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Software-update: Yii PHP Framework 1.1.10

Door , 4 reacties, submitter: BBrunekreeft, bron: Yii PHP Framework

Yii PHP Framework logo (75 pix)Yii is een component based PHP-framework, met volgens de ontwikkelaars zeer goede prestaties, die het bijzonder geschikt maken voor het ontwikkelen van grootschalige webapplicaties. Het framework bevat tal van opties, zoals mvc, dao/ActiveRecord, I18N/L10N, caching, jQuery-based AJAX support, scaffolding, input validation, widgets, events en theming. Voor meer informatie verwijzen we naar deze pagina. De ontwikkelaars hebben versie 1.1.10 uitgebracht, maar sinds de vorige vermelding in de Meuktracker is er meer veranderd.

Version 1.1.10

  • Fixed the bug introduced in 1.1.9 CActiveForm required field was not validated if left empty (mdomba)
  • #1799: Better fix for bug #1799 old fix was breaking CJuiDatePicker tabular input (mdomba)
  • #2284: Fixed the CActiveForm clientvalidation for tabular input (mdomba)
  • #3062: Fixed the bug that using yiilite.php and CLocale will cause exception (Qiang)
  • #3070: Fixed the CActiveForm JS error if there is no field rendered (mdomba)
  • #3071: Fixed the bug that afterValidateAttribute was not called properly (mdomba)
  • #3096: Fixed the bug when reporting an error and CHtml is not loaded (mdomba)
  • #3103: Fixed the bug that CActiveForm->error() was not overloading htmlOptions (mdomba)
  • #3107: Fixed the wrong encoding issue of Italian messages (Qiang)
  • #3108: Fixed the bug introduced in CActiveFinder::applyLazyCondition (Qiang)
  • #3166: Fixed the bug that CDbColumnSchema typecasted to NULL even for NOT NULL columns (Sam Dark)
  • #3063: Gii, when generating models, tableNames will be checked against reserved PHP keywords when '*' is used (mdomba)
  • #3097: Added CHttpRequest::decodePathInfo() (Y!!)
  • #3101: The methods of CSecurityManager do now work correctly for the case that mbstring.func_overload is in effect (Y!!)
  • #3112: Fixed the exception error display on ajax calls when YII_DEBUG is true (mdomba)
  • #3121: Added more rules for proper pluralization to the pluralize() method in CCodeModel and CConsoleCommand (mdomba)
  • #3153: CClientScript::addPackage() now returns CClientScript instance to support method chaining (Sam Dark)
  • #3154: Removed file existance check to allow relative path and added additional headers option to xSendFile() (mdomba)
  • #3169: Added CSort::SORT_ASC and CSort::SORT_DESC (Sam Dark)
  • Added CActiveForm::validateTabular() to simplify ajax validation for tabular input (mdomba)
  • HTML-encoded input values for exist and unique validators (Qiang)
  • Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8.17 (mdomba)
  • Upgraded HTMLPurifier to v4.4.0 (Sam Dark)

