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Bron: SpamPal

Enkele dagen geleden is er een nieuwe bčtaversie van Spampal uitgekomen. Het gaat om versie 1.71d en deze kan als installer of als zip-bestand worden opgehaald. Dit programma zit tussen de e-mailclient en het e-mailaccount in en controleert de binnenkomende post. Als spam wordt gedetecteerd zal deze als zodanig worden gemarkeerd. Deze markering kan dan vervolgens worden gebruikt om een filter aan te maken die deze e-mail bijvoorbeeld in een aparte folder zet of direct weggooit. Deze release bevat een hele reeks aan bugfixes en het changelog laat zien wat er allemaal veranderd is:

Changes in 1.71d (Beta Release):
  • Minor version numbers are now of the form "v1.71a" rather than "v1.711".
  • New option under "Message Tagging" allows you to choose to place SpamPal headers above or below the existing headers.
  • New option to delete old protocol logfiles.
  • New option in POP3 port properties to disable the "X-Timeout-Prevent: Yes" headers.
  • New option in POP3 port properties to make SpamPal use X-Padding: headers to pad message headers, rather than adding lots and lots of spaces.
  • RDNS queries withing SpamPal for now always return "localhost" - should prevent confusion for people who have aliased other sites to in their 'hosts' file.
  • DNSBL queries will no longer be made for I.P. address
  • More bug-fixes to the way DNSBL queries are handled.
  • The "Log communications between SpamPal and server" option was sometimes being forgotten and confused with the "Log communications between SpamPal and client" option.
  • More body data was being fetched if a plugin required it at the processedMessage stage even if the plugin wasn't being used because a message was tagged as spam or whitelisted. Fixed.
  • Messages in IMAP4 mailboxes were being marked as read if they were filtered by a plugin that demanded more message body at the processedMessage stage. Fixed.
  • Could crash at end of IMAP4 message filtering - fixed.
  • SMTP EHLO response now sent all in one packet (previous method was perhaps confusing OE).
  • Fixed unlikely crash in opening of "add to black/whitelist" dialog (I hope)
  • When session ends, writes session logfile to logfile path last given in options dialog (not path that was last given when session started)
  • Removed quotes from example in "help specifying email addresses" dialog in case people get confused and think email addresses need to be in quotes in the blacklist/whitelist.
  • Modified generation of crash-reporting code. Crash reports now include version numbers of all loaded plugins.
  • The "LSP Install Progress" window now always stays on top of the pile
  • Transparent proxy bugfixes:
    • The SpamPal transparent proxy no longer modifies the value returned by GetLastError() where it shouldn't. (This was causing the problem with Sophos EM Library.)
    • Fixed issue that was causing problems with SmartFTP if SpamPal transparent proxy were used.
    • If a process set up an async select, then unloaded the transparent proxy DLL, then loaded it again, then tried to set up another async select, it would hang. Fixed.
    • For connections filtered with the transparent proxy, the final command would sometimes not be sent to the server - fixed.
    • Socket handles returned by the SpamPal LSP are now inheritable. HOWEVER, note that if the child process uses DuplicateHandle on socket handles, although the function returns value, calling Winsock functions on the duplicated handle doesn't work. Don't blame me, blame Micro$oft; it's their bug and I can't see a way I can work around it. (Well, Micro$oft say that people writing the client software should use WSADuplicateSocket instead of DuplicateHandle, and I can see their point, but lots of people don't - the example I came across was the FastCGI library - and if the value returned by DuplicateHandle can't be used then DuplicateHandle should fail IMHO. So either way, I still blame Micro$oft.)
    • No longer calls completion routine if overlapped operation terminates with error WSAECONNABORTED - this error seems to get thrown if CancelIO is called, and the lpOverlapped value may by this point be not valid. (This was crashing Oracle.)
  • Some minor reorganisation of source code.
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