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Software-update: Nmap 4.20 RC1

Nmap is een handig programma voor het verkennen en controleren van je netwerk. Het is ontworpen om zonder vertragingen een groot netwerk te scannen, maar het werkt ook zonder problemen op een enkele host. Het programma maakt gebruik van zogenaamde 'raw IP packets' waarmee de actieve hosts en de beschikbare services met allerlei extra informatie worden achterhaald. Voor meer informatie over de mogelijkheden verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaar van heeft de eerste release candidate van Nmap 4.20 de deur uitgedaan met de volgende lijst van veranderingen:

Version 4.20 RC1:
  • Fixed (I hope) a bug related to Pcap capture on Mac OS X. Thanks to Christophe Thil for reporting the problem and to Kurt Grutzmacher and Diman Todorov for helping to track it down.
  • Integrated all of your OS detection submissions since ALPHA11. The DB has increased 27% to 189 signatures. Notable additions include the Apple Airport Express, Windows Vista RC1, OpenBSD 4.0, a Sony TiVo device, and tons of broadband routers, printers, switches, and Linux kernels. Keep those submissions coming!
  • Upgraded the included LibPCRE from version 6.4 to 6.7. Thanks to Jochen Vo (voss(a) for the suggestion (he found some bugs in 6.4)
Version 4.20 ALPHA11:
  • Integrated all of your OS detection submissions, bringing the database up to 149 fingerprints. This is an increase of 28% from ALPHA10. Notable additions include FreeBSD 6.1, a bunch of HP LaserJet printers, and HP-UX 11.11. We also got a bunch of more obscure submissions like Minix 3.1.2a and "Ember InSight Adapter for programming EM2XX-family embedded devices". Who doesn't have a few of those laying around? I'm hoping that all the obscure submissions mean that more of the mainstream systems are being detected out of the box! Please keep those submissions (obscure or otherwise) coming!
Version 4.20 ALPHA10:
  • Integrated tons of new OS fingerprints. The DB now contains 116 fingerprints, which is up 63% since the previous version. Please keep the submissions coming!
Version 4.20 ALPHA9:
  • Integrated the newly submitted OS fingerprints. The DB now contains 71 fingerprints, up 27% from 56 in ALPHA8. Please keep them coming! We still only have 4.2% as many fingerprints as the gen1 database.
  • Added the --open option, which causes Nmap to show only open ports. Ports in the states "open|closed" and "unfiltered" might be open, so those are shown unless the host has an overwhelming number of them.
  • Nmap gen2 OS detection used to always do 2 retries if it fails to find a match. Now it normally does just 1 retry, but does 4 retries if conditions are good enough to warrant fingerprint submission. This should speed things up on average. A new --max-os-tries option lets you specify a higher lower maximum number of tries.
  • Added --unprivileged option, which is the opposite of --privileged. It tells Nmap to treat the user as lacking network raw socket and sniffing privileges. This is useful for testing, debugging, or when the raw network functionality of your operating system is somehow broken.
  • Fixed a confusing error message which occured when you specified a ping scan or list scan, but also specified -p (which is only used for port scans). Thanks to Thomas Buchanan for the patch.
  • Applied some small cleanup patches from Kris Katterjohn
Version 4.20 ALPHA8:
  • Integrated the newly submitted OS fingerprints. The DB now contains 56, up 33% from 42 in ALPHA7. Please keep them coming! We still only have 3.33% as many signatures as the gen1 database.
  • Nmap 2nd generation OS detection now has a more sophisticated mechanism for guessing a target OS when there is no exact match in the database (see )
  • Rewrote mswin32/nmap.rc to remove cruft and hopefully reduce some MFC-related compilation problems we've seen. Thanks to KX (kxmail(a) for doing this.
