows.
  • [252068] QFileDialog with QSortFilterProxyModel crashes.
  • [254490] QFileDialog selectFile() doesn't clear the selection if we call it several times.
  • [252000] Ensure that QFontDialog::getFont() works on Mac OS X.
  • [197802] Don't show children when parent is not visible
  • [252913] QGraphicsItem::setOpacity(0.0) does not trigger an update
  • [253415] Reset the 'connectedToScene' flag when changing the scene of a view
  • Fixed a bug with Qt::WidgetWithChildren shortcut context.
  • [250731] Fixed a build issue with glib version lower than 2.3.2
  • [254342] Fixed a potential crash when system theme changes occur.
  • [254614] Fixed an assert or warning related to GtkEntry focus handling reported with certain versions of GTK+.
  • [247144] Correctly handle remote disconnects.
  • [253339] Don't draw arrows on tool buttons that have a menu and text only.
  • [252301] Ensure that small and mini spin boxes are drawn correctly.
  • Fix crash when changing style and destroying progress bar.
  • [248838] Make QNetworkAccessManager reject invalid HTTP input earlier.
  • [251959] Fixed parsing of multiple cookies separated by a newline.
  • [251467] Do not allow cookies for domains like ".com".
  • [228974] Allow cookies whose domain attribute is missing a leading dot.
  • Fixed possible race condition if two QObject connected together with signals and slots are destroyed in different threads.
  • [253783] Fixed text shaping bugs when using ligatures and different scripts in a single text item.
  • Fixed various inconsistencies for image drawing on non-integer coordinates.
  • Fixed bug with 0-opacity causing images to be drawn fully opaque.
  • Fixed crash when drawing on a null pixmap.
  • [251534] Fixed issue where text with non-opaque color from widget palette would be blitted instead of blended.
  • [253663] Fixed an issue with implicitly closed poly lines when using perspective transforms.
  • [253135] Crash in QPrintDialog when editing output filename.
  • [252873] Fixed an issue that could cause QPrintDialog to invalidate a valid QPrinter object.
  • [224728] Fixed an issue under X11 where QPrintDialog didn't update the print-to-file state if it was passed a QPrinter set up to print PDF or PostScript.
  • [252873] Fixed an issue with QPrinter::NativeFormat printers not being valid.
  • [248881] Fixed an issue under Windows where QPrinter::pageRect() returned the wrong rect when QPrinter::fullPage() was set.
  • [199271] Fixed an issue with QPrinter::setPrinterName()/printerName() on Mac.
  • [252283] Fixed busy indicator for a QProgressBar with a style sheet applied to it.
  • [252069] Fix QSelectionModel::rowIntersectsSelection or QSelectionModel::columnsIntersectsSelection not reporting right result if some items are disabled.
  • [250023] Fixes QSortFilterProxyModel not reporting child if the model needs to fetchMore().
  • [251296] In dynamic filter model, children of temporarily filtered items were not correctly updated.
  • [252507] Show a warning instead of crashing if invalid indexes are passed.
  • [254234] Fixed setDynamicSortFilter not working when setting the model initially.
  • Fixed reentrancy of QString::squeeze().
  • [253614] Fixed an issue with parsing the 'stroke-dasharray' SVG attribute.
  • [251106] Fixed an issue that caused QIcon::actualSize() to reparse the SVG file for each acutalSize() call until QIcon::pixmap() was called.
  • [248848] Fixed an issue that would cause QIcon::pixmap() to reparse the SVG file, even though there was a cached pixmap for that size available.
  • [252472] Fixed problem with the current tab not being visible after calling setTabButton() on a scrolled tab bar.
  • [252554] Fixed a problem where text labels would be partially clipped when using Qt::ToolButtonTextUnderIcon.
  • Fixed issue in QTransform::type() causing a projective transform to be treated as a scaling transform.
  • Fixed reentrancy of QVector::reserve().
  • [250668] Don't send extra wheel events when using the scroll wheel in Cocoa.
  • [253448] Prevent a crash when using the Qt::WA_MacBrushedMetal attribute in conjunction with style sheets.
  • [252662] Fixed crash that could happen when compiling on Windows XP and running on older Windows versions like 98 and 2000.
Platform Specific Changes

