Software-update: Sun Java 5.0 update 7

Sun heeft alweer de zevende update uitgebracht voor zijn Java 2 Standard Edition pakketten, zowel voor de Development Kit als voor de Runtime Environment. De versieaanduiding is vastgesteld op 5.0 update 7 en het exacte versienummer is op 1.5.0_07-b03 komen te liggen. De ontwikkelaars hebben weer verschillende fouten verbeterd die in de volgende lange lijst vermeld worden:

Bug fixes:
  • 6386588 guides none - [ja] User doc: The mistranslation for threadPrimitiveDeprecation, JAXP-Compatibility, and tooldocs
  • 6385940 guides none - [ja] API doc: The description of most methods in java.lang.StringBuffer is not translated
  • 6346871 hotspot compiler2 - REGRESSION: simple test program (using JacORB) causes HotSpot to SIGSEGV on Solaris 8
  • 6356527 hotspot compiler2 - jshort_disjoint_arraycopy doesn't properly guard against zero when aligning up addresses
  • 6343401 hotspot compiler2 - Crash removing empty loop
  • 6322757 hotspot compiler2 - GC crash in ParRootScanWithoutBarrierClosure::do_oop
  • 6372116 hotspot compiler2 - OSR compilation attempted for huge methods
  • 6326935 hotspot compiler2 - Exception message's size is more than doubled everytime an exception is thrown
  • 6280181 hotspot garbage_collector - Concurrently memory allocation and JNI CS provoke OOM
  • 6319671 hotspot garbage_collector - CMS should use Heap_lock for protecting heap resizing, instead of CMS token
  • 6275407 hotspot garbage_collector - Assertion failure "wrong array object size"
  • 6306741 hotspot garbage_collector - Memory leaks of C-heap allocated ResourceObjs
  • 6367204 hotspot garbage_collector - CMS: Poor garbage collection performance
  • 6186200 hotspot garbage_collector - RFE: Stall allocation requests while heap is full and GC locker is held
  • 6319688 hotspot garbage_collector - Incorrect locking in CMSPermGen::mem_allocate()
  • 6309761 hotspot hybrid_interpreter - interpreter uses oops while in thread_in_native state
  • 6189833 hotspot jni - compiled code for native method flushes one more register window than necessary
  • 5093520 hotspot jvmti - objects being kept alive in perm gen and old gen when debugger attached
  • 6336111 hotspot runtime_system - Intel IA64(Montecito) failed with 1.4.2_09
  • 6245770 hotspot runtime_system - Reduce default code cache sizes on 64-bit platforms
  • 6326417 hotspot runtime_system - call_VM doesn't allocate enough backing stack space for register argument on Win64
  • 6193075 hotspot runtime_system - Manual Class Data Sharing not working on Intel Solaris
  • 6342951 hotspot runtime_system - Implicit null checks on large objects cause JVM crash
  • 6333676 hotspot runtime_system - The poold core dumped during multi-thread regression test.
  • 6305025 idl orb - ORB#shutdown does not wait and leaks threads
  • 6310716 java char_encodings - decodeText() doesn't convert from iso-2022-jp to Unicode for some Japanese chars
  • 6338472 java classes_2d - Fonts created with createFont not being freed by GC.
  • 6355402 java classes_2d - Java2D Font implementation should improve MT scaleability of getting outline (visual) bounds.
  • 6186840 java classes_2d - GlyphVector.setGlyphPosition has no effect when printing
  • 6337338 java classes_2d - Printing of medium sized text files causes a very large spool file.
  • 4924220 java classes_2d - Microsoft Sans Serif (True Type) font is not rendered properly
  • 6245283 java classes_2d - Color Management code is not thread safe in HT/SMP machine
  • 6312510 java classes_2d - jdk 1.4.2_07 java apps color problem with patch 109147-34
  • 5098002 java classes_2d - FontUIResources created with fallbacks don't work with deriveFont
  • 6313541 java classes_2d - Fonts loaded with createFont cannot be converted into FontUIResource
  • 6363528 java classes_awt - REGRESSION: Stacked modal dialogs causing system to hang
  • 6300270 java classes_awt - RE 1.5.0_04 copy and paste fails in Modal JDialog
  • 6317336 java classes_awt - Frame with an Icon leaks and all allocated memory leaks too
  • 6313320 java classes_lang - Performance regression of String.toUpperCase() and toLowerCase()
  • 6265809 java classes_lang - Huge String.toLowerCase() performance regression
  • 6339951 java classes_management - Demo: JTop sorts threads by its cpu time
  • 6322176 java classes_management - DOC: broken link in package description
