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Software-update: Asterisk 1.2.3

Asterisk is een uitgebreide PBX voor het BSD-, Linux- en Mac OS X-platform. Het programma biedt alle functies die je van een telefooncentrale mag verwachten. Het beschikt onder andere over mogelijkheden voor voicemail, conferencing en call queuing. Daarnaast is er ondersteuning voor caller ID services, ADSI, SIP en H.323 aanwezig. Voor een compleet overzicht van alle mogelijkheden verwijzen we jullie door naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 1.2.3 van Asterisk de deur uitgedaan met de volgende aankondiging:

Version 1.2.3 of Asterisk has been released. This release is a critical update if you are running version 1.2.2

Asterisk 1.2.3:
  • channel.c: Issue #6349 - the "timebomb" bug. Patch by Markster over GPRS
  • utils/astman.c: don't leak almost 200 bytes for each new channel (issue #6330)
  • apps/app_dial.c: ensure hangup cause code is handled properly when channel does not return a frame (issue #6346)
  • asterisk.c: completely arbitrary whitespace change for testing something with svnmerge ...
  • channel.c: ensure that channel cannot become zombie after we check but before we try to start indications
  • channels/chan_zap.c: Backport fix for #6229, hangup on polarity reversal
  • channels/chan_sip.c: Issue 6114: Don't hangup on BYE/ALSO with no channel.
  • channels/chan_sip.c: Issue #6308 - never send response to ACK. (Reported by whiskerp)
  • apps/app_queue.c: fix memory leak from not freeing the queue member list when freeing an old queue
  • channel.c: fix MixMonitor crash (issue #6321, probably others)
  • channels/chan_sip.c: Bug fix: Correct some scenarios where CALL_LIMIT could not be getting adjusted properly allowing chan_sip to send calls when it really shouldn't. Bug #6111
  • channels/chan_sip.c: Bug 6281 - Cannot set more than a single header with SIPAddHeader
  • pbx.c: add a modified fix to prevent writing outside of the provided workspace when calculating a substring (issue #6271)
  • apps/app_queue.c: Bug 5936 - AddQueueMember fails on realtime queue, if queue not yet loaded
  • apps/app_queue.c: fix invalid value of prev_q (issue #6302)
  • channels/chan_iax2.c: solved problem with delayreject and iax trunking bug 4291
  • channels/chan_sip.c: Enable "musicclass" setting for sip peers as per the config sample.
  • ast_expr2.y, ast_expr2.fl: Bug 6072 - Memory leaks in the expression parser
  • channels/chan_sip.c: fix Message-Account header to use the ip address if the fromdomain isn't set (issue #6278)
  • apps/app_milliwatt.c: fix a seg fault due to assuming that space gets allocatted on the stack in the same order that we declare the variables (issue #6290)
  • apps/app_meetme.c: Solves issue with the login proccess in meetme patch from 6136
Asterisk 1.2.2:
  • loader.c: Changed order of autoload so that pbx_ comes before channels, and in doing so cause bug 6002 to not be an issue
  • apps/app_festival.c: Stop any generators running on a channel when festival is called as described in 5996
  • res/res_features.c: Backport of fix for #6094
  • logger.c: Fixed code ordering of logger_init and queue_log_init bug 6263
  • asterisk.c: update CLI copyright notice
  • asterisk.c: do rlimit check _after_ reading config file, in case 'dumpcore' is specified there
  • funcs/func_strings.c: Bug 6238 - Fix segfault when delimiter not specified
  • channels/chan_agent.c: fix spelling errors (issue #6227)
  • apps/app_voicemail.c, configs/voicemail.conf.sample: Bug 6211 - Add option deletevoicemail as equivalent to option delete for Realtime
  • channels/chan_agent.c: move variable to correct scope (issue #6197)
  • apps/app_voicemail.c: fix temp greetings with ODBC storage (issue #6078)
  • channels/chan_sip.c: fix mem leak on module unload (issue #6190)
  • app.c: don't override an error condition that occurred when acting on the primary channel when stopping the autoservice on the peer channel. (from issue #6087)
  • translate.c: lock list of translators *before* recalculating the translation matrix
  • channel.c: Minor typo refrenced in 6191
  • pbx.c: fix locking error - lock instead of unlock
  • apps/app_dial.c: fix a little typo
  • apps/app_voicemail.c: Bug 6192 - behave correctly when mailbox is specified as argument
  • doc/README.cdr: - Adding reference to README.tds - Reformatting table
  • channels/chan_iax2.c: re-initialize _all_ sequence numbers when transfer completes
  • file.c: add missing unlock (issue #6112)
  • pbx/pbx_spool.c: Bug 6157 - Memory leak
  • doc/README.variables: Update variable documentation to match the code
