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Software-update: MDaemon 10.05

MDaemon logo (60 pix) Alt-N Technologies heeft dinsdag zijn e-mailserversoftware voorzien van een update naar versie 10.05. MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform met ingebouwde antivirus- en antispam-mogelijkheden. Daarnaast kunnen onder andere agenda's en adres- en taaklijsten worden gedeeld, en kunnen afzenders door middel van DomainKeys of Sender ID worden gevalideerd. Een overzicht van alle mogelijkheden is op deze pagina te vinden. Het changelog van deze release laat de volgende veranderingen en verbeteringen zien:

Changes and additional new features
  • DKIM ADSP processing has been enabled by default for new installations and possibly for your installation as well. You should check Ctrl+S | DKIM Options tab to make sure ADSP processing is enabled. The state of the ADSP specification in IETF is firming up and it looks as if we're ready to start using this on a larger scale. ADSP allows you to reject or treat with suspicion messages which are missing a DKIM signature which should be present. You can configure what you want to happen using settings found at Ctrl+S | DKIM Verification.
  • [3257] Added ComAgent option to "Set IM 'Enter' key to send message"
  • [3621] The "feature" which allowed users to skip RFC compliance checks on SMTP parameters has been removed and it will not be coming back. Buggy mail clients that send control codes (for example) as part of SMTP command parameters just need to get fixed. MDaemon accepting (instead of refusing) this sort of rubbish causes too many problems.
  • [3759] Minger lookups now have their own timeout setting in F2|Timeouts
  • [3786] Increased UI max configurable session limitation from 999 to 99999. This does not necessarily mean that your MDaemon installation will be capable of handling that many simultaneous sessions.
  • [3733] Added text and link to SecurityGateway web site to the Gateway UI.
  • [3874] fix to first message sent to an auto-created gateway may be refused
  • [3875] fix to possible MD hang when moving message to holding queue
  • [3842] fix to MultiPOP message duplication issue
  • [3860] fix to SyncML password ignored when client uses basic authentication
  • [3752] fix to possible when crash routing a message to a public folder
  • [3816] fix to setting User.ini EnableComagent=No doesn't disable ComAgent
  • [3873] fix to CA crash when folders are disabled with the right-click menu
  • [3747] fix to MD ignores remote server's maximum message size declaration if it's not on last line of the EHLO response
  • [3734] fix to SyncML duplicates all day events when user has a different time zone than the MD server
  • [3551] fix to some BlackBerry devices cannot decode attachments sent from WC when using HTML compose
  • [3764] fix to WorldClient GetSession request does not return well-formed XML
  • [3769] fix to VBR certification logging issues
  • [3773] fix to WC possibly changing the time of calendar events around daylight saving time switches by one hour
  • [3741] fix ComAgent reporting wrong version in file information
  • [3541] fix to downloading attachments from WC when using SSL with the bundled web server being much slower than when not using SSL
  • [3787] fix to LookOut theme not resuming drafts correctly if the setting for ComposeInNewWindow is set to No
  • [3637] fix to mailing list SMTP bounce address causing forwarded messages to not be sent through smart host
  • [3634] fix to X-Rcpt-To and X-MDRcpt-To Headers not being inserted into mailing list messages
  • [2502] fix to corrupted French private appointment subject text in WC
  • [3729] fix to VBR status being errantly applied/reported in some cases
  • [3730] fix to DomainKeys status being errantly reported in some cases
  • [3556] fix to CA crashing on login when username is typed-in instead of selected
  • [3636] fix to auto-gateway confirmation messages not working with local rcpt
  • [3732] fix to CA buddy list showing incorrect status
  • [3266] fix to mailing list membership by group not allowed to post
  • [3725] fix to misspelled text in WebAdmin Russian translation
  • [3578] fix to pruning "days old" settings not saving up to 4 digits
  • [3425] fix to beta life-cycle warning message missing sales email
  • [3589] fix to WorldClient LookOut theme's Notes view sending incorrectly encoded data to the server
  • [3796] fix to possible buffer overrun when receiving huge reporting from spamd/mdspamd
  • [3672] fix to large messages possibly preventing mail from being delivered to gateways
  • [3613] fix to DNSBL message return-string not always terminated properly
  • [3625] fix to crash if malformed calendar event is sent to SyncML server
  • [3645] fix to typo in Webadmin --> Security --> Certification page
  • [3686] fix to possible SecurityPlus trial key problem
MDaemon screenshot (481 pix)
Versienummer 10.05
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website Alt-N Technologies
Licentietype Shareware

Door Bart van Klaveren

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08-04-2009 • 14:43

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Bron: Alt-N Technologies



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