  • 6214400 java classes_management - Doc: broken links from doc
  • 6201467 java classes_management - Doc: Broken links to from API
  • 6353684 java classes_net - Unnecessary service name in getaddrinfo calls
  • 6274990 java classes_net - REGRESSION: URLConnection.connect() throws Exception with non UTF-8 char
  • 6360774 java classes_net - IIS issue with multpile Cookie headers
  • 5089488 java classes_net - checks for old-style impls
  • 6330699 java classes_nio - (se) VM dies when registering a SelectionKey on severals Selector
  • 6215050 java classes_nio - (so) SocketChannel created in CLOSE_WAIT and never cleaned up.. File Descriptor leak
  • 4726957 java classes_nio - (so) Socket.close fails if timeout set on Socket created from SocketChannel
  • 6350061 java classes_security - JGSS requires big-endian credential cache
  • 6346265 java classes_security - GSSContext/Krb5 mechanism should not cache Cipher object
  • 5102695 java classes_security - REGRESSION: JNDI example with SASL/GSSAPI does not work with J2SE 5.0
  • 6209956 java classes_security - REGRESSION: getExtensionValue() sometimes incorrectly returns null in v1.5
  • 6354728 java classes_security - Verification of signed JAR files is very slow (performance reduction)
  • 6355295 java classes_security - Certificate validation using OCSP fails for a particular class of certificates
  • 6261423 java classes_sound - Dropouts in audio recordings
  • 5086831 java classes_swing - JFileChooser.getSelectedFile() returns incorrect path on Windows network folder
  • 6347370 java classes_swing - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in GTKEngine._paintFocus when using NetBeans with 5.0
  • 5013564 java classes_swing - Win L&F: Cancel button in JFileChooser dialog should not have mnemonic
  • 5062649 java classes_swing - REG: JEditorPane/JTextPane(J2SE1.5) No support for dynamic Fonts
  • 5075580 java classes_swing - JFileChooser in FILES_AND_DIRECTORIES mode doesn't contain fix for 4239219
  • 6327342 java classes_util_concurrent - DelayQueue.poll(timeout, unit) can spin past given timeout
  • 6371531 java classes_util_i18n - Currency change for Mozambique
  • 6330892 java classes_util_i18n - Calendar serialization tests failing
  • 6336600 java classes_util_i18n - Correction to the new Azerbaijani currency
  • 6263644 java classes_util_i18n - (cal) SunTEA won't allow you to change tabs in expense report - GregorianCalendar serialization
  • 6242673 java classes_util_i18n - (tz) REGRESSION: date formatting in a table cell uses platform timezone
  • 6329105 java classes_util_i18n - (rb) ResourceBundle doesn't handle Errors encountered during loadBundle
  • 6234795 java classes_util_i18n - (cal) roll of HOUR or HOUR_OF_DAY doesn't set the other hour field
  • 6178071 java classes_util_i18n - (cal) REGRESSION: GregorianCalendar.set(Calendar.HOUR, ...) has no effect
  • 6271513 java classes_util_i18n - (tz) TimeZone.getDisplayName should use ConcurrentMap for caching display names
  • 6332148 java classes_util_i18n - (tz) Support tzdata2005n
  • 6223076 java classes_util_jarzip - Unnecessary object retention in
  • 6206933 java classes_util_jarzip - GZipOutputStream/InputStream goes critical(calls JNI_Get*Critical) and causes slowness
  • 6285124 java classes_util_jarzip - Small compressed zip entries should be read in one read() operation
  • 6295519 java compiler - javac throws ZipException when you have invalid files in classpath
  • 6225432 java dragndrop - MSVCRT Access Violation in sun.awt.....WDataTransferer.getClipboardFormatName()
  • 6342404 java imageio - Image I/O plugin failure causes all readers to fail
  • 5076692 java imageio - Installed Extensions Image I/O reader-writer plug-ins unusable in applet context
  • 6351343 java install - 5.0u5 iftw bundle silent install does not work
  • 6399782 java install - Solaris packaging changes required for Nevada
  • 5103041 java jdbc - Regression: binary compatibility problem with java.sql.Timestamp.compareTo
  • 6356753 java localization - Improper translation in the Japanese API doc (java.nio)
  • 6350975 java localization - zh/zh_TW:Control Panel/Advanced:Mnemonic of 'Browse...' does not work
  • 6385825 java localization - [zh_CN] a period mark is missing in installation custom dialog
  • 6279133 java localization - l10n for 4986256/5047307/6177732: message updates
  • 6351682 java localization - Country name for Korean is wrong in Simplified Chinese
