Software-update: Wine 5.0 RC4

Wine logo (75 pix) De vierde release candidate van Wine versie 5.0 is verschenen. Wine is een opensource-implementatie van de Windows-api en maakt het mogelijk om DOS- en Windows-programma's op Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris en macOS te draaien. Een grote groep ontwikkelaars draagt bij aan Wine en er is voor gekozen om elke twee weken een nieuwe zogeheten ontwikkelversie uit te brengen in plaats van te wachten tot er een aantal nieuwe functies klaar is. Een paar keer per jaar verschijnt er een stabiele uitgave. De database met applicaties die onder Wine werken, al dan niet met behulp van kleine aanpassingen, bevat op het moment van schrijven 26.803 titels. Sinds de eerste release candidate zijn de volgende verbeteringen aangebracht:

What's new in version 5.0:
  • Gecko update, with support for running from a global location.
  • Unicode data updated to Unicode version 12.1.
  • Initial version of the MSADO (ActiveX Data Objects) library.
  • Update installation support in the WUSA (Windows Update Standalone) tool.
  • More progress on the kernel32/kernelbase restructuring.
  • Support for signing with ECDSA keys.
Bugs fixed in 5.0-rc4 (total 15):
  • 12321: Some WinInet tests are invalid
  • 12359: Multiple apps can't detect audio CDs (affects Express Rip, Exact Audio Copy, dbpoweramp CD Ripper)
  • 12363: Exact Audio Copy hangs early when in "native win32" mode.
  • 14715: TopStyle can't preview with wine's built in browser
  • 30039: Can't download Adobe Photoshop CS 5 trial - Adobe Download Assistant can't log in
  • 30102: ieframe/webbrowser test often crashes
  • 33068: PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.x (32-bit and 64-bit) crashes when trying to save changes/annotations to PDF file
  • 40779: PDF Eraser 1.5 (.NET 4.0 app): Paste of license data from clipboard fails with Wine-Mono
  • 43540: Cosmoteer: ships in game not rendered
  • 44026: Content Manager crashes
  • 44994: Pokemon Reborn crashes when starting
  • 46230: dlls/wininet/http: build failure on NetBSD
  • 47498: Touhou Danmakufu 0.12m crashes on startup in 4.12.1
  • 47820: Magic: The Gathering Arena installer needs powershell.exe (cannot find it)
  • 48374: Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Icons in inventory are invisible (...again!)
Bugs fixed in 5.0-rc3 (total 46):
  • 11633: Blood 2: The Chosen Launcher audio bug
  • 11998: NEXON client installers using embedded IE browser control: buttons don't respond to click (Lunia Senki, Combat Arms, War Rock)
  • 12675: Lego Racers crashes trying to play videos when Indeo 5 codec is not installed
  • 12941: International Football 2000: crashes when launching in Direct3D mode
  • 14901: MoveFile fails when used to recase some letters of the filename
  • 17766: Empire Earth crashes on start without native directmusic
  • 21218: Pac-Man All Stars: Story Mode starts with page fault on read access
  • 21715: Blitz3d demo version can't show samples
  • 21791: 3D Rad demo "BeltBall" full screen display shows as tiny black rectangle
  • 22278: swkotor crashes on videos
  • 23002: Dynamic HTML Editor unusable due to screen refresh problem
  • 23525: Daytona USA Evolutions: some text/graphics are black, should be colored
  • 24740: Trinklet Supreme crashes on startup
  • 24946: uTorrent 2.2.0 hangs on startup (FD_WRITE event is reported over and over in WSAEnumNetworkEvents for a bound UDP socket)
  • 26566: Gabriel Knight 3: visual glitches in DirectDraw HAL mode
  • 27525: Active Worlds 5.x/6.x shows 3D-world view/window separated from main window (embedded browser control)
  • 31562: crash in mmdevapi/MMDevCol_GetCount() using lithtech game engine.
  • 33829: explorer.exe crashes with simsun.ttc in non-english locale
  • 33908: Undercover: Operation Wintersun demo freezes on start
  • 34232: Rigs of Rods: dropdown menus have too small height
  • 34383: BoulderDashPortal does not start
  • 35412: wine's cmd fails on if not exist foo\nul
  • 35613: Foxit Reader 6.12: 'Show Certificate' button is greyed out after failure to validate digital signature
  • 36878: You Don't Know Jack V1 XL: Not possible to accept license agreement in installer
  • 37574: Everyday Shooter -- crackling/popping sound
  • 37900: Xara Photo Graphic Designer 2013 (8.1.1) crashes on startup
  • 39084: Simpsons Hit & Run regression: fullscreen glitching
  • 39809: Empires: Dawn of the Modern World crash on startup
  • 41619: Lego Racers: crashes when moving the mouse
  • 43115: Metal Slug 1, X, 3 ( fail to start
  • 43368: HashMyFiles: Drag & Drop from native File Managers (Dolphin, Nautilus, ...) does not work
  • 44019: parts not showing in the Building Palette
  • 44062: Hedgewars 0.9.23 crashes on start
  • 44773: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean DEMO crashes on startup
  • 44798: New Bugs on Epic Games
  • 45608: Flintest: Garbled Text
  • 47428: mouse input skipping / jitter in conjunction with xf86-video-amdgpu in almost every game
  • 47484: `winetricks -q dotnet20sp1` fails when compiled with mingw (failure to relocate PE builtin ngen.exe)
  • 47710: objidl.h contains invalid C++
  • 47969: Taiga: Crashes on changing the grouping in seasons
  • 48141: Total Commander: launching of native linux commands for file associations is broken
  • 48180: Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Icons in inventory are invisible
  • 48324: cl.exe fails to compile valid code with float constant due to error C2177: constant too big
  • 48349: Steam doesn't display main window
  • 48350: TrackMania Forever: Dialog after running the ingame benchmark doesn't show up
  • 48358: Dell Latitude E6440 BIOS updater crashes on unimplemented function ntoskrnl.exe.KeSetImportanceDpc
Bugs fixed in 5.0-rc2 (total 36):
  • 10696: Direct3D mode in Age of Wonders 2 demo is unusably slow and glitchy
  • 18879: The Sims 3: Textures go Black and sometimes Abnormal patterns.
  • 26276: StarFisher: Crashes when entering a New Event
  • 30506: GdipGraphicsClear() needs to overwrite pixels, not alpha blend (Text misrendered in Brain Workshop)
  • 31399: Pegasus Mail 4.6x is crashing
  • 31543: Warface not started
  • 35205: WOLF RPG Editor 2.10: Updating the whole texture in IDirect3DDevice9::UpdateTexture() breaks font caches
  • 35731: Startopia: menu contents flicker
  • 38054: DoDragDrop() should abort when IDropSource::QueryContinueDrag fails
  • 38596: Photo Ninja 1.2.5 (32 bit) crashes on startup
  • 38981: Super Mario Bros X v1.3.x crashes when starting game with sound enabled
  • 39804: Algodoo v2.1.0 crashes on startup
  • 42942: Disgen 2016: Fatal error when adding a person to the database (Sqlite).
  • 43189: Christmas Magic crashes on start without native d3drm
  • 44734: D3D accelerates can't be enabled in Plants Vs Zomies ,When this is selected,It says hardware not supported.
  • 46981: winetricks -q --verify dotnet461 crashes under win64
  • 47275: winecfg fails to connect to mountmgr on 64-bit
  • 47350: Winecfg crashes on exit (macOS wine built without mingw)
  • 47364: COM ports do not work
  • 47565: winetricks vcrun* verbs fail with Wine 4.12(+), when using a 32-bit WINEPREFIX
  • 47649: Wavelab 6 Installs but cannot launch (Mingw generates misplaced stack pointer in DECLSPEC_HOTPATCH stubs for 32-bit)
  • 47817: Gameforge Client: Cannot launch TERA
  • 47856: Logos Bible Software (.Net 4.7.2 app) crashes in win8/10 (probably RtlQueryUnbiasedInterruptTime insufficiency)
  • 47959: WINE fails to configure on CYGWIN
  • 47993: Epic Games Launcher crashes at the installation
  • 48059: IMVU Social Network Client hangs
  • 48088: Wrong color mapping with client-side graphics on 256-color X server
  • 48160: cl.exe (visual studio 2017) fails to compile c++ due to error C2177: constant too big
  • 48183: Running most applications causes a crash in krnl386.exe DllMain() when the Windows version is set to non-NT
  • 48239: MTGA Launcher fails to download the game (regression)
  • 48261: Batman: Arkham Knight hangs when trying to close upgrade screen
  • 48273: Relay debugging is broken in a --without-mingw build
  • 48288: kernelbase: Japanese character wrongly reported as invalid.
  • 48300: timezone info not found for 'CET' spam on prefix creation
  • 48304: Game Center incorrectly determines the version of Windows that is being used, therefore it does not start, because it requires at least Windows 7.
  • 48314: Building wine on CentOS7 fails due to lack of libkrb5

