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Software-update: SpamPal 1.634 beta

Op de website van SpamPal is een nieuwe beta versie te vinden van het gelijknamige programma. SpamPal is je grote vriend in het tegenhouden van Spam. Door gebruik te maken van onder andere DNS-blacklists en een Bayesian filter wordt spame-mail als zodanig gemarkeerd. In je e-mailprogramma kan dan een filter worden aangemaakt om deze email apart te zetten. De zojuist uitgebrachte versie 1.634 beta wordt vergezeld van het volgende changelog:

Changes in 1.634 (Beta Release):
  • The old "port type" setting ("POP3 (specific server)" and so forth) has been split into two - there's now "Protocol" (POP3, IMAP4 or SMTP) and "Proxy type" (Specific server, Multiple servers and Transparent). "Transparent" proxies are not yet supported but will be in a future version.
  • Now lists all results returned by DNSBL queries in logfile - was previously listing just one result code per query, which caused confusion when that result code wasn't in the DNSBL definitions, yet others returned by the query were.
  • Removed restriction on some plugin filtering functions being called concurrantly; should give a performance increase when you've got several active sessions all fetching mail concurrantly.
  • Now automatically removes spurious "English" entries from the auto-whitelist (these were created by a bug in an earlier version)
  • Wasn't saving SMTP relay permissions and a few other files correctly when running as an application - fixed.
  • If an empty SMTP relay permissions file is detected on a user upgrading from an earlier version, the SMTP relay permissions file is populated with - should fix most problems where this file was corrupted by above bug.
  • Service support:
    • Fixed error in client-service "plugin not available/wrong version" login errors messages.
    • -serviceServer command-line option is no longer case-sensitive
    • When stopping service, now waits for service to shut down before exiting
    • Low-level tweaks to improve communication between client & service
    • "Exit and stop service" option now works when SpamPal client and service are on separate machines.
    • When client is accessing a remote SpamPal service, the client-service pipes will be reinitialised when the client machine comes out of hibernation. (But I've had difficulty testing this as I couldn't coax my machine to hibernate!)
    • The "About" and "Options" dialogs now display when the SpamPal GUI client is running on a different machine.
    • GUI Client wasn't displaying recent changes to auto-whitelist and auto-ignorelist - fixed.
    • Could become deadlocked after an automatic updates-check in certain circumstances - fixed.
  • Changes to underlying network-access code, notably the way the IMAP4 proxy waits for data to become available. Might make it slightly more efficient.
  • Would crash if an accept() call failed - fixed.
  • In SMTP, messages now transmitted in chunks of 64k rather than 16k.
SpamPal logo
Versienummer 1.634 beta
Besturingssystemen Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Website SpamPal
Licentietype Freeware


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