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Software-update: MDaemon 10.00

MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform met een ingebouwde antivirus- en antispamprogramma's. De verschillende features die aanwezig zijn in deze mailserver zijn op deze pagina na te lezen en bevatten onder andere het delen van contactlists, tasklists, e-mail, documenten of agenda's, een complete webclient met de naam Worldclient en het valideren van afzenders door middel van Domainkeys Identified Mail, Sender Policy Framework of Sender ID. Ook is het mogelijk om 'spam traps' in te stellen, waarmee alle binnenkomende e-mail geblokkeerd wordt op andere mailboxen. Alt-N Technologies heeft versie 10.00 uitgebracht waarmee onder andere domain sharing, waarbij meerdere mailservers verantwoordelijk zijn voor het zelfde domein maar elk met unieke mailboxen, en een gratis te gebruiken editie, maximaal vijf gebruikers en gelimiteerde functies, worden toegevoegd. De lijst met aanpassingen vermeldt de volgende nieuwe en aangepaste punten:

  • This version IS NOT backward compatible with previous versions. Installing and executing this version for the first time will result in irreversible change to several configuration files.
    The installer will automatically backup your older version files so that going back to it will not be difficult (should the need arise).
  • The schedule files for mail collection, antivirus updates, and antispam updates have been changed. As a result, these schedules were all reset to installation defaults. Please check your mail, antivirus, and antispam schedules by pressing F6 and making whatever changes you feel necessary.
  • WorldClient's message index file format has changed. It will be updated to the new format when a user logs in for the first time. Expect user logins to be slow the first time but normal speed thereafter.
  • Your DNSBL settings have been reset. Check them to make sure they are as you desire. DNSBL settings are found within the new Spam Filter UI.
  • MDaemon Standard no longer supports Gateways AT ALL. If you want Gateway capability you must now upgrade to MDaemon PRO.
  • MDaemon Standard is now limited to 5 mailing lists with a maximum of 50 subscribers each. If you want more or larger mailing lists you must now upgrade to MDaemon PRO.
  • The "Always Log To Screen" option in F2|Logging|Options has been reset to its default (disabled). You may want to re-enable it.
  • The Signature.dat file is no longer used. Signatures for individual accounts are now stored as .sig files in the new Signatures root folder. MDaemon will read Signature.dat and migrate existing account signatures to the new folder and file format. You will need to recreate your default domain signature (if you use one) by selecting F2->Domain Signatures.
  • Configured action for virus dispensation has been reset to the default of "Quarantine the infected attachment." If you'd prefer a different setting please configure that by pressing Ctrl+A.


Some GUI changes were made including the following (and requiring the following):
  • Most list boxes in the UI were made "double-clickable" which means that double clicking on items within them will allow in-place editing. This is better than having to remove entries and re-add corrected data in two separate steps.
  • The UI and underlying code no longer use the term "Spam Blocker" anywhere. This term was partially replaced with "DNSBL" in previous versions and this transition is now complete. It means that the [SpamBlocker] section in the MDaemon.ini file has been renamed to [DNSBL] and the "SpamBlck.dat" and "SpamXcpt.dat" files have been renamed to "DNSBL.dat" and "NoDNSBL.dat".
  • No more multiple toolbars. There is now a single toolbar with the most commonly used items. Everything else can be accessed through the menu system. The number of buttons and icons have been reduced as this was unattractive. It is not possible and will not become possible to customize the single toolbar that survived.
  • Most tabbed dialog boxes were converted to a different style that doesn't have a name AFAIK. Just open up the Spam Filter editor for an example of how they look now.
  • More modern common control libraries were linked into MDaemon.
  • "Easy mode" is gone and is not coming back. The new UI changes have made "Easy mode" obsolete.
  • The top level menu was changed to a more modern style and many of the options were consolidated into fewer configuration dialog boxes.
  • All underlined characters within dialog boxes (short-cut keys) were removed. These present problems for me refraining from duplicates and policing non-English translations. So, bye-bye.
  • The 'Tools' window in the left hand main GUI is gone.
  • Several options that are rarely (if ever) changed by users were removed from various UI screens.
  • Over 150 obsolete UI resources were removed from the software.
  • The "Perform a DNS Lookup" feature has been removed. NSLookup is 100 times better.
  • The retry queue settings have been moved to the new "Mail Queues" editor which is available from the Queues top-level menu selection.
  • Outlook Connector settings have been moved to the new "Account Settings" editor which is available from the Accounts top-level menu selection.
  • Some accelerators were changes (New, Edit, Delete Account) and some others were removed completely. The Alt+N accelerator now opens the Alt-N home page.
  • The event scheduler was altered to make it more human-friendly.
  • The Preferences options governing initial visible state of mail sessions have been removed. Mail sessions are always created in hidden windows now. For the same reason the option to hide de-queue windows was removed.
  • The main tabbed window will always be maximized within the UI.
  • Options to set/change UI background image has been removed.
  • Updated buttons and eye-candy graphics.
  • MultiPOP collection options moved from Preferences to the new scheduler UI.
  • Several menu item hot-keys were changed in order to be more logical and due to lots of menu items being removed.
  • The Servers configuration screen was moved from Preferences to Primary Domain & Servers and the Pre/Post-processing screen was moved to the Mail Queues configuration screen.

