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Software-update: Asterisk 1.2.5

Asterisk is een uitgebreide PBX voor het BSD-, Linux- en Mac OS X-platform. Het programma biedt alle functies die je van een telefooncentrale mag verwachten. Het beschikt onder andere over mogelijkheden voor voicemail, conferencing en call queuing. Daarnaast is er ondersteuning voor caller ID services, ADSI, SIP en H.323 aanwezig. Voor een compleet overzicht van alle mogelijkheden verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 1.2.5 van Asterisk de deur uitgedaan met de volgende lijst van veranderingen:

Version 1.2.5:
  • Makefile: Bug 6638 - Use POSIX command for Solaris
  • build_tools/make_build_h: Bug 6638 - Change from a historic BSD command to a POSIX command for determining username
  • asterisk.c: Bug 6637 - Fixes for Solaris
  • Makefile: If debugging, the frame pointer is helpful
  • res/res_monitor.c: fix inaccurate ack message to ChangeMonitor action (issue #6630)
  • asterisk.sgml: make the terminology used in the synopsis match the option description
  • asterisk.sgml: add the -L option to the synopsis on the man page
  • cdr/cdr_manager.c, cdr/cdr_tds.c, res/res_config_odbc.c, include/asterisk/cdr.h, cdr/cdr_pgsql.c, cdr/cdr_odbc.c, cdr.c: Bug 6615 - Fix 64bit conversion errors by using a long int
  • build_tools/make_svn_branch_name: Bug 6618 - Solaris compatibility fix
  • channels/chan_iax2.c: fix the output that indicates whether qualify smoothing is on or not (issue #6608)
  • asterisk.c: adjust the keys directory when astvarlibdir is specified in asterisk.conf (issue #6602)
  • res/res_agi.c: add a missing newline in the agi app description (thanks wunderkin!)
  • cli.c: don't try to print the help text for a CLI command when RESULT_SHOWUSAGE is returned if there is no help text available (issue #6604)
  • channels/chan_sip.c: fix finding realtime peers that are not dynamic by ip address (issue #6093)
  • channel.c: don't hang up the channel if its state is set to UP before we return from ast_call (issue #6569)
  • include/asterisk/logger.h, logger.c: Bug 5950 - reenable queue log rotation; also, eliminate redundant code
  • translate.c: Backport of fix to translation optimizations. Thanks again file!
  • translate.c: factor the number of translation steps required into translation path decisions, so that equal cost paths that require fewer translations are preferred
  • translate.c: reformat code to fit guidelines remember which translation paths are multi-step paths
  • channel.c: ensure that spy frame queueing is able to deal with translation failing for any reason (issue #6546)
  • Makefile: set PWD properly
  • dnsmgr.c, include/asterisk/linkedlists.h: backport list handling fix from trunk (solves memory leak problem in cdr variables and device state watchers) remove unused variable to silence compiler warning
  • configs/iax.conf.sample: add comment warning people about trying to use hostnames/IPs in the sample config
  • app.c: Would be nice to tell people to look in the right file to increase a constant
  • channels/chan_sip.c: Handle ACKing properly (remove gratuitous -1)
  • channels/chan_iax2.c: Fix numerous places in jitter buffer where freed memory is referenced
  • formats/format_sln.c: Okay, fseek doesn't return an offset
  • apps/app_voicemail.c: Fix possible lack of initialization of useadsi
  • formats/format_sln.c: Bug 6539 - Division by two negates error flag
  • app.c: Bug 6529 - memory leak in ast_play_and_prepend
  • jitterbuf.c: fix incorrent index calculation for jitterbuffer history (issue #6517)
  • apps/app_voicemail.c: when executing the Directory application from voicemail and a context is not specified, use the "default" context, not the channel's current context (issue #6507)
  • channels/chan_agent.c: ensure that agents logged in via the manager interface are stored in the persistence database (related to issue #6301)
  • funcs/func_enum.c: handle longer ENUM lookup results (issue #6476)