  • asterisk.c: commit user/group-related changes from trunk
  • db.c: backport fix from revision 7856 of trunk
  • apps/app_voicemail.c: fix breakage introduced in revision 7871
  • apps/app_voicemail.c: fix seg fault when using greek syntax in VoicemMailMain (issue #6142)
  • manager.c: backport fix for unnecessary unlock (issue #6171)
  • pbx/pbx_spool.c: Bug 6156 - catch all threading errors, not just simple failure
  • pbx/pbx_config.c: Dumb error messages - "Context 'context' already included in 'in' context"
  • channels/chan_agent.c: update agent persistence when an agent gets logged off by autologoff
  • include/asterisk/strings.h: Bug 6076 - Fix documentation of ast_trim_blank return value
  • channel.c: eliminate rounding errors that caused call time limits to be inaccurate (issue #5913) round 'time left' reported during call limit warnings up to sound more accurate
  • res/res_features.c: Bug 6081 - fix for memory leak, formatting fixes
  • formats/format_pcm.c, formats/format_pcm_alaw.c: ensure that variable is initialized
  • res/res_features.c: Fix copyright of changed file
  • channels/chan_agent.c: send device state updates for auto-logoff of agents as well
  • formats/format_pcm.c, formats/format_pcm_alaw.c: doh... fseek() has no useful return value
  • formats/format_pcm.c, formats/format_pcm_alaw.c: use proper fwrite() parameters and return value
  • formats/format_pcm.c, formats/format_pcm_alaw.c: return properly after extending file
  • formats/format_pcm.c, formats/format_pcm_alaw.c: ensure that ulaw/alaw sound files are filled with silence when extended (not zeroes)
  • channel.c: make monitoring more tolerant of peers that deliver frames in bursts
  • res/res_features.c: Issue #5980: Removing extra CR+LF in manager events - needs port to trunk
  • channels/chan_sip.c: Fixing typo in XML for video updates.
  • funcs/func_moh.c: use a more correct way of determining the size of the destination buffer
  • apps/app_privacy.c: Fix the 'if' clause to be true under the right conditions. Bug #6126
  • ast_expr.y (removed): remove unused 'old' expression parser
  • apps/app_stack.c: Bug 6121 - typo in application description
  • include/asterisk/chanspy.h, apps/app_chanspy.c, apps/app_mixmonitor.c, channel.c: revert incorrect fix for bug #6048 from revision 7709 put in correct (simpler) fix add doxygen docs for channel spy 'state' values
  • channels/chan_sip.c: backport rport scanning fix from trunk (bug #6071)
  • ast_expr2f.c, ast_expr2.fl: don't leak memory for (most) expression evaluations
  • apps/app_mixmonitor.c: Bug 6084 - MixMonitor after a 'cli stop monitor' deadlocks
  • channels/chan_sip.c, channels/chan_iax2.c: Fix compiler warnings.
  • channel.c: Bug 6091 - Fix race condition around uniqueid
  • channels/chan_sip.c: fix memory leak in build_rpid (issue #6070)
  • apps/app_chanspy.c: backport fix for permissions of created recordings (issue #6067)
  • channels/chan_zap.c: backport fix to ensure that DSP is never enabled on pseudo channels
  • cdr/cdr_tds.c: Remove copy of code in libc, preferring code in utils.c (public domain code)
  • channels/chan_sip.c, channels/chan_agent.c, apps/app_sms.c, asterisk.c, config.c, pbx/pbx_dundi.c, apps/app_externalivr.c, apps/app_queue.c, channels/chan_iax2.c, cli.c, apps/app_chanspy.c, res/res_monitor.c: cast time_t to an int in printf/scanf (issue #5635)
  • apps/app_hasnewvoicemail.c: Bug 6051 - VMCOUNT should work as documented and count all, not quit after finding 1
  • asterisk.c: add license reference to copyright notice displayed when CLI session begins add 'show warranty' and 'show license' CLI commands (still need a complete list of non-GPL components included in Asterisk)
  • apps/app_waitforsilence.c: Another app documentation tweak.
  • apps/app_voicemail.c: Bug 6050 SQL requires the use of single ticks to delimit values, not quotes
  • channels/chan_sip.c, configs/sip.conf.sample: revert changes to videosupport to allow per-peer setting, since it isn't quite complete and there is not an obvious fix at this point
  • channels/chan_sip.c: remove stray unlock (issue #5955)
  • channels/chan_sip.c: Actually put in the per-peer settings for sip video, as they didn't make it in at astricon somehow, and I've been too busy up until now to redo it.
  • channels/chan_alsa.c: Allow a chan_alsa that failed to open sound devices to be unloaded.
  • channels/chan_agent.c: Bug #6040 - Documentation correction
  • pbx/pbx_ael.c: Bug 5777 - Remove parentheses on Goto in AEL, so that it parses correctly
