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Software-update: Opera 7.60 preview 2

Opera Software ASA heeft de tweede preview vrijgegeven van de aankomende internetbrowser Opera versie 7.60. Deze is beschikbaar voor het Windows-, Linux-, FreeBSD- en Solaris-platform en voor een aantal verschillende architecturen. Ook bij deze preview wordt er een lange lijst met veranderingen meegeleverd. Bekijk die voor het Windows-platform hier en voor het FreeBSD-, Linux- en Solaris-platform hier. Het algemene changelog ziet er als volgt uit:

User interface:
  • Simplified first start-up dialog.
  • Menus have undergone a significant simplification. Note in particular:
    • The "Window" menu has been removed. Most of the options have been moved to the tab context (right-click) menu.
    • The Navigation menu is now a sub-menu of View and has been shortened. Enable the navigation bar or use toolbar shortcuts for easy site navigation using embedded links.
    • The Mail and Chat menus have been combined to form the Messages menu. IMAP folders, newsgroups and newsfeeds are found in Messages > Subscribe.
    • "Save with images as" is now an option within the Save dialog; select "HTML with images" as file type.
    • The Links page is now in the Tools menu.
    • Toolbar and panel customization is now done from within the "Customize" dialog.
    • "Create linked" has been moved to the tab context menu.
  • Major changes have also been done to toolbars and button setup:
    • New pages have a start bar that replaces the personal bar as part of the default setup.
    • Added dropdown button for easy access to closed pages on the page bar. The button doubles as blocked pop-up notifier.
    • Added close icon for every tab on the page bar.
    • The eye icon on the right end of the address bar toggles a view toolbar with "Find in page", voice icon, and view options.
    • The security icon (padlock) and RSS icon are now displayed within the address field when on a secure page or a page correctly linked to a valid RSS newsfeed.
    • Menu bar buttons for minimizing/maximizing, restoring and closing pages (MDI buttons) have been removed.
  • "Block unwanted pop-ups" is now enabled by default.
  • Option to simply press Enter in a http-auth dialogue to use the first stored Wand login has been restored.
  • Possibility to use security password without reentering every time has been restored.
  • Fixed issue with text selection for justified text.
  • "Continue from last time" remembers fit-to-width setting.
  • Several minor focus issues solved.
  • Space + Shift when a forms button is focused should submit in the background.
  • Added Alt + Backspace as shortcut for "undo".
Mail and messaging:
  • Chat status is now set globally in Messages > Chat status.
  • Added /invite as typed chat command.
  • Fixed scrolling issue in chat pages.
  • Improved "Add newsfeed?" dialog.
  • Re-enabled smileys in e-mail/news/newsfeeds.
  • Several improvements to quick reply: expand automatically when typing multiple lines, handle one draft per message, and reset focus to message list after replying.
  • Improved handling of file name characters when saving e-mail attachments.
  • Improved news URL handling.
  • Fixed problem with e-mail import from Outlook Express where mailboxes were assumed empty.
  • Render black background again in small-screen mode to make the document width more visible.
  • Borders in SSR set to "not specified" rather than zero.
  • Fix for zoom not being preserved on pages containing frames.
  • Changed calculated line height to be based on actual font size rather than specified font size.
  • Allow mixing of background-position and keyword, in accordance with CSS2.1.
  • Fix for issue with elements with negative text-indent inside floating block. "border: 0;" on input will produce a text field with no border. Improved handling of forms padding.
  • Borders for radio buttons and checkboxes can not be turned off with CSS.
  • Fixed problem with disabling form styling causing borders around all form elements to disappear for all open pages with forms.
  • Speedier recognition of :hover.
  • Improved handling of paged media.
  • Solved issue with display of wrong favicon when multiple icons are located on the same server.
  • Recognize "application/vnd.wap.xhtml+xml" documents as handheld.
  • Multiple fixes to XMLHttpRequest support.
  • Solved issue with attributes with certain names and values being inaccessible when using DOM for XML documents.
  • Referrers will be remembered when a script is reread from the cache.
  • Added setting in opera6.ini for allowing scripts to hide the address bar in pop-ups (Preferences > Multimedia > JavaScript options. Default is "allow".
  • Let link actions and the link pop-up menu work if a link has been selected as text.
  • Multiple improvements to printing.
  • Multiple stability fixes.
  • Fixed problem with frozen file uploads.
  • Several improvement to spell-checking feature.
  • Multiple fixes for display of bi-directional text.
  • Improved performance of page navigation during page loading.
  • If Java is enabled, but not found, the user will be prompted and offered a download. If confirmed, go to JRE download page.
  • Improved search in page.
  • Improved plug-in handling.
  • Convert newlines to spaces and convert non-printing characters in bookmark names.
  • Fix to ensure consistency in generated bookmark names.
[break]Opera 7.60 preview 2 is in de volgende smaken binnen te halen:
* Windows x86
* FreeBSD x86 (static - shared)
* Linux x86 (static - shared)
* Linux PPC (static - shared)
* Linux Sparc (static - shared)
* Solaris Sparc (static - shared)
Versienummer 7.60 preview 2
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, Solaris
Website My Opera Forums
Licentietype Adware



4 Linkedin Google+

Submitter: kingfinn

Bron: My Opera Forums

Reacties (4)

Wijzig sortering
Woei! gmail werkt! }:O
edit: zoo... het is echt merkbaar sneller, zelfs met 27 windowtjes open. plaatjes laden en back+forward gaat een stuk sneller

@s463042: oh... ik kon met veel omwegen inloggen en vervolgens niets doen. misschien deed ik wat fout. iig ging het nu in 1x goed.
Gmail werkte toch al bij preview 1, althans bij mij wel...
Opera 7.60 Preview 2 for Windows is available for download. As usual, discuss the new version in opera.beta and in the Beta Testing forum. Please do not distribute the download link directly, but link to the post in opera.beta or in the Beta Testing forum.

bij deze:

het is leuk om daar even naar te luisteren lijkt me
Idd, en dit zeggen ze niet alleen om leechers tegen te gaan. Er worden namelijk zeker 3-4 versies gemaakt maat quick-fixes, etc. En de link verandert dus.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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