  • res/res_agi.c: ensure that FastAGI launcher can handle system call interruption (issue #6449)
  • apps/app_meetme.c: bug fix from 6485 with musiconhold not being turned off by app_meetme
  • apps/app_queue.c: don't double-increment abandon counter for calls that are hung up while dialing members (issue #6289)
  • apps/app_meetme.c: Fix stopstream in menus (bug #6137)
  • asterisk.c: #ifdef the include too.
  • asterisk.c: #ifdef'd the prctl fix to only try and compile on linux systems. Thanks rizzo for pointing this out.
  • channels/chan_sip.c: when answering INVITE, don't send codecs the peer didn't offer (issue #6052)
  • rtp.c: revert yesterday's temporary fix for issue #6052
  • asterisk.c: Fixed my silly backport error from r9861
  • asterisk.c: Merged changes from r9844 from /trunk. Make sure that PR_SET_DUMPABLE is set to make certain that we still dump core if Asterisk has setuid'd to run as non-root.
  • rtp.c: don't try to use peer's dynamic codec numbers, it leads to duplication (issue #6052)
  • apps/app_meetme.c: Don't set the formats before we stop indications. (issue #6380)
  • channels/chan_mgcp.c, channels/chan_sip.c, pbx/pbx_dundi.c, channels/chan_iax2.c: fix memory leak from not destroying the scheduler context on module unload
  • apps/app_page.c: fix due to CDR changes
  • manager.c, pbx/pbx_spool.c, include/asterisk/channel.h, include/asterisk/pbx.h, include/asterisk/manager.h, channel.c, pbx.c: now that CDR is a loadable module, don't depend on it elsewhere (issue #6460)
  • channels/chan_sip.c, cdr.c: clean up my mess from thread-starting change
  • channels/chan_sip.c: kpfleming's fix from r9472 backported to 1.2
  • channels/chan_mgcp.c, dnsmgr.c, channels/chan_sip.c, devicestate.c, channels/chan_modem.c, cdr.c: don't create monitor threads in detached mode, when we need to be able to pthread_join() them later if the module is unloaded (solve crash-on-unload problem for these channel modules)
  • apps/app_voicemail.c: Revert behavior change from previous commit (fixes only)
  • apps/app_voicemail.c: Backport 5929 to 1.2
  • apps/Makefile: add another location for postgresql headers (issue #6419)
  • channels/chan_iax2.c: reload peercontext on iax2 reload (issue #6442)
  • cdr/Makefile: Leave it to RH/CentOS to put the freetds headers in a completely nonstandard location.
  • logger.c, channels/chan_oss.c: Make logger report error,warning,notice if logger.conf not found, also updated chan_oss to give correct error message if its config file is not found.
  • apps/app_macro.c: Bug 6176 - Fix race condition
  • Makefile: don't override ASTERISKVERSIONNUM to 000000 for non-svn builds
  • res/res_odbc.c: Fix for (#6309), potential (highly unlikely) memory leak in res_odbc
Version 1.2.4:
  • channels/chan_zap.c: disable buggy PRI user-user code until it can be fixed
  • channels/chan_sip.c: Issue 6182 - Don't remove scheduled event until it's really done. (reported by malverian)
  • channels/chan_sip.c: Issue 6362 - Register without Contact: and Expires: fails (reporter: op)
  • ast_expr2.h, ast_expr2f.c, ast_expr2.c: Bug 6072 - Revisions to the source bison and flex files don't auto-regenerate these files
  • channels/chan_zap.c: fix problem with dtmf on e&m (issue #6364)
  • channels/chan_sip.c: Issue 5898: Registrations does not get deleted if there's an active SIP dialog
  • channels/chan_sip.c: don't call ast_update_realtime with uninitialized variables if we get a registration with an expirey of 0 seconds (issue #6173)
  • channels/chan_features.c: fix memory leak (inspired by issue #6351)
Versienummer 1.2.5
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, macOS
Website Digium
Bestandsgrootte 10,06MB
Licentietype GPL

Reacties (2)

Wijzig sortering
Heerlijk stukje software dit! Ben nu al een tijd bezig met uitzoeken hoe het precies werkt en ik blijf steeds nieuwe dingen tegenkomen! :*)
Bij Gathering of Tweakers loopt er al een tijdje een draadje over.. Hierin staat het een en ander qua instellingen en bevindingen van anderen :Y)

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