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Software-update: NZBget 18.0

Door , 0 reacties, submitter: Nijl, bron: NZBget

NZBGet logo (75 pix) Versie 18.0 van NZBGet is uitgebracht. Met dit programma kunnen bestanden van usenet gedownload worden. Het programma is vergelijkbaar met SABnzbd. Het kan onder meer automatisch bestanden repareren met par-bestanden en heeft een ingebouwde webinterface. De opensourceapplicatie is beschikbaar voor Windows, macOS en Linux. De changelog voor deze uitgave kan hieronder worden gevonden.

Changes in nzbget version 18.0:
  • Automatic deobfuscation of rar-archives without par-files (#288):
    • Obfuscated downloads not having par-files can now be successfully unpacked;
    • Also helps with downloads where rar-files were obfuscated before creating par-files;
    • New options "RarRename" and “UnpackIgnoreExt”;
  • Multi post-processing (#291):
    • In addition to classic post-processing strategy where items are processed one after another it is now possible to post-process multiple items at the same time;
    • New option "PostStrategy" to choose from four: sequential, balanced, aggressive, rocket;
    • In "balanced" strategy downloads needing repair do not block other items which are processed sequentially but simultaneously with repairing item;
    • In "aggressive" mode up to three items are post-processed at the same time and in "rocket" mode up to six items (including up to two repair tasks);
  • Unified extension scripts settings (#319):
    • Options "PostScript", "QueueScript", "ScanScript" and "FeedScript" were replaced with one option "Extensions";
    • Users don't need to know the technical details of extension scripts as all scripts are now can be selected at one place;
    • Easier activation of complex extension scripts which previously needed to be selected in multiple options for their proper work;
  • Reordering download queue with drag and drop in web-interface (#301):
    • New actions “GroupMoveBefore” and “GroupMoveAfter” in API-method “editqueue”;
  • Priorities are now displayed as a column instead of badge; that makes it possible to manually sort on priority by clicking on column title (#286);
  • Removed vertical lines in tables; looks better in combination with new priority column (#286);
  • Keyboard shortcuts in web-interface (#242):
  • Improved UI to prevent accidental deletion of many items (#282):
    • Visual indication of records selected on other pages;
    • Extra warning when deleting many records from history;
  • Additional options in "custom pause dialog" (#29, #278);
  • Better handing of damaged par2-files in par-renamer (#327):
    • If par-renamer can’t load a (damaged) par2-file then another par2-file is downloaded and par-renamer tries again;
  • Better handling of obfuscated par-files (#313);
  • Splitted option "Retries" into "ArticleRetries" and "UrlRetries"; option "RetryInterval" into "ArticleInterval" and "UrlInterval" (#306);
  • Scheduler tasks can be started at program launch (#304):
    • Use asterisk as TaskX.Time;
  • Graceful termination of scheduler scripts (#304):
    • Scripts receive signal SIGINT (CTRL+BREAK on Windows) before termination;
  • Added support for nZEDb attributes in rss feeds (#275);
  • Better cleanup handling: if parameter "unpack" is disabled for an nzb-file the cleanup isn't performed for it (#249);
  • Fields containing passwords are now displayed as protected fields (#49, #260);
  • Showing password-badge for nzbs with passwords (#274, #285);
  • Allow control of what tab is shown when opening web-interface (#277):
    • Add “#downloads”, “#history”, “#messages” or “#settings” to the URL, for example “http://localhost:6789/#history” or “http://localhost:6789/index.html#history”;
  • Functional testing to ensure program quality (#279):
  • Improved API-method "append" in combination with duplicate check; method returns nzb-id also for items added straight to history (#284);
  • Removed parameter "offset" from api-method "editqueue" (#299):
    • When needed the “offset” is now passed within parameter “Args” as string;
    • Old method signature is supported for compatibility;
  • Improved error reporting on feed parse errors (#281);
  • Highlighting selected rows with alternative colors (#276 , #280);
  • Improved selecting of par2-file for repair (#329);
  • Splitted config section "Download Queue" and moved many options into new section “Connection”;
  • Disabled SSLv3 in built-in web-server (#295);
  • Multiple recipients in the example pp-script “” (#309);
  • Added compatibility with openssl 1.1.0 (#298);
  • Fixed TLS handshake error when using GnuTLS (#271);
  • Fixed: sorting of selected items may give wrong results (#300);
  • Fixed: search box filter in feed view were not reset (#315).

Versienummer 18.0
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Windows 7, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website NZBget
Bestandsgrootte 2,62MB
Licentietype GPL


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