WorldClient has been improved in several ways:
  • Added Theme and Language selection boxes to the Logon screens of WorldClient's desktop themes. These two options can be disabled with the two Domains.ini settings: HideLoginLanguage=Yes and HideLoginTheme=Yes
  • Renamed the WorldClient 'PocketPC' theme to 'Mobile' and added it to the theme available in the theme selector.
  • Updated Simple theme with the goal of being completely handicap accessible for use with screen readers, various font size magnifications and allowing users to disable stylesheets all together. This new visual look should also render faster on modern browsers. Due to the removal of much of the javascript some things like composing in a new window and editing groupware items in a new window now take place in the main browser window.
  • WorldClient now displays occurrences of recurring appointments whose start or end dates or times have been changed in Outlook at the correct (changed) date and time.
  • Users can now select what time zone they are in, and WorldClient will display all dates and times in that time zone instead of the server's time zone. The setting is found on the Options | Preferences page. The default value (blank) means to use the server's time zone.
LookOut theme is improved in several ways:
  • Improved performance for loading speed and changing views was achieved via a new framework. This new framework supports the Safari browser as well.
  • Support for drag-and-drop of Messages, Notes, Calendar Events, and Contacts was added. The folder list should fade out any folders that are not of the correct folder type to make it obvious which folders can receive the object. Also, you can hold the CTRL key to perform a copy operation.
  • By popular demand the contact view has been turned back into a list and two more columns have been added to the view: Company name and business phone number.
  • For the LookOut theme as well as the other desktop browser themes the message list now supports message threading. This can be enabled in the user options Personalize view.
  • Updated the Compose views in LookOut (compose, spell checking and attachments) to maximize the space in the compose view. This includes dynamically resizing the message body text editor.
  • Added an option to LookOut's preferences page to wait a number of seconds before marking a message being previewed as read. The default, 0 (zero), will mark the messages as read immediately.
  • Added visual indicator for top levels of threads to identify threads with sub-messages that are unread with an underline of the subject text.
  • Added the 'm' keyboard shortcut key to toggle the read/unread state of selected message.
  • Added column re-ordering to the Message List view. Choose 'Re-Order Columns' from the context menu to drag and drop the columns into the desired order.
  • Compressed WorldClient LookOut's JavaScript files for optimized data transfer.
  • Improved folder list rendering speed in the LookOut theme.
  • Added month name above the month view to make it easier to identify the current month.

