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JC vs Anand

JC van JC's hardware spul pagina is pissig op Anand omdat-ie volgens hem anti-AMD en bevooroordeeld is richting Intel.

Hier zijn relaas, die je hiero kunt lezen:

Mind you, I wouldn't dream of suggesting that the K7 will perform at double the speed of the PII. I mean, that would be nice, and I wouldn't complain if it were so, but I'm just trying to point out that with this many technical improvements, it's downright unethical to produce a statement suggesting, for example, that Katmai will be a faster cpu than the K7 (mind you, KNI is about the same speed as 3DNow!) without actually bringing up facts to back your claim. While I'm at it, AMD's roadmap has it equalling and/or overtaking Intel in the MHz department by midpoint next year. in Q2'99, AMD will have a 500MHz K6-3. They will also have an "over 500MHz" K7 before the midpoint of the year. Intel will come out with their 533MHz Katmai at midpoint of the year, according to their latest roadmap (announced last week). If, as you say, "Mhz for Mhz", the K7 will beat Katmai/Coppermine, why do you say that it will only be even with the fastest (MHz) Intel chip if AMD and Intel are slated to be at the same clock speed?

Let me run straight through: I've read Ga'ash's previous articles and I usually like them. I have nothing against the guy himself. I'm just steamed that he seems to have only scratched the surface of available data on the K7, ignoring some very pertinent details, in the course of making his article. This is especially true in a site that gets tens of thousands of visitors each day. A single word spoken on that site could have a lasting effect on the industry. I should end this by saying that Anandtech was my inspiration (well, one of the main ones, at least) for starting up my site. I like AnandTech for the most part. I don't think Anand is anti-AMD or that Ga'ash has a chip about the semi company. These seem like fine individuals, and this is probably just an isolated incident (indeed, this site is one of the most useful hardware review URLs on the net).

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