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Software-update: Slackware 14.1

Door , 1 reactie, submitter: alienbob, bron: Slackware

Slackware logo (27 pix)De ontwikkelaars van de Linux-distributie Slackware hebben versie 14.1 van hun besturingssysteem uitgebracht. Slackware kent zijn oorsprong in 1993, toen Patrick Volkerding zijn vele aanpassingen aan een standaard-SLS Linux-installatie wilde samenvatten in een kant-en-klare Linux-distributie. Versie 14.1 is uitgerust met onder meer Linux kernel 3.10.17, Xfce 4.10.1, KDE 4.10.5, SeaMonkey 2.21 en versie 24.1 van Firefox en Thunderbird.

Here are some of the advanced features of Slackware 14.1:
  • Runs the 3.10.17 version of the Linux kernel from The 3.10.x series is well-tested, offers good performance, and will be getting long term support from For people interested in running the previous long term support kernel series, we've provided sample configuration files for Linux 3.4.66 under the /testing directory. And, to make it easier for people who want to compile the latest Linux kernel, we've also put configuration files for Linux 3.12 in /testing.
  • System binaries are linked with the GNU C Library, version 2.17. This version of glibc also has excellent compatibility with existing binaries.
  • X11 based on the X.Org Foundation's modular X Window System. This is X11R7.7, a new release, with many improvements in terms of performance and hardware support.
  • Installs gcc-4.8.2 as the default C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran-77/95/2003/2008, and Ada 95/2005/2012 compiler.
  • Also includes LLVM and Clang, an alternate compiler for C, C++, Objective-C and Objective-C++.
  • The x86_64 version of Slackware 14.1 supports installation and booting on machines using UEFI firmware.
  • Support for NetworkManager for simple configuration of wired and wireless network connections, including mobile broadband, IPv6, VPN, and more. Roam seamlessly between known networks, and quickly set up new connections. We've retained full support for the traditional Slackware networking scripts and for the wicd network manager, offering choice and flexibility to all levels of users.
  • Support for fully encrypted network connections with OpenSSL, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, and GnuPG.
  • Apache (httpd) 2.4.6 web server with Dynamic Shared Object support, SSL, and PHP 5.4.20.
  • USB, IEEE 1394 (FireWire), and ACPI support, as well as legacy PCMCIA and Cardbus support. This makes Slackware a great operating system for your laptop.
  • The udev dynamic device management system for Linux 3.x. This locates and configures most hardware automatically as it is added (or removed) from the system, loading kernel modules as needed. It works along with the kernel's devtmpfs filesystem to create access nodes in the /dev directory.
  • New development tools, including Perl 5.18.1, Python 2.7.5, Ruby 1.9.3-p448, Subversion 1.7.13, git-1.8.4, mercurial-2.7.2, graphical tools like Qt designer and KDevelop, and much more.
  • Updated versions of the Slackware package management tools make it easy to add, remove, upgrade, and make your own Slackware packages. Package tracking makes it easy to upgrade from Slackware 14.0 to Slackware 14.1 (see UPGRADE.TXT and CHANGES_AND_HINTS.TXT). The slackpkg tool can also help update from an older version of Slackware to a newer one, and keep your Slackware system up to date. In addition, the slacktrack utility will help you build and maintain your own packages.
  • Web browsers galore! Includes KDE's Konqueror 4.10.5, SeaMonkey 2.21 (this is the replacement for the Mozilla Suite), Mozilla Firefox ESR 24.1, as well as the Thunderbird 24.1 email and news client with advanced junk mail filtering. A script is also available in /extra to repackage Google Chrome as a native Slackware package.
  • The KDE Software Compilation 4.10.5, a complete desktop environment. This includes the Calligra productivity suite (previously known as KOffice), networking tools, GUI development with KDevelop, multimedia tools (including the Amarok music player and K3B disc burning software), the Konqueror web browser and file manager, dozens of games and utilities, international language support, and more.
  • A collection of GTK+ based applications including pidgin-2.10.7, gimp-2.8.6 (with many improvements including a single window mode), gkrellm-2.3.5, xchat-2.8.8, xsane-0.998, and pan-0.139.
  • A repository of extra software packages compiled and ready to run in the /extra directory.
  • Many more improved and upgraded packages than we can list here. For a complete list of core packages in Slackware 14.1, see this file.

Versienummer 14.1
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Linux
Website Slackware
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)

Reacties (1)

Wijzig sortering
Dat is lang geleden!
- dat ik hier mee gewerkt heb...
- dat de vorige versie uitkwam...

Alleen al om nostalgische redenen toch maar gedownload om een keer te installeren.

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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