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Software-update: MDaemon 8.15

MDaemon is een mailserver voor het Windows-platform met ingebouwde antivirus en antispam mogelijkheden, daarnaast is er ondersteuning aanwezig voor plug-ins waarmee beheer op afstand, web toegang en speciale monitoring functies mogelijk worden. Andere features die aanwezig zijn in deze mailserver zijn bijvoorbeeld delen van contactlists, tasklist en agenda's en het valideren van afzenders door middel van DomainKeys en DKIM. Versie 8.15 is sinds kort beschikbaar met de volgende veranderingen sinds de vorige vermelding in de meuktracker:

Version 8.15 :
  • fix to possible crash when sending calendar/task reminders
  • fix to excessive CPU usage by IMAP LIST command (Secunia Advisory SA18921)
Version 8.14:
  • fix to memory leak in WorldClient when searching contacts
  • fix to memory leak in MDList.dll when enumerating mailing list memebers
  • fix to memory leak in MDUserLDAP.dll when enumerating users
  • fix to SMTP memory leak related to gateways
  • fix to IMAP server non-paged pool memory leak when using IDLE
  • fix to JavaScript error in Lookout theme when using the contact picker to add contacts to contact group
  • fix to reminders not working properly with recurring events
  • fix to inconsistant calendar event time between Lookout and Outlook
  • fix to opening /ghost when console locked
  • fix to WorldClient not encoding < > in javascript strings
  • fix to no details are displayed for iCalendar invitation from Outlook
  • fix to possible crash closing failed SSL SMTP connections
  • fix to IMAP/POP access settings not staying when creating a new account and using ODBC back end
  • fix to AUTH requirement not working with gateways
  • fix to debug message boxes displayed in MDMigrator.exe
  • fix to MDMigrator not importing messages if the "Top of Information Store" folder name is localized
  • fix to possible crash in MDMigrator when migrating a MS Exchange server to MDaemon
  • fix to possible crash when using deluser.sem files that only contain mailbox values rather than full email addresses
  • fix to deluser.sem not working right when containing only mailbox values
  • fix to help/pdf file not launching in non-english versions
  • fix to messages with hidden MIME parts not signing with DK properly
  • fix to "sign with DomainKeys" action not working
  • fix to in WorldClient sub-folders of a public or shared folder may be displayed as a mail folder even though they are a different type
Version 8.13:
  • fix to installer not checking for correct version of WebAdmin
  • fix to migrator writing out gateways.dat MaxDiskSpace line wrong
  • fix to incorrect german characters in german version
  • fix to startup failure on some Windows 2003 servers
  • fix to crashing and not saving account settings when using LDAP backend
  • fix to quotas not converting when using LDAP backend
  • fix to a couple of small memory leaks in WorldClient
  • fix to crashing if using ODBC backend
  • fix to migrator not modifying MaxDiskSpace when using ODBC backend
Version 8.12:
  • mproved appearance and usability of the attendees tab when creating an event in WorldClient using the Lookout theme.
  • Improved usability of the recurrence dialog when creating an event in WorldClient using the Lookout theme.
  • Added the ability to specify the number of occurrences when creating a recurring event in WorldClient using the Lookout theme.
  • When spooling all mail to an ISP or upstream host temporary (4xx) errors will not be returned to the message sender. These messages will stay in the queue until the temp error is repaired. This change was made in 8.11 but was not documented.
  • By default, new accounts are able to modify the public address book. You can change this by disabling the checkbox in Alt+F10.
  • Disk space quota values for both accounts and gateways are now expressed in terms of MB (Megabytes) rather than KB (Kilobytes). All your existing quota settings were preserved and converted to the new scale during the installation process. You do not need to adjust any existing quota settings. By scaling quotas to MB, you can now set quotas much higher than before. The minimum quota possible now is 1 MB. The maximum is 999,999 MB. Be aware that this convertion is not backward compatible. If you need to downgrade you will need to restore from a backup rather than simply installing an older version on top of this one. The $CURRENTDISKSPACE$ macro returns a value in kilobytes now (not bytes). The MaxDiskSpace field in an imported CSV file is expected to be given in kilobytes now. Similarly, the exported MaxDiskSpace data is in kilobytes.
  • There are now separate controls for enabling POP and IMAP access for each account. The account editor GUI has changed to accomodate this.
  • The API was changed in several important ways. See MD-API.HTML in the \docs\API folder for details on the 8.12 changes.
  • If MDaemon encounters a message header which does not comply with RFC regulations it will preface the header with 'X-MD-Bad-Header:'. The existance of bad headers in a message causes SpamAssassin to insert its status headers in the wrong place thereby sending the message to the bad message queue.
  • WorldClient now translates the folder names "Calendar", "Tasks", and "Contacts" into the user's language. The names of other users' shared folders and the domain's public folders are also translated.
  • Two new URIBL sources were added to To enable, edit this file and remove the leading comment characters (#). These sources are experimental but effective.
  • Increased the width of the "Allow this many RCPT commands per message (RFC says 100)" edit box in Misc. Options in order to support 6 rather than 5 digits of precision for this field.
  • The Gateway editor in the GUI was significantly redesigned. Several tabs were consolidated and similar options were grouped more appropriately. All the functionality is still there but lots of text has changed.
  • Changed "Postmaster address must authenticate" to a more generic "Address requires authentication" since this message is displayed in multiple contexts.
  • Added switch to Gateway editor to restrict ATRN requests to one session at a time. When this switch is set, subsequent ATRN requests for a gateway domain will receive an "ATRN already in progress" type of message.
  • When authenticating as a domain (no local-part) any MAIL value that uses that domain will be considered a match for purposes of the "Authentication credentials must match those of the email sender" switch.
  • fix to DomainPOP mail not triggering auto-responders
  • fix to DomainPOP list mail not always routing to list members properly
  • fix to blank Reply-To headers in DomainPOP collected mail
  • fix to empty list mail not routing to public folder
  • fix to unable to rename folder in WorldClient Standard theme
  • fix to unable to rename folder in WorldClient Lookout/FireFox 1.0.6
  • fix to unable to import certain calendar CSV files into WorldClient
  • fix to WorldClient pop-up window may not close with MSIE/SSL.
  • fix to WorldClient LookOut not scrolling filters in Firefox
  • fix to WorldClient Standard not always remembering the correct folder
  • fix to WorldClient LookOut 'help' icon disappearing after viewing options
  • fix to update checker sending update notifications every night
  • fix to spam-blocker.log file not being updated
  • fix to no edit check in Gateway 'forward to address' option
  • fix to greylisting affecting some system and list mail errantly
  • fix to host screening not working with values enclosed in [ and ] chars
  • fix to WC LookOut not reloading page when adding Japanese contacts
  • fix to RAW replyto not including optional text in quotes
  • fix to pruning settings not saved when creating a new user account
  • fix to private flag is not set when WC synchronizes events with Outlook
  • fix to some RAW mail generating errant TO headers
  • fix to handle leak when launching external processes
  • fix to CFEngine memory leak
Versienummer 8.15
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website Alt-N Technologies
Licentietype Shareware