  • 6323820 java localization - Untranslated strings in deployment security dialogs
  • 6418103 java localization - Tagging issue in 5.0 Japanese doc bundle
  • 6347949 java localization - [l10n,all] Extra leading newline in security dialog
  • 6342457 java localization - [sv] Untranslated strings in installer
  • 6350901 java localization - garbled characters in
  • 6318047 java localization - [ja] iftw installer message too long
  • 6355363 java localization - Sample code in localized API Doc for DecimalFormat class is very ugly.
  • 6314144 java other - Tie classes for javax.* package namespace classes are in wrong package
  • 6326020 java profiling - HPROF: make sure unprepared classes are skipped or handled in format=b dump
  • 6326015 java profiling - HPROF: format=b timestamp is incorrect
  • 6325354 java profiling - HPROF: format=b problem with HAT: Thread 200000 not found for JNI local ref
  • 6324827 java profiling - HPROF: The field index values don't match up with the field list created by hprof
  • 4486732 java rmi - RMI custom client socket factories not getting garbage collected
  • 6354368 java runtime - Japanese IME crashes JVM on J2SE 1.5 for WindowsXP 64 bit edition
  • 6232010 java serialization - ObjectOutputStream.subclassAudits SoftCache prevents ClassLoader GC
  • 5056445 java serialization - improve static cache performance by using ConcurrentHashMap
  • 6280629 java serviceability - Need ability to dump the heap at OutOfMemoryError
  • 6214916 java tools - -version: argument affects application arguments containing spaces
  • 6415362 java_deployment console - Reg: pressing "v" in Java Console crashes in jvm.dll
  • 6341549 java_deployment desktop - Make sun.swing.enableImprovedDragGesture a trusted property for Java Web Start.
  • 6363986 java_deployment general - Missing resource strings cause applet to fail.
  • 6345082 java_deployment general - Tiger_UR : Some of the security options needs to be removed from the Java Control Panel
  • 6359084 java_plugin compatibility - Java 1.5 Plugin Regression - window does not respond to the shutdown event
  • 6351064 java_plugin i18n - Korean: JRE collision dialog display format is not good
  • 6367496 java_plugin iexplorer - Applets in IE causing screen to blank, used to work in _04/_05
  • 6366491 java_plugin ocx - REGRESSION: Unnecessary http authentication in 1.5.0_06
  • 6381630 java_plugin other - New certificate warning with 5.0U6 flags certs as invalid instead of untrusted
  • 6335114 java_plugin plugin - NPE in GrayBoxPainter when applet fails to load
  • 6348224 java_plugin plugin - Firefox hangs on
  • 6346688 javawebstart general - JAVA WebStart is NOT handling PAC-file (Proxy Auto Config) using dnsDomainIs() correctly
  • 6267224 jaxp other - Migration, interoperation failures for serialized javax.xml.namespace.QName inst. betw EE 1.4,SE 5.0
  • 6353783 jce classes_crypto - Remove 2048 bit RSA keysize limit from local_policy.jar
  • 6309875 jce other - renew JCE signing cert before its expiration date of Mon Oct 29 11:05:10 PST 2007
  • 5056438 jce runtime - Cipher.init throws exception if Cipher is generated using RC4 as algorithm
  • 5083253 jce runtime - JCE enhancements required for Kerberos
  • 6229618 jce runtime - Crypto permission lookup is wrong when the Cipher algorithm name is not all uppercase
  • 5098318 jce runtime - Cached Jar file should be released on appl. exit even that is opended by Cipher
  • 6235345 jgss krb5plugin - Update Kerberos keytab to handle extensions
  • 5093560 jgss krb5plugin - Add support for RC4 encryption type
  • 5018075 jgss krb5plugin - Add support for AES encryption type
  • 6347516 jgss krb5plugin - Update Kerberos to use Sun MD4 implementation
  • 6296324 jmx classes - Deadlock in RMIConnector.close
  • 6356458 jmx classes - Missed popDefaultClassLoader() in RMIConnector.addListenerWithSubject()
  • 6332962 jmx classes - javax.managment.modelmbean.DescriptorSupport.writeObject() has problem validating serializability
  • 4836493 jsse runtime - Socket timeouts for SSLSockets causes data corruption
  • 6261681 jsse runtime - REGRESSION: Cannot generate DH key pair w/ SSL_DH_anon_WITH_RC4_128_MD5
Versienummer 5.0 update 7
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, Solaris, Windows Server 2003
Website Sun
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Door Japke Rosink


