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Bron: Snarfware LLC, submitter: Spleasure

Snarfer logo Om RSS-feeds te kunnen lezen bestaan vele programma's. Snarfer is daarvan een minder bekende, en vandaag is daarvan versie 0.5.0 uitgekomen. Het programma is gratis in gebruik, maar er wordt wel een advertentie in de gebruikersinterface weergegeven. Verder is het .NET Framework nodig om Snarfer te kunnen gebruiken. Het changelog van deze release laat de volgende veranderingen zien:

Major Features:
  • Added a plugin that monitors search results on Ebay.
  • Added a plugin for searching craigslist across multiple cities.
  • Added a plugin for emailing articles to a friend.
  • The OPML export plugin now allows you to email the feeds you have just exported.
  • Added a search toolbar for easy access to any of the installed search plugins.
  • The database has been improved to make it more resistant to damage that might result from a system crash.
  • The database will also now detect when the system has not been shutdown safely and will attempt to repair any errors.
Minor Features:
  • It is now possible to setup default values for the refresh interval and the number of messages kept for a feed.
  • Feeds can now also be setup to refresh manually (by selecting "Refresh" from their right click menu, or "Refresh All" from the root folder).
  • You can now specify that the old messages in a feeds should never be kept (the feed will only show messages that are currently listed on the server).
  • Added a right click menu to the message view window for easy access to the main message functions including the new Email option.
  • Added support for Forward and Back mouse buttons.
Technical Improvements:
  • New improved duplicate detection algorithm for feeds.
  • Added support for CSS style attributes in the HTML parser.
  • Added support for backquote attribute quoting in the HTML parser.
  • Added emulation of the ABBR element to the HTML parser.
  • Added Bloglines Search to the list of search engines supported by the Web Search plugin.
  • Results from a Web Search can now be deleted with less chance of them returning again later.
  • When importing or exporting OPML files a .opml extension is now automatically added to filenames if missing.
  • The XML parser is now better at recovering from unescaped ampersands.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that could cause problems with certain type of flash objects when viewing web pages internally.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented javascript links from working when viewing web pages internally.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause other links to open internally when the options specified that only the Original Article should be.
  • Certain types of HTML tags were being incorrectly parsed when they contained no content.
  • Not all forms of scripting were being filtered out by the HTML parser.
  • Marking all items as read failed to reset the "unread items" flag in the system tray.
  • If Windows was shutdown while Snarfer was still running it was possible that it would not have been closed correctly.
  • If Windows took to long to start up it was possible that Snarfer would not appear in the system tray even though it was running.
  • Fixed a bug in the Local Search plugin that could crash if the search window was closed while it was still searching.
  • Certain characters may not have worked correctly if used in a query in the Web Search plugin.
Snarfer screenshot (resized)
Besturingssystemen:Windows XP
Website:Snarfware LLC
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Ik gebruik al erg lang Awasu, omdat deze een goed configureerbare interface heeft.
Toch Snarfer even gaan bekijken, ziet er op het eerste gezicht goed uit.

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