Qt for Linux/X11:
  • [253186] Fixed compile error in qfontengine_ft.cpp on 64-bit platforms with legacy FreeType headers.
  • [241361] Prevented asynchronous access to non-thread safe libfontconfig API.
  • [244362] Worked around X server crash when calling XFillPolygon with more than 200000 points by falling back to raster paint engine.
  • [250326] Title bar wasn't shown on X11 with Qt::CustomizeWindowHint for fixed-size windows.
  • [251925] Improved showing QMessageBox on small screens.
  • [252042] Fixed the loading of the OpenSSL libraries on OpenBSD.
  • [255311] Fixed an issue with '-graphicssystem raster' on 8 and 16 bit X servers.
  • [252328] Fixed an issue when rendering old XLFD fonts on X11 with Xrender and Fontconfig enabled.
  • [248720] Fixed an issue with using '-graphicssystem raster' on X servers with BGR color layout.
  • [196152] Fixed a problem with QPixmap::toImage() on big endian systems that would cause the R and B channels to be swapped for 32 bit pixmaps.
  • [251928] Made the file dialog show suffixes if no filter name is provided when using the GTK+ file dialog.
Qt for Windows:
  • Fixed an issue with text rendering in 16 bit mode.
  • [246196] Fixed an issue with clipped glyphs when rendering text with certain fonts.
  • [251259] Switching to another application left text cursor in line edits with QtMfc framework.
  • [253367] Fixed a memory leak when loading system icons on Windows.
Qt for Mac OS X:
  • [252795] Ensure that we send Apple Events in the Cocoa port even when Cocoa isn't ready.
  • [252176] Fix regression in drawing parts of pixmaps on Panther.
  • [253402] Fix a crash when a Cocoa window that used to be a QWidget would get events after the QWidget was destroyed.
  • [249178] Fixed an issue with drawing text to QImages on Mac/Cocoa.
  • [250066] Fixed an issue that caused reparenting of QGLWidgets to output warnings on Mac/Cocoa.
Qt for Windows CE:
  • [248846] Handle the back soft key on Windows mobile.
  • [252319] Fix regression in native menu integration.
  • [242484] Fixed crash if Qt::WindowCancelButtonHint is used for a QDialog.

Build System:
  • [253053] Linker in macx-g++42 spec is gcc instead of gcc-4.2.
  • [248769] Fixed a bug affecting the display of keyboard shortcuts in the detailed view of the action editor.
  • [251092] Fixed a bug preventing entering local file names for QUrl-type properties on Windows.
  • [251691] Fixed dynamic re-translation of table headers.
  • [252251] Improved readability of the property editor when using the KDE Obsidian Coast theme.
  • [253236] Fixed a regression bug triggered by forms with a size policy of 'Fixed' on the main cointainer.
  • [253278] Made it possible to set QString-type properties using QDesignerFormWindowCursor::setProperty().
  • [253539] Prevent crash in Designer with the Cocoa port when when using a scroll wheel to change a property.
  • [252333] Fixed a regression crash in uic triggered when icon was set with different modes than normal off.
  • [252414, 252416, 252502] Fixed a crash in case of setting invalid point size of font property in property editor.
  • [252333] Fixed a regression crash triggered by using icons with different pixmaps for QIcon states.

