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Bron: Inmatrix

Inmatrix heeft zojuist versie 4.51 van zijn mediaplayer Zoom Player uitgebracht. De speler verkrijgbaar in de smaken Standaard, Professional en WMV Professional. De verschillen in de drie uitvoeringen zitten hem in de prijs en mogelijkheden. De standaard versie is als enige gratis te gebruiken en speelt de meest gangbare formaten af, de pro-variant kan daarnaast ook gebruikt worden om dvd's af te spelen en de WMV Professional-versie ten slotte kan ook DRM-content afspelen. Inmatrix heeft niet stil gezeten en deze release wordt dan ook geleverd met de volgende waslijst aan veranderingen:

  • The Zoom Player Function Selection dialog (accessible through several interfaces) contain a new search function, allowing you to search through Zoom Player's 100's of functions.
  • New button on the Keyboard Editor's Add/Edit key interface allowing you to select a function from the Function Selection Dialog instead of the drop-down list.
  • The Intergrated Keyboard Editor contains a new search function.
  • New Search function on the Play History dialog.
  • New "Dot Crawl" Test Pattern (Shift+"P"). Dot Crawl is the effect caused by using Composite cables where the Color and Brightness signals are transferred on the same wire. S-Video partially eliminates this problem and Component Cables should eliminate it completely.
  • New H263 Customized Media Playback video profile.
  • New AMR Customized Media Playback audio profile.
  • With the two changes above, you can now play 3GP files over DirectShow. Currently, this requires the use of the Haali Media Splitter with the MP4 setting checked during installation and FFDShow with AMR enabled for the Audio Decoder and H263 enabled for the Video Decoder.
  • New Communication API #2600 Message, allowing you to set the Derived Aspect ratio of the currently playing video.
  • New Comm API messages #1704.
  • Resizing of Skinned Windows (Main UI/Play List/Control Bar) should now be (quite?) a bit faster.
  • The "Allow EXT anywhere in name" checkbox for the Archive Playback function now requires that the extension contained within the file name be followed by a period.
  • Changes to how DVD Next/Previous chapter operates, might be a bit faster (on our test systems, chapter changes are now instantaneous).
  • The setting that controls whether the Increase/Decrease Rate function uses Fast Forward/Rewind or Fast Play/Slow Motion will not effect the Increase Rate/Decrease Rate functions and not only the user interface control.
  • The Customized Media Playback profile for MP4 files will now support the 3GP file format (which is basically the same file format).
  • Zoom Player no longer defaults to using the QuickTime Active-X control for the playback of 3GP files (video format used mainly on cell phones) as there is a DirectShow alternative which is much more reliable.
  • The "exSetMode" function can now be used to discretely set Zoom Player to Audio Mode (instead of the usual function which is an ON/OFF toggle).
  • Added a few safety checks so that badly formatted Communication API messages won't cause Zoom Player to crash.
  • Erasing a file through the navigator interfaces should no longer erase all the files with the same base name.
  • Dragging the video window to a different monitor or switching resolutions while a video is playing should no longer cause DVDs to restart! This has been a long time issue which is hopefully finally resolved.
  • Fixed a "List Index out of Bounds" error when using the Halli Media Splitter filter along with the Preferred Subtitle stream feature.
  • Sending Comm API message #1600/#1700 would return a stream's name instead of its index number.
  • If the Play List Editor was Magnetized and the Equalizer was not, opening the equalizer would open it in a magnetized position instead of its last position.
  • The Random Play button on the Play List Editor would show an incorrect bitmap when enabled (cosmetic glitch).
  • Color control changes should work better when the color changes are done while paused in Media Mode.
  • It should now be impossible for the Control Bar to appear if the internal screen saver is visible.
  • Manual DVD Graph mode would keep prompting you to set the DVD decoders if Customzied DVD Graph mode did not have decoder entries selected.
  • You can now switch to Audio Mode even when in fullscreen.
  • You can now switch to Audio Mode from DVD Mode.
Zoom Player - dvd mode
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Reacties (1)

Een erg goede player, bedoeld voor de hardcore video fanaten, die alles zelf willen instellen. Zelf gebruik ik MPC die ook redelijk veel kan en lekker rap is. Maar Zoomplayer is een goede tweede. :Y)

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