ComAgent has been improved in several ways:
  • The ComAgent UI was updated and is now skins-based. ComAgent's skin framework is compatible with msstyles skins which are available all over the internet. Just download the *.msstyles file and place it in the 'Styles' folder under the same name. For example if the file was called 'Yoda.msstyles' folder format would look like \Yoda\Yoda.msstyles.
  • ComAgent now supports multiple account logins for IM and mail folder checks.
  • Updated spell-checker to add "check as you type" spell checking.
DOMAIN SHARING (requires MDaemon PRO)
    Domain Sharing is a new feature which allows you to split a domain's users across multiple servers running anywhere you wish. Domain Sharing eases the setting up of branch offices which wish to use the same domain but have different users. With Domain Sharing you can have a portion of a domain's users on one server and another portion on another server. A new configuration UI has been added to the Setup menu for configuring the hosts which are sharing the domain. When an incoming message arrives for a domain user which does not have a local mailbox Domain Sharing will query any number of other servers you have configured in order to discover which of those maintains a mailbox for the user. Once discovered, the message is accepted and routed to that server. Domain Sharing is built on Minger and so Minger must be enabled and properly configured in order for queries to function. If an error occurs during a Minger query MDaemon will respond with a "451" temporary error so that the sending server can try delivery again later.
SYNCML OMA-DS 1.2 SUPPORT (requires MDaemon PRO)
  • MDaemon's SyncML server has been updated to include OMA-DS version 1.2 features and data formats, including Suspend and Resume and the new Device Information Data format.
  • SyncML server now supports and should properly handle:
    • Server Time Zone (default),
    • User Time Zone (if set in user.ini), and
    • UTC (if set in DEVINF, overrides both of the above)
    However, since ALL KNOWN SyncML clients (or native code in phones) use UTC, User Time Zone support will most likely never be utilized by the SyncML code. Since UTC is what will be used to send and receive data, effectively WorldClient can be in the same or a different time zone than the device, and it won't matter. Times at the device will be based on the time zone offset of the device from the transmitted UTC, same for the server, or user time zone in WorldClient.
  • SyncML: Server now handles either "Timeout=xx" or "ExpireTime=xx" value.
  • SyncML: Server can now handle Status for clients which do not provide data to identify the Sync command, when only one SyncJob instance exist.
    MDaemon FREE" is a limited but totally free version of MDaemon. It is intended to provide basic mail server capability for up to 5 users. For more information on MDaemon FREE look here. The installer will offer an option to install MDaemon FREE or you can convert an existing installation or trial version to MDaemon FREE by using this registration key: IDJDFYC-YQDSBOL-HTXANTQ
  • Dynamic Screening has been improved. The option to ban IPs which encounter or cause a certain number of authentication errors will now track across multiple separate sessions from all IPs. Also, the feature now works properly with IMAP, POP, and SMTP sessions.
  • The Address Suppression feature has been changed in several ways:
    • This feature was renamed "Address Blacklisting"
    • Configuration data for this feature was moved out of domains.dat and stored in a new file called BlackList.dat which is structured in a new more usable format. Open BlackList.dat for a description of the format.
    • The per-domain option "Refuse during SMTP" was removed. This is now mandatory behavior.
    • The per-domain option "Inform senders when messages refused" was changed to a global setting applying to all domains. This switch is disabled by default.
    Running MDaemon 10 for the first time will automatically migrate your existing settings and create the required new files in the proper format.
  • The IP/Host Screening features have been changed in several ways:
    • The IPScreen.dat file no longer contains Host Screening data. HostScreen.dat has been created for this purpose.
    • The format of IPScreen.dat has been changed and is now structured in a new more efficient and usable format. Open IPScreen.dat for a description of the format.
    • The UI for these elements has been altered slightly.
    Running MDaemon 10 for the first time will automatically migrate your existing settings and create the required new files in the proper format.
  • The aliasing option "Aliases are ignored if address matches an existing account of mailing list" has been renamed to "Alias processing stops when result matches an existing account or list" which describes the process better. This option must be enabled in order for subaddressing to work when wildcarded aliases are present. Subaddressed address forms can not be aliased but when wildcard aliases are present subaddressed forms will now work whereas they didn't work in previous versions.
  • The list of default headers parsed by DomainPOP has been changed to the following:
    To reset your list of headers to defaults use the 'default' button found on the DomainPOP parsing screen.
  • The Dynamic Queuing option was removed form the UI. MDaemon now always manages queuing in as dynamic and efficient a way as possible.
  • Session window objects are no longer MDI child windows. Instead, the operate in normal hidden windows. This has removed several bugs and limitation associated with using an MDI architecture for session window objects. MDaemon retains an MDI framework for UI interaction.
  • MDaemon Standard no longer support Gateways AT ALL. If you want Gateway capability you must now upgrade to MDaemon PRO.
  • Minger results are always cached with a default value of 5 days if the result is positive (the user exists) and 15 minutes if the result is negative (the user does not exist). The option to cache Minger results has been removed. These changes are necessary for the new Domain Sharing feature.
  • The return-path value used when forwarding list mail is computed like this: If the option to forward messages using the forwarder's email address is enabled (in SPF settings) then the forwarder's email address is used as the return-path. Otherwise, forwarded list messages will always use the list's bounce address (which might be NULL). Forwarded list messages will never use the email address of the original poster as the return-path.
  • The startup sequence was tweaked so that the shutdown sequence could be better logged (SYSTEM log).
  • Minger queries coming from SecurityGateway will treat sub-addressed paths as if they were aliases. This will prevent SecurityGateway from creating it's own account needlessly.