Door Japke Rosink


17-03-2006 • 12:58

7 Linkedin Google+

Bron: Alt-N Technologies


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Wijzig sortering
4 April staat versie 9 geplanned, met oa Active Directory support. Feature list ziet er interessant uit, een interessante Exchange vervanger...
Active Directory support is er al ten minste vier jaar, te weten sinds de ondersteuning van LDAP. Het is geen Exchange-vervanger; het is een mailserver.
Geweldig prog, kan veel dingen die exchange ook kan lekker makkelijk voor mensen die simpel een mail-server willen. Bovendien vreet die nauwlijks cpu kracht en geheugen.
Als je een simpele mailserver wilt die weinig CPU-kracht gebruikt en op Win32 draait, kan je beter Mercury gebruiken (van de maker van Pegasus). Dat is namelijk gratis en maar 3MB groot.

Even een paar prijzen (edit: van MDaemon dus):
Standaard 6 users: US$ 110
Standaard 12 users: US$ 200
Standaard 50 users: US$ 490
Pro 6 users: US$ 330
Pro 50 users: US$ 660
Pro 500 users: US$ 1310


Spamfiltering is gratis als je DNSBL's gebruikt; virusfiltering moet je extra voor betalen.

De Outlook Connector moet je ook apart voor betalen (even duur als MDaemon zelf).

Ik heb jaren met MDaemon gewerkt en ik vind het een erg fijne mailserver, maar als je eenvoud en stabiliteit zoekt en weinig geld te besteden hebt dan kom je onherroepelijk op Mercury uit.

(Oh ja, nog een tip voor de mensen die een educatieve versie op de kop wisten te tikken: MDaemon stuurt altijd even een kaartje naar huis om te laten weten hoe het met hem gaat.)
Je kunt het wel een tijdje gratis gebruiken.

Erg fijne mailserver overigens.
sinds wanneer is Mdeamon shareware? je moet het pakket toch echt kopen hoor
Sinds wanneer hoef je shareware niet te kopen? :?

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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