31-05-2006 • 12:57

10 Linkedin

Submitter: RS_Jelle

Bron: Sun

Reacties (10)

Wijzig sortering
Als ik met updatecheck van Java controleer vindt die nog niks. Nouja, wacht wel tot die gaat zeuren.
houdt het versienummer 1.5.0_07-b03 niet in dat het om beta 3 gaat dan? Lijkt me een beetje een vreemd versienummer voor een officiele versie.
Anoniem: 127039
@gwystyl31 mei 2006 15:18
Nee hoor, is gebruikelijk en komt bij iedere versie terug.

b zal vermoedelijk staan voor build.
Nee, dit betekent niet dat het om een beta gaat. Update 6 is bijvoorbeeld 1.5.0_06-b05.

Edit: staaijtech was me voor
Ik doe hetzelfde. Volgens mij duurt het altijd even voordat ie als automatische update verschijnt.
Maar nog geen echte oplossing voor de feature/bug van het 'secure static versioning' fenomeen. Daardoor voor clients die bepaalde applicaties met een hardcoded versie moeten werken en niet compatible blijken met 1.5.x (of 5.0 zoals 't ook genoemd wordt)... :(
Anoniem: 177896
31 mei 2006 17:17
Ik heb hier de jre-1_5_0_06-windows-i586-p.exe en die is +- 17 Mb groot.

De nieuwe download is 132 Mb .... Dit noemen ze de bundle, die is net zo groot als de download met de SDk erin ...

Ben ik ff puzzled ......

Iemand die weet hoe dat zit ?
lamaar ....

'guppie in t kommetje-effect .....'

maw. heb m al .......

kga weer verder > :Z
Jemig, zaten er _zoveel_ bugs in versie 6 ??? :) |:( :*)
Ik denk dat je voor een groot deel alleen in exotische programma's te merken kreeg (veel japanse e.o.).
En dat sommige memory leaks opgelost zijn is ook leuk.

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