  • Bayesian auto-learning is now disabled by default. You may have to manually enable it if you want to use it. There is some question at present as to it's effectiveness and that it might be causing some spam detection problems (more than it solves). Automatic learning is a very tricky proposition. Manual learning is recommended.
  • New list member welcome messages will now be sent using the list's SMTP bounce address rather than "noreply@" assuming one is present.
  • Added switch to Preferences which lets you configure what happens to undeliverable list mail. It can either be simply deleted (the default) or bounced to the list's bounce address (requires that one be configured).
  • An SMTP STARTTLS white list has been added to the "SSL & TLS" section within the UI. This white list prevents the use of STARTTLS when sending or receiving mail from certain domains.
  • Added a switch to the Minger server properties which instructs Minger to treat foreign aliases (aliases that point to external addresses) as if they were active known addresses. Also, this behavior is forced when a query comes from SecurityGateway to MDaemon regardless of the state of this switch setting.
  • User can now resume composition from Mobile theme's drafts view
  • The option to delete undeliverable forwarded messages has been changed. MDaemon now moves these message into the bad message queue and the UI text in Preferences describing this feature has been reworded.
  • MDaemon will no longer forward messages that are missing the From: header.
  • List digests will change quoted-printable data to plain text before placing it into the digest. This looks a lot better for digest recipients.
  • By default spam messages will no longer be archived to a mailing list's public folder. You can change this via a new switch in the Preferences.
  • The Authentication-Results header will include the first several bytes of the DKIM signature hash (b=) when reporting DKIM results. This will allow matching of results to specific signatures in cases where the message has multiple signatures.
  • MDaemon will reject as "unknown recipient" any attempt from unqualified senders to reach one of the special addresses (like spamlearn@). Previously MDaemon accepted and then bounced such messages.
  • Return-path header processing has been changed for MultiPOP and DomainPOP collected mail. Existing Return-Path headers are now always stripped from this type of mail. An appropriate Return-path header will be prepended to all MultiPOP and DomainPOP collected mail that is destined for a local mailbox. This brings MPOP and DPOP into compliance with RFCs and also consistent with SMTP delivered mail.
  • Added cache checkbox to the Minger server UI screen.
  • The option to use a NULL reverse path when sending system generated messages has been removed from Preferences. MDaemon will now ALWAYS use a NULL reverse path when required (for example, with DSN's) and will NOT use a NULL reverse path when not required (such as with autoresponders and HELP responses, etc). Rather than NULL, MDaemon will use "noreply@" in order to detect and prevent mail loops. In previous versions MDaemon used "MDaemon@". These changes are necessary in order to better comply with a SHOULD found in section 4.5.5 of RFC 2821 which after describing DSNs reads thus: "All other types of messages (i.e., any message which is not required by a standards-track RFC to have a null reverse-path) SHOULD be sent with with a valid, non-null reverse-path."
  • The delivery scheduler option "Deliver mail XX minutes after the last delivery" (or something similar to those words) only worked on days in which a specific scheduled time had also been setup. This dependancy has been removed.
  • Moved AntiVirus and AntiSpam update code into MDaemon's Schedule Manager thread for performance, consistency, and to remove redundant code. All schedules are not operating in their own thread.
  • Scheduler event logging can be toggled via a new checkbox in the Logging Options. Scheduler event logging is fairly verbose and is intended for debugging problems. It is therefore disabled by default.
  • Updated copyright information
  • Double clicking Comagent tray icon can now bring up the Inbox.
  • It is no longer an install option to make a backup.
  • Groups can now be selected as mailing list members.
  • Group editor now lists all group members.
  • Currently, VBR certification will take place for all DK/DKIM verified messages if you are using Alt-N's free as a certification provider. MDaemon 10 opens this free service up for all messages authenticated using SPF or SenderID as well.
  • X-MDAV-Processed and X-Spam-Processed headers will be prepended rather than appended to message headers after processing.
  • Sender-ID processing will not be performed if a message has previously received a pass result from SPF.
  • SpamAssassin/MDSpamD updated. Also, created md_init324.pre file that will not get overwritten by the installer so that some of the SpamAssassin plugins can optionally be loaded.
  • Aliases are now handled properly with per-account smart host auth
  • Optimized inbound SMTP code to avoid needless call for gateways
  • Added optional smart host authentication login to account editor
  • MDaemon Configuration Session UI's no longer always use just a green tray icon. Now they use the standard set of colored icons indicating the server's state.
  • Accountprune has ability to move messages.
  • Added "Signature" editor to account editor. This edits the same signature data which has always been possible when using BEGIN SIGNATURE emails sent to MDaemon.
  • Domain editor was converted from propsheet to sizable dialog box.
  • WDaemon (the built-in web server) now has a log level setting separate from WorldClient. Debug logging is disabled by default. To enable debug logging, edit WorldClient.ini and set both [General] LogLevel and WDaemonLogLevel to 1.
  • NDR templates were updated to mention MDaemon and add an URL for MDaemon information.
  • MDaemon's message compliance check now rejects messages with more than one From: or Subject: header (not permitted by RFC 2822).
  • Trusted IPs and hosts are exempt from SMTP compliance checks. However, trusted hosts are exempt from SMTP parameter checking only on all SMTP commands after MAIL.
  • MDaemon will reject MAIL/RCPT values containing the string ".@"
  • Min max hop setting allowed by UI control changed to 5.
  • The IMAP "post" right will be added to an IMAP folder ACL any time a submission address for that folder is configured via the UI. The "post" right will be granted to "anyone" meaning that all senders are allowed to post messages into the folder by sending to the submission address for the folder.
  • Add option to Accountprune which excludes folders from archiving.
Versienummer 10.00
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows Server 2008
Website Alt-N Technologies
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


