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Software-update: Opera 8.00 beta 2

Opera Software heeft een tweede betaversie vrijgegeven van hun Opera 8.00 webverkenner. Het programma heeft onder meer tabbed browsing, een popup blocker en een e-mailmodule met een uitgebreide spamfilter. Zoals de onderstaande release notes en changelog ons laten zien is er weer hard gewerkt aan nieuwe features en zijn er tal van bugs opgelost:

This release features whitelisting of top-level domains that have implemented anti-homographic character policies or otherwise limited the available set of characters to prevent URL spoofing through use of internationalized domain names (IDN).

Registrars wishing to be added to Opera's whitelist must inform Opera Software of their policies and have these approved.

Changes since beta 1:

User Interface:
  • Enabled downloading of the file ua.ini for site-specific changing of the user agent string. Check is performed automatically with the "Check for new version" function.
  • Added dialog for reporting sites that do not work well with Opera. Available in the "Help" menu.
  • Renamed "Customize" dialog to "Appearance". Skin settings included in the new dialog.
  • When starting download, allow transfer dialog to stay in the background.
  • Clicking and holding the "Back" or "Forward" button will show a dropdown with history.
  • Improved session manager.
  • Removed workspace mode from start-up dialog.
  • Let dragged history list elements contain a URL and a title, allowing to drag and drop them to more toolbars and external programs.
  • Both typed and redirected URLs will now be saved to address field drop-down history.
  • Added font preference setting for reading e-mail.
  • Keyboard shortcut changes and fixes.
  • Added checkbox for using proxy on local servers.
  • Fix for parsing IPv6 addresses in proxy dialog.
  • Fixed regression making it impossible to save Web pages in .txt format.
  • Prevent notifications from showing up when other applications are running in full-screen mode.
Display and scripting:
  • Added support for document.selection and document.getSelection in form input fields.
  • Added support for TextRange with methods collapse, move, moveStart, and moveEnd, required by Google Suggest.
  • Solved issues with XMLHttpRequest. Google Suggest is now fully supported.
  • New and updated ERA settings, multiple fixes related to "Fit to window width"/ERA.
  • Added support for simple Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) information in properties of .jpg files.
  • Solved data:URI decode issues.
  • Display correct image type in properties of .ico files.
  • Fixed display issues with the "input" and "button" elements.
  • Added Mac encodings "macintosh", "x-mac-ce", "x-mac-cyrillic", "x-mac-greek" and "x-mac-turkish" to list of known encodings.
  • Solved issue with links on non-UTF-8 pages containing named entities or numeric references with escaped HTML characters in forms data part of URL.
  • Fixed regression causing hidden radio buttons to be unintentionally selected.
  • Multiple plug-in fixes.
  • Multiple scripting fixes.
  • Speeded up scanning for encoding declaration.
Messaging and Newsfeeds:
  • Added support for and auto-detection of Atom newsfeeds.
  • When user sets up a account in the new account wizard, correct values are filled out automatically.
  • Improved handling of quoted-printable encoding. QP is now decoded by default in incoming messages, in violation of RFC2047 5.3. RFC compliance can be met by setting "Allow Incoming QuotedString QP=1" in accounts.ini.
  • IRC settings are now stored in incoming options file rather than in accounts.ini.
  • Setting in IRC account properties for whether or not to accept incoming connections.
  • Improved handling of IRC URLs. Will match the server name in the URL against all servers listed for an account, and only create a new account if none match.
  • Added whitelist of safe top-level domains for IDN.
    • TLDs are considered safe if they have implemented anti-homographic character policies or otherwise limited the available set of characters to prevent spoofing.
    • Current whitelist contains: :no:jp:de:se:kr:tw:cn:at:dk:ch:li:
    • List is in opera6.ini and is updated automatically in the Opera version check.
    • Domain names from other top-level domains that contain characters outside Latin 1 will be displayed in punycode, an encoding syntax designed for use with IDNA, specified in RFC3492.
  • Added support for the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) -- real-time requests for certificate status.
  • Improved security dialog launched when clicking keypad icon in address field.
    • The padlock icon is now displayed when the protocol is HTTPS, regardless of security state.
    • An open padlock is displayed if the HTTPS site is considered insecure.
    • Adding the organization name from the certificate in the address field of secure sites.
  • Optional padlock button that can be placed on any toolbar now behaves similarly to padlock in address field.
  • SSLv2 and 40-bit encryption are enabled by default again, as they are required for some sites to function properly.
  • Readded experimental support for TLS Extensions and TLS 1.1. Setting is disabled by default.
  • Show warning triangle when asking user to allow full permissions to a signed Java applet.
  • Added support for the "speech" media type.
  • Multiple voice-related fixes.
Versienummer 8.00 beta 2
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website Opera Software
Licentietype Adware

Door Japke Rosink


26-02-2005 • 14:11

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Submitter: Jeldert

Bron: Opera Software

Reacties (8)

Wijzig sortering
super browser!

wat ik ook wel fijn vind is dat er nu eindelijk wordt gevraagd of je een rss feed wil toevoegen aan je watch list. vroeger ging dat namelijk automagische wat wel eens irritant was. :)
Download linkje, want dat FTP linkje uit de post deed het bij mij niet meer. (max user allowed)
'k las iets over de plug ins die veranderd zijn. Hopelijk werkt de plug in van nettransport ( bij download) weer. Kree4g deze boj opera 8.0 niet meer aan de gang. Plug in is sinds opera 4 niet meer vernaderd.

Hopelijk vinden ze ook een oplossing bij tabbet browsing als je veel pagina's opent, je krijgt dan aleen maar kruisjes te zien, lastig te openen dan.
Hopelijk vinden ze ook een oplossing bij tabbet browsing als je veel pagina's opent, je krijgt dan aleen maar kruisjes te zien, lastig te openen dan.
Dat hebben ze idd verbetert: je moet een pagina eerst actief maken voordat een kruisje verschijnt.

Dit werkt beter als je idd een hoop tabs hebt (tientallen dus), maar bij een klein aantal heb je wel weer een extra actie nodig. :)
las op de forum ook een oplossing:
Have you tried Right-click > Customize... > Wrapping: Wrap to multiple lines ? That's what I use with my 30+ pages. If you have too constrained screen space for that you can try the extender instead.

I am using Advanced Opera Workspace too. I personally prefer the proportional width to the fixed width tabs as it stacked the page titles more efficiently, but the fixed ones are prettier.

Jonny Axelsson,
Web standards,
Opera Software
Is er al een datum (dag/maand) waarop Opera 8.0 gereleased wordt? Ik zie er namelijk al naar uit!
Chrast deze versie ook minder dan. Want bij de vorige versie had ik vaak dat ie chraste als er veel paginas openstonden, of dat de browser echt moest werken om alles binnen te halen.

Dus ja dat was wel klote :r |:( Dus voorlopig nog lekker surfen met 7.54 :Y) Maar ik zou ook wel graag weten wanneer die gereleaed wordt. De echte versie. :*)

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