  • NmapFE now uses a spin button for verbosity and debugging options so that you can specify whatever verbosity (-v) or debugging (-d) level you desire. The --randomize-hosts option was also added to NmapFE. Thanks to Kris Katterjohn for the patches.
  • A dozen or so small patches to Nmap and NmapFE by Kris Katterjohn.
  • Removed libpcap/Win32 and libpcap/msdos as Nmap doesn't use them. This reduces the Nmap tar.bz2 by about 50K. Thanks to Kris Katterjohn for the suggestion.
Version 4.20 ALPHA7:
  • Did a bunch of Nmap 2nd generation fingerprint integration work. Thanks to everyone who sent some in, though we still need a lot more. Also thanks to Zhao for a bunch of help with the integration tools. 4.20ALPHA6 had 12 fingerprints, this new version has 42. The old DB (still included) has 1,684.
  • Updated nmap-mac-prefixes to reflect the latest OUI DB from the IEEE ( as of September 6, 2006. Also added the unregistered PearPC virtual NIC prefix, as suggested by Robert Millan (rmh(a)
  • Applied some small internal cleanup patches by Kris Katterjohn.
Version 4.20 ALPHA6:
  • Fixed a bug in 2nd generation OS detection which would (usually) prevent fingerprints from being printed when systems don't respond to the 1st ICMP echo probe (the one with bogus code value of 9). Thanks to Brandon Enright for reporting and helping me debug the problem.
  • Fixed some problematic Nmap version detection signatures which could cause warning messages. Thanks to Brandon Enright for the initial patch.
Version 4.20 ALPHA5:
  • Worked with Zhao to improve the new OS detection system with better algorithms, probe changes, and bug fixes. We're now ready to start growing the new database! If Nmap gives you fingerprints, please submit them at the given URL. The DB is still extremely small. The new system is extensively documented at .
  • Nmap now supports IP options with the new --ip-options flag. You can specify any options in hex, or use "R" (record route), "T" (record timestamp), "U") (record route & timestamp), "S [route]" (strict source route), or "L [route]" (loose source route). Specify --packet-trace to display IP options of responses. For further information and examples, see and . Thanks to Marek Majkowski for writing and sending the patch.
  • Integrated all 2nd quarter service detection fingerprint submissions. Please keep them coming! We now have 3,671 signatures representing 415 protocols. Thanks to version detection czar Doug Hoyte for doing this.
  • Nmap now uses the (relatively) new libpcap pcap_get_selectable_fd API on systems which support it. This means that we no longer need to hack the included Pcap to better support Linux. So Nmap will now link with an existing system libpcap by default on that platform if one is detected. Thanks to Doug Hoyte for the patch.
  • Updated the included libpcap from 0.9.3 to 0.9.4. The changes I made are in libpcap/NMAP_MODIFICATIONS . By default, Nmap will now use the included libpcap unless version 0.9.4 or greater is already installed on the system.
  • Applied some nsock bugfixes from Diman Todorov. These don't affect the current version of Nmap, but are important for his Nmap Scripting Engine, which I hope to integrate into mainline Nmap in September.
  • Fixed a bug which would occasionally cause Nmap to crash with the message "log_vwrite: write buffer not large enough". I thought I conquered it in a previous release -- thanks to Doug Hoyte for finding a corner case which proved me wrong.
  • Fixed a bug in the rDNS system which prevented us from querying certain authoritative DNS servers which have recursion explicitly disabled. Thanks to Doug Hoyte for the patch.
  • --packet-trace now reports TCP options (thanks to Zhao Lei for the patch). Thanks to the --ip-options addition also found in this release, IP options are printed too.
  • Cleaned up Nmap DNS reporting to be a little more useful and concise. Thanks to Doug Hoyte for the patch.
  • Applied a bunch of small internal cleanup patches by Kris Katterjohn (kjak(a)
  • Fixed the 'distclean' make target to be more comprehensive. Thanks to Thomas Buchanan (Thomas.Buchanan(a) for the patch.