  • res/res_agi.c: check array bounds when parsing arguments to AGI (issue #5868)
  • channels/chan_iax2.c: backport fix for reloading peer context (issue #6007)
  • apps/app_directed_pickup.c: backport fix for segfault on directed pickup when no CDR is available (issue #5998)
  • apps/app_meetme.c: backport fix for larger-than-20ms-frames from trunk (bug #5697)
  • channels/chan_sip.c: I messed up and accidently committed this to the trunk first ... - add note on required values of sip_methods struct - remove duplicate function prototype - remove duplicate ast_mutex_lock (issue #6025)
  • file.c: Bug 5988 - record append option not working
  • cdr.c: Bug 6026 - segfault for the sequence NoCDR(), SetAMAFlags()
  • doc/README.ael: Document that curley braces must be on the same line as the keyword.
  • apps/app_chanspy.c: Bug 6009 - off by one error
  • channels/chan_sip.c: Max-Forwards headers must only be present on requests, not responses
  • channels/chan_sip.c: forcibly expire previous subscriptions from a peer when they resubscribe (keeps them from building up and waiting for expiration, and stops us sending unwanted NOTIFY messages to devices)
  • build_tools/make_svn_branch_name: fix some buglet when building team branch version strings
  • include/asterisk/linkedlists.h: We want to check the previous value, not the current value (which was just changed).
  • apps/app_cut.c: First field is truncated
  • doc/README.misdn, channels/misdn/mISDNuser.patch (added), channels/misdn/isdn_lib_intern.h, channels/misdn/mISDN.patch (added), channels/misdn/isdn_lib.h, channels/chan_misdn.c, channels/misdn/Makefile, channels/misdn/chan_misdn_config.h, channels/misdn/ie.c, channels/chan_misdn_config.c, channels/misdn/isdn_msg_parser.c, channels/Makefile, channels/misdn/isdn_lib.c:
    • Added mISDN/mISDNuser Echo cancel Patch
    • Fixed Makefiles so that chan_misdn can be compiled again
    • added some hints, that mISDN cannot be compiled against gcc-4, SMP, Spinlock Debug
    • fixed some Minor issues in chan_misdn, regarding Type Of Number and Presentation
  • channel.c: Bug #6003 - Don't free the channel structure until after having sent the manager event.
  • doc/README.variables: clarify substring documentation
  • utils.c: correct broken math in tvfix() for timestamp values over one million
  • apps/app_dial.c: restore ability of caller to hangup calls that are still ringing (issue #5839)
  • channels/chan_sip.c, pbx.c: ensure that hangups while incoming calls are in early state are handled properly (issue #5919)
  • channels/chan_agent.c: only report AGENT_IDLE for callback mode agents when they are actually idle (issue #5902)
  • app.c: use the stream's current point when pausing/unpausing, instead of elapsed time (which doesn't work when the stream has been skipped forward or backward) (issue #5897)
  • apps/app_externalivr.c: set all the child file descriptors to non-blocking so that we don't hang if the child fails to send a newline-terminated command or error message
  • include/asterisk/linkedlists.h: Typo
  • utils/astman.c: silence a couple of compiler warnings about pointer signedness
  • include/asterisk/linkedlists.h: Bug 5965 - major bug in AST_LIST_REMOVE
  • apps/app_voicemail.c: Bug 5967
  • channels/chan_zap.c: Bug #5877 Make sure the digit string from E&M wink DNIS collection is properly null terminated as it grows.
  • apps/app_voicemail.c: Bug 5960
  • configs/res_odbc.conf.sample: Documenting two keywords that were previously missing
  • pbx.c: initialize the buffer before using it...
  • pbx.c: ensure that hints are allowed to use global variable references
Versienummer 1.2.3
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, macOS
Website Digium
Bestandsgrootte 10,05MB
Licentietype GPL

Reacties (4)

Wijzig sortering
Ik heb alleen problemen om de Cologne Chipset ISDN kaart aan de praat te krijgen.
Heb Asterisk@home geprobeerd, en Asterisk op een Debian doos.
Ga nu maar eens aan de slag met Kanotix. Deze zou heel goede hardware ondersteuning bieden.
Iemand een idee hoe ik dit het beste test, of ervaring hiermee?
Hoe heb je de ISDN-kaart geconfigged?
wat zegt >capiinfo?
of op de Astrisk-prompt > capi info
(dus met spatie er tussen)
Wat werkt er wel?
Ik ga dit zeker proberen.
dank voor de tips
the "timebomb" bug daar gaat het om, echt een hele mooie:

Waking up to no audio? Patch available!
A bug was found tonight, where Asterisk stops sending audio across bridged channels
- starting tonight! If this is a problem in your system, you need to patch or update


check de Date Submitted

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