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Software-update: MDaemon 9.0.5

MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform met ingebouwde antivirus en antispam mogelijkheden. De verschillende features die aanwezig zijn in deze mailserver zijn op deze pagina na te lezen en bevatten onder andere het delen van contactlists, tasklists of agenda's en het valideren van afzenders door middel van DomainKeys of Sender ID. Alt-N Technologies heeft versie 9.0.5 uitgebracht met de volgende veranderingen:

Version 9.0.5:
  • Smart spooling is not available when inserting hashcash stamps into outgoing messages. MDaemon's current hashcash minting method requires a unique message per recipient in order to insert unique hashcash tokens. Otherwise, the messages get negatively impacted by spam filters due to the same hashcash token being used within multiple messages.
  • MDStats' Queue page now displays the decoded folder name in the first column rather than the encoded name
  • WC Fax Compose now lists .cov cover pages in addition to .cve cover pages
  • By default, messages to local recipients are no longer exempt from IP Shield or forced AUTH settings (the switches are disabled rather than enabled by default). You can change the switch settings if this is a problem.
  • If you wish to pass optional command line options to MDSpamD you can do so by specifying them on a new control within the Spam Filter|MDSpamD GUI. Possible commands are listed here.
    Note: not all command line options are supported in our Windows version.
  • Added switch to auto gateway creation which will govern whether gateways are created when MX records point to reserved IPs (like 127.*, 172.* etc).
  • Updated MDSpamD.exe to SpamAssassin 3.13. This fixes the problem where MDSpamD.exe will not run on some systems.
  • Added support for public folders to the SyncML server. The database path needs to be in the following format "public folders/domain/folder", for example public folders/company.mail/contacts. In order to perform two way synchronization the user needs read, write, and delete IMAP access to the folder. One way synchronization from the server requires only read access.
  • By default, MDaemon will drop connection after a host screen match to protect aganst botnet attacks. You can change this behavior by setting the following switch in MDaemon.ini:
    HostScreenDumpsConn=No (default Yes)
  • [4406] Session wide bandwidth throttling has a minimum granularity of 1 KB/s. This means that when throttling an entire service across an arbitrary number of sessions the slowest any session will go is 1 KB/s.
  • [4415] MDaemon will add the X-Envelope-From header to all messages.
  • [4414] Connections which use AUTH will only be subject to a single HELO delay per day. The first message from them will get the HELO delay but any subsequent message sent from the same IP will not. A new switch setting in the Tarpit options can toggle this behavior.
  • [4476] An error in the Spanish translation of DPOPXtra.dat is causing some extra wasted processing of extra DomainPOP hosts. This is fixed for new installations. To correct your existing Spanish installation either delete the file DPOPXtra.dat and restart MDaemon or open it with a text editor and put a # char at the start of each line that isn't a DomainPOP host.
  • [4490] fix to a corrupted calendar entry may cause WorldClient to crash when accessing free/busy data
  • [4506] fix to potential crash in MDCalendar.dll
  • [4460] fix to account restriction options not available for localization
  • [4428] fix to subject insert not stripped when releasing/requeueing mail from the spam trap public folder
  • [4437] fix to MD Standard trying to run Bayesian learning at times
  • [4470] fix to crash in Spanish version when changing log settings
  • [4461] fix to some alias GUI related translation issues
  • [4462] fix to some SyncML GUI related translation issues
  • [4463] fix to some LDaemon GUI related translation issues
  • [4454] fix to DNS edit boxes not scrolling/long enough for some languages
  • [4406] fix to bandwidth thottling not working well in some cases
  • [4448] fix to options errantly enabled in MDaemon Standard
  • [3814] fix to full name not allowing certain double byte characters
  • [3928] fix to WC UseFirstAlias choosing wrong address on replies
  • [3202] fix to forwarded mail to over quota account not always handled properly
  • fix to 'Could not start process as user X on domain Y' problem at times
  • fix to DomainKeys verification error with multi-line headers and the simple canonicalization method
  • fix to SyncML server does not read the recurrence end date for calendar events created on the client
  • fix to SyncML server may duplicate tasks when performing a slow sync
  • fix to some auto-generated mails not being DKIM signed
  • fix to skipping first two lines of report when using non Alt-N SpamD
  • fix to WC possibly truncating long header values in the middle of multi-byte characters
  • fix to WC Reply All merging CC addresses into the To field
  • fix to moving a large number of messages in WorldClient's LookOut theme should not cause Internet Explorer to throw an error.
  • fix to contacts/events/tasks created in Outlook/Outlook Connector will not appear in WorldClient if the account was configured to encrypt mail
  • fix to contacts.mrk is not rebuilt from Outlook Connector .msg files
  • fix to folder names not being decoded on Bayesian learing Public Folders dialog
  • fix to WC simple theme Fax Compose writing bad default cover page header
  • added ham/spam links to the simple theme
  • fix to IMAP server crash parsing certain messages
  • fix to WC not being able to remove compose attachments with consecutive spaces in the filename
  • fix to moving folder in WC not updating subscription status of subfolders
  • fix to not being able to create subfolders of a shared users' Inbox using IMAP
  • fix to WC created subfolders of a shared folder not appearing for other users
  • Admins can now disable the Ham & Spam buttons in the LookOut and Standard themes by adding DisablHamButton=Yes and DisableSpamButton=Yes to the Domains.ini file or the User.ini files if only particular users want this setting
  • fix to WC Ham/Spam buttons not working until after MD has restarted once
  • Change the Ham/Spam buttons to be thumbs as the 'spamburgers' didn't communicate clearly to users
  • fix to meeting invitations sent from Outlook may not be recognized by WorldClient if the Strip X Headers option is enabled
  • fix to CF not replacing header items correctly when in there is no space after the colon
Versienummer 9.0.5
Besturingssystemen Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website Alt-N Technologies
Bestandsgrootte 37,59MB
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


21-06-2006 • 15:26

0 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Alt-N Technologies


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