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Meer Duke Nukem Forever info

Hier nog wat DNF info dat ik gisteren gemist heb. Dit spul is door Voodoo Extreme bij elkaar geraapt van het 3D Realms forum:

On the screenshots: Shots were taken on a Voodoo 3 at 1024x768. All textures are 256x256 and below. Skin sizes on characters are the same as Unreal Tournament (although what we are doing with the same space is quite different... thus squeezing out a *lot* of detail).

The machines the game is being developed on are no different than what most of you hardcore gamers already have. Probably not even as good!

The trick is getting it to run *well* on the guys who are still behind the curve of technology. Which is obviously a goal as that was a large part of what helped Duke be so popular is so many people could play it on their systems.

Charlie Wiederhold

Question: I sorry but the whole duke thing is getting mighty boring for us end users. 1000 duke addons, 1000 console game.. Boring!! Duke might be buttering your bread 3drealms but it's old move on!! Maybe a new and fresh idea would be nice...

There will be plenty of new and fresh ideas (and characters) in DNF. An important design goal with this game is to change things up a lot and redefine the genre in several fun ways, and those ways are not represented in any of these screen shots. Have a little faith. Yes, this game is taking awhile, but it will be worth it. One of our goals is to make DNF the most insanely interactive FPS ever released, and that level of realism and interactively is not easy (note how Tresspasser tried and failed). Look at many of our competitors games and you see very limited interactivity with the levels--most items are in the world just for looks. All these years later Duke 3D is still one of the most intereactive games ever released, and DNF will blow Duke 3D away. BTW, the team here is quite jazzed by all the positive comments. =)

Scott Miller

Question: I'd like to know what the ETA is as well. so when is it going out? Next month? 6 months? Next year?...

DNF will not be out in the immediate future. It is a 2000 game and not Q1, so at least 6+ months out. This was merely a "preview" of things to come for PC Gamer. The good news is that this is also the worst the game will look and it will only get better from here

Unreal wasnt that slow, besides Tim Sweeney said that there going to be releasing another patch for Unreal when they ship UT that should bring D3D performance up to the same level as UT. UT is really fast in Glide. The D3D drivers can likely use some work. But framerate and action are our #1 concern. We don't want to ship a slow slug of a game, as people won't play it.

Q: BTW, is it true that DNF will have location-specific damage, like Soldier of Fortune? A: Yes. Been in a long time. We have per poly hit detection. And once you combine that with motion captured animations, you can then do context sensitive hit/reaction animations that look incredibly real. [break] En van Shuga Shack: [/break] Q: PLEASE Don't release this game until it's finished and is as bug free as is humanly possible. Take as much time as is necessary, and don't bend to outside pressures from Publishers or even the rabid band of nastys on this message board (of which I am included). ;-)

A: We won't. We have zero publisher pressure to ship the game, and have total control of when it does ship. We don't want to release it before it's "fun" and as bug free as possible. We don't want 10 patches after release either, but some are unavoidable with as complex as games are now.

Q: Um, I remember them beginning work on this game right around when Quake 1 was released. I just don't care anymore.

A: You remember wrong. After Duke 3D (May 96), we did the add on called Plutonium Pak. That took us to the end of 1996. In 1997 we brought a game that was originally in production outside of 3DR (Shadow Warrior) in house and finished it up. That took until Sept 1997. Although we licensed the Quake 1 code in May 1997, we didn't officially start the game until about Dec 1997 when we had hired most of the team. We then worked for 3-4 months on the Quake 2 code base and went to E3 1998. Came back and switched to Unreal in July 1998 and that puts us where we are now. A little history for those of you that care

Q: You were talking about motion capture with polygonal specific damage and reaction. Ahh, did you do motion capture on your strippers? Did you nab one of those exotic dancing chicks, slap on the motion capture wiring and let her loose? Heh. Just curious.

A: Yes, we will be motion capturing real-life strippers Yes, we'll just hook em' up to the suit, play some music, dim the lights and capture away, and away, and away...

Door Femme Taken


03-11-1999 • 21:13

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Bron: Voodoo Extreme

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