04-09-2008 • 23:09

13 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Alt-N Technologies


Reacties (13)

Wijzig sortering
Ikzelf heb mdaemon al vaak geļnstalleerd, en ben er super tevreden over.
Maar intussen is de noodzaak aan (online) synchronisatie tussen pocketpc en outlook zo groot geworden, dat we moesten overstappen op exchange. Jammer maar helaas, biedt mdaemon (toch niet met de vorige versies), niet zo'n gemakkelijke integratie op dat vlak.

Er worden wel veel tools en 3rd party plugins ondersteund, maar het zijn in mijn ogen wel lapmiddelen...

Als mailserver, webmail en losstaand remindersysteem is het 100% top, imap ondersteuning werkt prima, en https gaat vanzelf (je hoeft geen certs te maken, of aan te vragen)

Onze klanten die een eenvoudige en onderhoudsvriendelijke mail-oplossing willen, voorzien wij vaak van mdaemon...
Gezien de outlook integratie ga ik voor < 50 gebruikers toch liever voor kerio.
Kerio werkt ook voor honderden gebruikers. 1 server kan veel aan mits je let op de HD configuratie.
Is dit eventueel een alternatief voor ms Exchange? Of is de Kerio Mailserver dan een/de betere keuze voor het midden en vooral klein bedrijf. En de enige open source die me te binnen schiet is Scalix.
Jazeker, MDaemon is een geweldig alternatief voor MS Exchange! Ooit een review gelezen van redelijk recente versies waarbij MDaemon toch op veel punten beter uitkomt dan Kerio Mailserver, vooral prijs/kwaliteitverhouding.
Ik heb hem hier draaien, en het werkt echt fantastisch.
Webmail is super:) Webadmin ook :)
Werkt gewoon fijn!
Hmm de "free" version is wel erg tof voor de thuisgebruikers ! Zeker effe testen nu tweakers !
Helaas wel zonder IMAP :(
Op de zaak hier hebben mdaemon een tijdje getest als vervanger voor exchange, maar uiteindelijk zijn we naar smartermail (van overgestapt omdat ie fijner werkt, lichter op de server is en (minder van belang) wat goedkoper is. We hebben hier nu ruim 1000 werkplekken die er erg tevreden mee zijn.
Echt een geweldige mail server, draai hem al jaren probleemloos!
Zelf gebruik ik Hmailserver. Ook voor Windows, makkelijk te configureren, IMAP support en helemaal gratis. :)
Nou, voel je volgende keer gerust geroepen een meuktip in te sturen

[Reactie gewijzigd door Patriot op 4 september 2008 23:30]

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