Version 1.1.9

  • Removed unnecessary COciCommandBuilder::createInsertCommand quotes (Sam Dark)
  • CHttpRequest.sendFile() gives incorrect content length when output_handler is enabled through code or non output_handler directive (Sam Dark)
  • #1356: Fixed CActiveForm ajax validation when checkBoxList or radioButtonList are used (mdomba)
  • #1968: Fixed inconsistence in CActiveForm error highlighting when checkBoxList or radioButtonList are used (mdomba)
  • #2603: Fixed the bug that CDbHttpSession::regenerateID call when session isn't started results in SQL error (Sam Dark)
  • #2623: Fixed the bug that by setting multiple classes in CGridView itemsCssClass prevents rows being selected (mdomba)
  • #2635: MigrateCommand migration execution time is now measured correctly (Sam Dark)
  • #2636: CConsoleCommand::init() wasn't called in yiic shell mode (Sam Dark)
  • #2773: Fixed possible CUrlManager::createUrl parameters conflict when using custom URL rule classes (Sam Dark)
  • #2581: Fixed CJuiTabs - not replacing id slug in header tool tips (sebas)
  • #2643: Output buffer wasn't properly cleaned on displaying error screen (Sam Dark)
  • #2733: Fixed CDbCriteria parameter names collision on unserialize (mcheale, Sam Dark)
  • #2786: Fixed inheritance in CLDR months parsing (mcheale, Sam Dark)
  • #2822: Fixed warning when "Host:" isn't present or is empty in HTTP request headers (Sam Dark)
  • #2853: Fixed sending of the button name in CActiveForm with enableAjaxValidation enabled (mdomba)
  • #2861: Removed the nested container css class in the skeleton application views (Qiang)
  • #2915: Fixed client validation in CCompareValidator to compare numbers instead of strings (mdomba)
  • #2932: CAuthItem::getType() returns string while using CDbAuthManager (Sam Dark)
  • #2999: CSort::getDirections, error when array is passed via $_GET (Sam Dark)
  • #3018: Fixed CACtiveForm ajax validation when checkBox or radioButton are used (mdomba)
  • #3029: Fixed the bug that empty items were not hidden when CMenu::hideEmptyItems is true (mdomba)
  • #3033: Fixed proper array merging in CDirectoryCacheDependency->generateTimestamps (mdomba)
  • #3041: Fixed possible infinite loop while processing logs (Yiivgeny, Sam Dark)
  • #3042: Fixed the bug that CHttpSession::setCookieMode wasn't setting session.use_only_cookies when 'none' value was used (Sam Dark)
  • Upgraded JQuery UI to 1.8.16 (Sam Dark)
  • Upgraded jQuery to 1.7.1 (Sam Dark,mdomba)
  • Upgraded CMaskedTextField jQuery plugin (Masked Input) to 1.3, added minified version (Sam Dark)
  • Reverted back the changes made to fix issue 2284 (Qiang)
  • #2647: Fixed inconvenient way of defining through relation (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  • #2951: Removed CConfiguration::createObject, CController::paginate and CHtml::getActiveId deprecated since 1.0.x (Sam Dark)
  • #3054: CComponent::__isset properly checks for null values (mdomba)
  • #2029: Added scope support to Model::relations() (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  • #2129: Added Monospace font as a fallback for source code on the exception view page (mdomba)
  • #2231: Added CMenu::itemCssClass for the possibility to assign one CSS class to all menu items (mdomba)
  • #2334: CHttpRequest::getPathInfo() now properly decodes both UTF-8 and ISO-8859-1 encoded URIs (Sam Dark)
  • #2387: Numeric keys are now displayed in error/exception stacktrace call argument if array isn't 0..X indexed (Sam Dark)
  • #2602: Better error handling in CHttpSession::open() when using PHP <5.3.0 (Sam Dark)
  • #2604: CArrayDataProvider::keyField can now be set to false to use keys from $rawData array instead of a named keyField (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  • #2637: Related table alias set dynamically in relational query is now available in the scopes of related model (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  • #2646, #2706: Added ability to join on a specific keys (creocoder, Sam Dark)
  • #2654: Enhanced CUrlManager::addRules() by allowing new rules to be inserted in front of the existing rules (Qiang)
  • #2715: CMap::mergeArray now can accept multiple arrays to be merged (firejdl, Sam Dark)
  • #2717: Extracted MigrateCommand::createMigrationHistoryTable method from MigrateCommand::getMigrationHistory (Sam Dark)
  • #2751: Added removeOld parameter to yiic message command that allows not to add obsolete lines to translation file generated (luislobo, Sam Dark)
  • #2795: Added Yii::t() to YiiBase::powered() (Sam Dark)
  • #2808: Added ability to override core classes using YiiBase::classMap (Sam Dark)
  • #2811: Fully automated CLDR data update, updated data to 2.0.1. Added getLanguageID, getScriptID, getTerritoryID, getRegionID, getLocaleDisplayName, getLanguage, getScript, getTerritory methods to CLocale (kshaw, Sam Dark)
  • #2823: Added autocomplete for Gii "Table Name" field (Sam Dark)
  • #2855: CWebUser::login() returns the login status (mdomba)
  • #2872: Added CConsoleCommand::prompt() that asks for input and CConsoleCommand::confirm() that asks for confirmation (Sam Dark)
  • #2890: Added CInlineValidator::clientValidate to set custom client validation (mdomba)
  • #2914: Added CClientScript::addPackage (Sam Dark)
  • #2929: Added forceDownload to xSendFile options to choose between attachment and inline disposition. (mdomba)
  • #2981: Added CHtml::liveEvents to set the default global style for attaching jQuery event handlers. (mdomba, Sam Dark, Ekstazi)
  • #3020: Added HTTP_REFERER information to the exception log (mdomba)
  • #3024: Added CDbMigration::refreshTableSchema() that refreshes specified table schema cache (Sam Dark)
  • Documented component accessors with @property for significantly better IDE autocomplete (Sam Dark, Detonator, Athari)
  • Added CWebUser->loginRequiredAjaxResponse - value to be returned for ajax calls in case the user session has expired (mdomba)
  • CFileCache::get() does now suppress a possible PHP error which might occur on concurrent requests (Y!!)
  • jquery.yiiactiveform.js added check for form visibility to validate() to prevent JS error when using CActiveForm with jQuery dialog (mdomba)
  • removed the check for ajax call in CErrorHandler::handleException() (mdomba)
  • CAssetManager now generates different hash for files/directories with different mtime (Sam Dark)
  • Yii error screen will now display proper message like error/warning/notice (mdomba)
  • CHtml::clientchange() now uses the new jQuery on() method for event binding (mdomba)

Versienummer 1.1.10
Releasestatus Final
Besturingssystemen Scripttaal
Website Yii PHP Framework
Bestandsgrootte 5,13MB
Licentietype Voorwaarden (GNU/BSD/etc.)
Moderatie-faq Wijzig weergave

Reacties (4)

Erg mooi framework dit!
Ik heb een tijdje terug een afweging gemaakt tussen CodeIgniter, Kohana en Yii. Daar kwam Yii als winnaar naar voren. Ik heb alleen tot nu toe geen tijd gehad om er serieus mee aan de slag te gaan... ;(
Ik ben daarentegen met Kohana begonnen, maar heb wat problemen met de opstart. Ik heb zo goed als geen ervaring met OO PHP en de documentatie van Kohana is niet alles...

Anderzijds krijg je wel snel respons op het forum en zitten er naar mijn aanvoelen enkele knappe PHP-koppen in het devteam van Kohana.

Nog effe doorbijten dus...
Hmm, heeft iemand een idee wat de voor en nadelen zijn t.o.v. bijvoorbeeld cakephp? of is het meer een kwestie van smaak?
Ben 'net' begonnen met PHP frameworks. Als je hier nieuw in bent is CakePHP echt geen aanrader. Hoewel de documentatie erg zorgvuldig is, is het geen 'leerdocumentatie' (bv tutorials). Yii heeft dat wel, naast alle onderdelen die CakePHP ook heeft.

Codeigniter heb ik ook overwogen, maar mist de handige auto-create commands van Yii en Cake (die trouwens in Yii veel gebruiksvriendelijker is).

Op dit item kan niet meer gereageerd worden.

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