Version 4.20 ALPHA4:
  • Nmap now provides progress statistics in the XML output in verbose mode. Here are some examples of the format (etc is "estimated time until completion) and times are in UNIX time_t (seconds since 1970) format. Angle braces have been replaced by square braces:
    [taskbegin task="SYN Stealth Scan" time="1151384685" /]
    [taskprogress task="SYN Stealth Scan" time="1151384715" percent="13.85" remaining="187" etc="1151384902" /]
    [taskend task="SYN Stealth Scan" time="1151384776" /]
    [taskbegin task="Service scan" time="1151384776" /]
    [taskend task="Service scan" time="1151384788" /]
    Thanks to Adam Vartanian (flooey(a) for the patch.
  • Updated the Windows installer to give an option checkbox for performing the Nmap performance registry changes. The default is to do so. Thanks to Adam Vartanian (flooey(a) for the patch.
  • Applied several code cleanup patches from Marek Majkowski.
  • Added --release-memory option, which causes Nmap to release all accessible memory buffers before quitting (rather than let the OS do it). This is only useful for debugging memory leaks.
  • Fixed a bug related to bogus completion time estimates when you request an estimate (through runtime interaction) right when Nmap is starting.a subsystem (such as a port scan or version detection). Thanks to Diman Todorov for reporting the problem and Doug Hoyte for writing a fix.
  • Nmap no longer gets random numbers from OpenSSL when it is available because that turned out to be slower than Nmap's other methods (e.g. /dev/urandom on Linux, /dev/arandom on OpenBSD, etc.). Thanks to Marek Majkowski for reporting the problem.
  • Updated the Windows binary distributions (self-installer and .zip) to include the new 2nd generation OS detection DB (nmap-os-db). Thanks to Sina Bahram for reporting the problem.
  • Fixed the --max-retries option, which wasn't being honored. Thanks to Jon Passki (jon.passki(a) for the patch.
Version 4.20 ALPHA3:
  • Added back Win32 support thanks to a patch by kx
  • Fixed the English translation of TCP sequence difficulty reported by Brandon Enright, and also removed fingerprint printing for 1st generation fingerprints (I don't really want to deal with those anymore). Thanks to Zhao Lei for writing this patch.
  • Fix a problem which caused OS detection to be done in some cases even if the user didn't request it. Thanks to Diman Todorov for the fix.
Version 4.20 ALPHA2:
  • Included nmap-os-db (the new OS detection DB) within the release. Oops! Thanks to Brandon Enright (bmenrigh(a) for catching this problem with 4.20ALPHA1.
  • Added a fix for the crash in the new OS detection which would come with the message "Probe doesn't exist! Probe type: 1. Probe subid: 1"
Version 4.20 ALPHA1:
  • Integrated initial 2nd generation OS detection patch! The system is documented at . Thanks to Zhao Lei for helping with the coding and design.
  • was refactored to remove some code duplication. Thanks to Diman Todorov for the patch.
Versienummer 4.20 RC1
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003
Licentietype GPL

Door Japke Rosink


20-11-2006 • 16:30

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Wijzig sortering
ikl gebruik dit progje altijd onder linux, ik wist niet dat er ook een windows variant van was
Gebruik zelf het proggie op zowel linux als windows, de windows versie werkt precies hetzelfde als de linux versie. Bij de setup wordt wel wincap meegeinstalleerd, maar dat hoeft natuurlijk geen probleem te zijn.
de windows versie werkt precies hetzelfde als de linux versie
Oh ja? Doe maar eens 'nmap localhost' in Windows dan :)
Dan had je ook gelezen dat het aan Windows ligt en niet aan NMAP :7
Trouwens ook apart dat het van een Alpha release naar een Release Candidate gaat :?
Met Wiki erbij heb je gelijk, maar beta versies worden vaak al gebruikt als RC.
De manager was bang dat R&D ook weer 20 Bta-versies uit zou brengen :P

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