  • Make sure we pick an appropriate format for pixmaps. E.g. use the same as the primary surface for opaque pixmaps and pick an appropriate one for transparent pixmaps if the primary surface format is not transparent.
  • Properly fall back to the raster engine for pens that aren't solid color.
  • Properly fall back to raster engine with "mirrored" scales.
  • Make sure window surfaces are in the appropriate pixel format and created in video memory if supported.
  • Fix clipping bug that would cause painting errors.
  • Fix various crash bugs.
  • Fix bugs when transforming/copying pixmaps with alpha channel.
  • Fix various bugs with regards to painting with alpha channel/porter duff.
  • Optimize a couple of internal functions to slightly speed up drawing.
  • Optimize raster fall backs.
  • Allow more customization for Flipping options.
  • Fix drawing with opacity != 1.0.
  • Support for better logging when trying to debug performance problems.
  • Fix bug in keyboard handling that caused modifiers not to work.
  • Get rid of some compiler warnings.
Versienummer 4.5.2
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, UNIX, Windows Vista
Website Qt Software
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


15-07-2009 • 15:49

9 Linkedin

Bron: Qt Software


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Reacties (9)

Wijzig sortering
Jammer dat QT pas zo laat volledig Open Source is geworden. Gnome en KDE blijven ontwikkelen is IMHO toch een beetje verspillen van resources.
QT is van in het begin open source geweest, het is enkel onlangs van GPL naar LGPL gegaan, zodat commerciële organisaties er iets meer vrijheid mee hebben.
Qt heeft ook nog een hele tijd een eigen open source licentie gehanteerd, als ik het goed heb.
Qt is hele lange tijd gesloten geweest voor OS X en Windows, OS X is ie in 2003 (Qt3.2) open source geworden, voor windows pas met de release van Qt4 in 2005.
In the end of 2001, Trolltech released Qt 3.0 which added support for the Mac OS X platform. The Mac OS X support was available only in the proprietary license, until June 2003, where Trolltech released Qt 3.2 with Mac OS X support available under the GPL.
This was resolved when Trolltech released Qt/Windows 4 under the GPL in June 2005.
Er wordt ook meer en meer samengewerkt. Zie bijvoorbeeld de recente gezamelijke conferentie op Gran Canaria. Steeds meer onderliggende technologie wordt gedeeld, specifacties en protocollen op elkaar afgestemd, etc. Tegelijk is het m.i. goed dat er ruimte is voor meerdere smaken. Hoewel dat meer resources kost, stimuleert het ook de ontwikkeling denk ik. Of zou de competitie van OS/X en Windows voldoende zijn op dat vlak?
Deze samenwerking is er altijd al geweest, doormiddel van freedesktop, daarin staat gewoon heel veel vast gelegd, daardoor kun je ook KWin draaien als je window manager draaien terwijl je GNOME gebruikt, ook de manier van bijvoorbeeld het plaatsen van een icoontje in de systray staat vastgelegd in een freedesktop specificatie.

En dan nog niet te spreken over alle dbus protocollen die bij freedesktop zijn vast gelegd (hierbij valt te denken aan bv. de interface richting de screensaver, hoe die word geactiveerd en gedeactiveerd), er is niet voor niks een hele reeks protocollen vastgelegd onder de dbus interface org.freedesktop....
Al schijnen er met freedesktop redelijk wat problemen te zijn.
Jammer dat QT pas zo laat volledig Open Source is geworden. Gnome en KDE blijven ontwikkelen is IMHO toch een beetje verspillen van resources.
Onzin, Gnome en KDE zijn twee heel verschillende beesten, zeker als je Gnome met KDE4 vergelijkt. KDE bied veel meer flexibiliteit en aanpasbaarheid, terwijl Gnome voor de meer simpele aanpak lijkt te gaan (ik heb het al een tijd niet meer gebruikt). Keuzevrijheid is een goede zaak.

[Reactie gewijzigd door Ook al Bezet op 15 juli 2009 16:54]

In dit rijtje hoort natuurlijk ook Qt Creator versie 1.2.1, de IDE voor Qt.
Deze bevindt zich in de SDK op dezelfde downloadpagina.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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