Versienummer 5.0 RC4
Releasestatus Beta
Besturingssystemen Linux, BSD, macOS, Solaris
Website Wine HQ
Licentietype GPL

Door Bart van Klaveren

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04-01-2020 • 11:46

4 Linkedin

Bron: Wine HQ


14-08 Wine 7.15 0
30-07 Wine 7.14 28
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18-06 Wine 7.11 35
04-06 Wine 7.10 0
21-05 Wine 7.9 18
07-05 Wine 7.8 5
23-04 Wine 7.7 20
26-03 Wine 7.5 0
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Voor MacOS-gebruikers: update NIET naar de nieuwste MacOS-versie (Catalina) als je Wine wilt gebruiken, want daarin wordt 32-bits software niet meer ondersteund. Vooralsnog is er geen haalbare oplossing voor.
Ow, dat kan prima, je zult dan alleen de commerciele versie van Wine moeten gebruiken: CrossOver
So when Apple announced that they were removing all 32 bit support from macOS, I knew we had been presented with our most difficult challenge to date.

Fortunately, our Mac development expert Ken Thomases and our team here were up to the challenge. After some false starts and a lot of difficult technical discussions, and then with some help from Apple, we settled on a design strategy that allows us to run 32 bit code within a 64 bit process so we can make calls to the 64 bit system libraries. As you can imagine, there were a lot of details to get right; we had to not only modify Wine, but we had to invent a compiler feature set to support this new mode. However, we feel that it has come out well. Further, one of our fears - that performance would be terrible - has not come to pass. We think the performance is quite nice, all things considered.

I am excited that we have released CrossOver 19 and we are providing support for 32 bit Windows applications on an operating system with no 32 bit libraries - our own Christmas Miracle.
Als het CrossOver gelukt is dan kan je er donder op zeggen dat deze wijzigingen op termijn ook naar Wine zullen komen. CrossOver draagt namelijk veel bij aan het Wine project. Ik denk niet dat ze dit voor zichzelf zullen houden.
En ook daar heeft het abonnementenvirus toegeslagen zie ik. Je kunt 32 euro voor 1 versie betalen zonder updates, of 59 euro per jaar (!) voor updates en support. Voor dat geld heb ik VMWare Fusion wat veel meer functionaliteit en flexibiliteit biedt. Toegegeven, je moet dan uiteraard nog wel een Windows licentie hebben om je Windows software te draaien, maar toch.

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